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    Florida Luxury Real Estate

    They call Florida the “Sunshine State” for a reason. The state has the longest coastline in the Continental United States. It is the only state that sits on both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean. Finally, the record-shattering winter lows in Florida have been around the 10 degrees Fahrenheit! But, Florida is not only known for its warm weather, beaches, and laid-back lifestyle. It is also the home to some of the most luxurious real estate in the United States. Today we take a look at eight of these luxurious lodgings. Who knows, maybe you will find your new home amongst the Florida luxury real estate homes.

    Start saving for your own Florida luxury real estate.
    Start saving for your own Florida luxury real estate.

    According to the real estate website Movoto.com, four out of ten most expensive homes for sale in the United States are in Florida. To be even more precise, they are all located in the South Florida. The other five? Four of them are in California, with one being in Texas. Today, we are looking at two of these, along with six more houses that have earned their place on our list.

    Florida Luxury Real Estate below $70,000,000

    Florida luxury real estate can be found in Naples.
    Many of the Florida luxury real estates can be found in Naples.

    2750 Gordon Drive, Naples – $58,000,000

    The first house we are visiting is in Naples in Collier County. They call it La Capanna, and it is an 18,172-square foot beachfront property. Designed in the Mediterranean spirit, it boasts 6 bedrooms with 8 full, and 6 half-baths. Here you can also find a 500-bottle wine room, Zero edge pool, two studies (his and hers) and a beachside game room. When you feel like being in nature go out to the grounds – you’ll feel like you’re in a park of your own!

    2500 Gordon Drive, Naples – $60,900,000

    While we’re still in the neighborhood, we can check out another extravagant Florida luxury real estate. According to the brokers, this estate has hosted both Presidents and large charity events. However, this five-bedroom property will not remind you of the Mediterranean since it was built in the Lowcountry style. Nevertheless, here you can also find a swimming pool, wet bar, pool house, and a sunroom. Your guests can stay in one of the various guest houses, or visit a “secret garden”.

    46 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach – $65,000,000

    Miami Beach pioneer Carl Fisher build this Florida luxury real estate, and it is now in the market after 30 years. Here you can enjoy a 225-degree panoramic view of the ocean since the house sits on the tip of the prestigious Star Island. There are also 40 rooms (including 10 bedrooms), 3 offices and 3,000-bottle wine cellar (try emptying that in one lifetime!).

    1071 N Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach – $69,900,000

    Do you like bowling? Well, you’re in luck! You will get your own bowling alley with this 350,000-square-foot Mediterranean estate. When you tire from bowling, you can spend time in a pub room, a grand salon, home theater, game room, library or a pool. If you feel like enjoying the ocean, however, you can do so from dual ocean balconies or the 242 feet of direct ocean frontage.

    Florida Luxury Real Estate over $70,000,000

    Ever wanted to own an island?
    Ever wanted to own an island?

    Pumpkin Key Island, Key Largo – $95,000,000

    If you ever wanted to own an island, we have a place for you! Pumpkin Key Island is a private island spanning 26 acres of land in the Florida Keys. When listing it in 2014, the owner asked for 110 million dollars. Now 15 million cheaper, the estate is still as fabulous. Here you will find a 5,000-square-foot three bedroom home, along with two caretaker cottages and a dock master’s apartment. You can visit it via helicopter – the helipad also doubles as tennis courts. However, if you feel like visiting by your mega-yacht, you can dock it in the 20-slip marina.

    Il Palmetto, Palm Beach – $115,000,000

    Back on the market for the first time since 1999 is the Netscape co-founder Jim Clark’s blockbuster estate. Mr. Clark and his wife are selling because they “are no longer spending as much time in Palm Beach,” according to the Wall Street Journal. Originally built in 1930 by Maurice Fatio, the Italian Renaissance estate lies on 60,000-square-feet. You can host your friends in one of the series of pavilions which offer 10 bedrooms, two elevators, and a 50-foot living room. If you really want to show off, host a dinner in the formal dining room with the elaborate 16th century carved ceiling, or show them your 20,000-bottle wine cellar made from carved limestone. The bonus: the house’s price dropped from 137 million dollars.

    935 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach – $159,000,000

    At one point, this was the most expensive home in the United States. And ‘home’ may not be the best way to describe this giant – Le Palais Royal is a city for itself! The house has eleven bedrooms (four of these have their private jacuzzis) and seventeen bathrooms. There is a marble staircase worth only $2,000,000! In this 60,000-square-foot estate, you can also enjoy an IMAX theater or 465 feet of oceanfront. There is also a 492-foot private deck to accommodate your 200-foot yacht and an underground 30-car garage.

    2000 S Ocean Boulevard, Manalapan – $195,000,000

    This estate is not only one of the most expensive homes in Florida but in the whole United States. Known as Gemini, this is a 15.65-acre Mediterranean-style compound. It boasts 33 bedrooms, the PGA-standard golf course, multiple pools, tennis courts and a butterfly garden. There is also a botanical garden with 1,500 species of trees and plants and an intricate multistory treehouse.

    Gemini also has an interesting history. Architect Marion Sims Wyeth designed it in the 1940s for the Lambert Pharmaceutical family. One of Truman Capote’s famed ‘Swans’, Gloria Guinness, also lived here. The current owner, the Ziff publishing family, did a full reconstruction of the house in 2003 to make it the Florida luxury real estate Gemini is today.

    And there you have it. Our pick of nine of the most expensive homes in Florida. Did any of these Florida luxury real estate catch your eye? Ready to buy a house, call your Miami Movers and start living life in the fast lane? Of course, if these are not your cup of tea, there are various other cheap Miami Movers that can make your dreams come true in other, more affordable parts of Florida. 

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