How to find cheap moving boxes?

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    How to find cheap moving boxes?

    How to find cheap moving boxes? It can be really easy if you know where and how to search and look. Free moving boxes in Miami can save you money but also you will help the environment by reusing boxes instead of buying new ones.

    We have a lot of ideas how to find cheap moving boxes. So, if you are moving soon, you have a guide for finding cheap moving boxes.

    Make sure moving boxes are in good condition

    Before you start packing for moving to Miami in used boxes, make sure that moving boxes are in good condition. Boxes should be clean and in good shape. In this way, your household items will be safe and protect during the relocation and the transportation. Make sure to get a permit before you pack the boxes. With the polite question, you will easily get moving boxes.


    For safety of your stuff check the condition of the free boxes
    Be sure that used boxes are in good condition

    When you are done with your Miami post-move unpacking, think how someone else will also appreciate your free moving boxes. If you don’t have someone to give your moving boxes then recycle them at your nearest recycling center.

    How to find cheap moving boxes?

    We give you some tips and tricks how to find cheap moving boxes. So, you can move on a budget with cheap movers Miami when you pack your stuff in used boxes.

    When is time to relocate to Miami, there are few places you can check if you want to find free moving boxes for your relocation.

    Office Supply Store

    In office supplies, you can find cheap moving boxes and also a lot of packing material. So, before your moving day comes, check the nearest office supply store to find used boxes. These boxes are perfect for everything from pots and pans to books to DVDs. And you will need minimal tape because these boxes have a lid already.


    Bookstores are a great place to find cheap moving boxes because books are shipped in all shapes and sizes of boxes. And it is great that boxes in bookstores are very strong because they need to be when they are transporting the books. So, now is time for you to visit your local bookstores and ask them for used boxes.

    Bars and Restaurants

    Restaurants have deliveries regularly because they often need vegetables, liquor, and other things. All these deliveries are coming in the quality boxes. Also, in bars when the delivery of liquor is a daily business. These boxes are also very strong because they need to carry glasses, bottles, cans etc. The employees of restaurants and bars will be happy if you ask them to take used boxes they don’t need anymore. Because they don’t need to have a break to throw them in the dumpster.

    Grocery Store

    How to find cheap moving boxes
    For safety of your stuff during transportation, check the condition of the free boxes

    Everyone has some grocery store in the neighborhood. So, before you start packing ask your local grocer when their shipments come in. In this way, you will get many free boxes for your Miami relocation. Just you need to know rules how to pack your moving boxes. Don’t forget that heavy items go in the small boxes and lighter things you should pack in the biggest.


    Pharmacy is also the great place how to find cheap moving boxes. Just like the grocery store, ask for arriving so you will know when to come for your free boxes. And, important tip: put the small boxes into medium boxes, and medium into large, so you can fit more in your car, or moving truck.

    Liquor Stores

    Liquor stores just like bars have strong boxes. But, these boxes often are with six-packs, so use them creatively.

    Home Improvement Stores

    Places like home improvement stores have lots of large boxes. You can also ask your locally-owned small hardware store to get free boxes.

    McDonald’s fry boxes

    These boxes are very strong and excellent solution if you have heavy items that require a smaller sized box.

    Your workplace

    Your workplace is also a possible place to find cheap moving boxes. Just ask your office manager if they have any clean boxes you can get for your relocation.

    Free moving boxes
    If you cannot find cheap moving boxes, then you need to buy them

    Other options how to find cheap moving boxes

    • Craigslist/Freecycle –The online forums are a great place to find used boxes from people who have just moved and they don’t need them anymore.
    • Uhaul Box Exchange – Uhaul made a free message board for people to find used boxes for free.
    • Home Goods Stores and Toy Store –Home goods stores also have boxes that are strong because they transport home things like dishes. Also, in toy stores, you can find boxes which are used for transport of toys. So, you can find it in many sizes.
    • Recycling Centers – This is also a great place to find free boxes. Here people drop off used boxes for reuse.

    Where to buy boxes if you need to

    Try to find free boxes in Recycling Centers
    Check Recycling Centers for free boxes

    If you couldn’t find cheap moving boxes for your Miami relocation, then you will need to buy them. Here are a few places you should look:

    • Your moving company – Ask your moving company to provide moving boxes. You may be able to get cheap moving boxes through your movers.
    • UPS Store – In these stores, you can find not just moving boxes, but also all packing materials you will need for the packing process. Including big rolls of bubble wrap.
    • Online – If you cannot find boxes I stores then check online. You just need to think about the time of delivery.

    Remember before you start packing that moving to Miami is a lot of work. So, start planning on the time. Don’t wait until the last minute to start with packing process. You need to create a moving checklist, and the first place on this list is – how to find cheap moving boxes. So, read our guide where and how to find used boxes and start collecting it.

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