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    Florida to California Movers

    Are you tired of living on the East Coast? Is the “Sunshine State” just not for you anymore? Still, you feel like snow and colder weather, when the temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit? Or maybe you just can’t stop living in a Coastal State? Then, maybe just a switch of scenery (or the ocean) is the medicine you need! And California sounds like the right state for you! If you are planning on moving from Florida to California, then you came to the right place! In this article, we outline the must-know things and differences between the two states.

    Florida to California – Names and Numbers

    Florida got its name on Easter, 1513 by Ponce de Leon. The state’s name comes from Pascua Florida which means “flowery Easter”. California, on the other hand, was named by Spanish after Califia, which is a mythical paradise in a romance by Spanish author Montalvo, written in 1510. Both states’ nicknames are also associative of summer, warmth, and riches – Florida is the Sunshine State, while California boasts the name of the Golden State. 

    Florida to California – Population and Area

    Both Florida and California are huge states. They rank 3rd and 1st by state population in the United States, respectively. However, the difference is staggering. Florida has the population of around 20.5 million people, where California boasts around 39 million people (by 2016 estimate).

    However, California takes the 3rd place thanks to the area of around 163,500 square miles. Florida here falls a bit short, taking 22nd place boasting the area of around 66,000 square miles.

    Beaches and the Climate

    Florida to California – you won’t be in a need for a beach.
    Florida to California – you won’t be in a need for a beach.

    When comparing Florida to California, one of the first things people discuss are beaches and the climate. When you join both states’ stats you get impressive results. There are 2,190 miles of coastline and beaches to make your pick, and you can choose to swim in either Pacific or the Atlantic Ocean and even the Gulf of Mexico. This makes it tough to decide which one is more to your tastes.

    If you’re a thrill-seeker, California has you covered! There are perfect places for surfing around the state, like Huntington Beach, Malibu or Dana Point. The water can be colder, but that should not stop you from enjoying beautiful sunset views. Sometimes it takes some effort to get to a beach since they can be well hidden, but it’s worth it.

    On the other hand, Florida has regularly won awards and recognition for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States (and even in the world – like Siesta Beach by TripAdvisor). While you can surf in Florida too, the state is perfect for snorkeling. Florida is flatter, so there are fewer waves, but warmer water greets you every time.

    The weather, however, doesn’t differ much. The only exceptions are that Southern Florida is the only place in the Continental United States that boasts tropical climate, while if you miss the snow – you can find it in Northern California (even though a few flurries can occur in Northern Florida, it’s really rare).


    Traffic can often make-or-break your life in a certain state. While we are aware the traffic can differ from area to area, there are always certain things to keep in mind for both Florida and California.

    Traffic can sometimes be a real nightmare.
    Traffic can sometimes be a real nightmare.


    If you are planning to live in a big city when moving from Florida to California, make sure you think about the routes you can take to get places. The traffic in both states can be horrible around the most populated areas, especially in the rush hours.

    When it comes to traveling to a state, the biggest airports in California are LAX (Los Angeles), SFO (San Francisco) and SAN (San Diego), but there are other, smaller, just as good airports that you should consider if they are closer to your home and if you want to save money. Florida has great airports too, the larger ones being TPA (Tampa), MIA (Miami), JAX (Jacksonville) and MCO (Orlando). If you are living in San Francisco or Los Angeles, there is a nice enough metro system you can use, but we recommend getting a car in both states.

    Cost of Living

    Cost of living differs significantly between the two states.
    Cost of living differs significantly between the two states.

    When it comes to real-estate, an important thing to remember when moving from Florida to California is that there is house market in California can be over-the-top and expensive, even for a modest home. On the other hand, Florida real estate is quite cheaper and will give you more in-home yard and garden space, if you’re lucky enough. This is very hard to come by in California unless you are very well-off.

    The reason many chose to live in Florida is the lower cost of living than in California, while the proximity to the beach stays the same. As far as the tax rates go, California can boast of the highest state level at 7.5%, and the total tax burden per person of $5136. In contrast, Florida’s per capita tax burden is $3699. Finally, Florida’s state income tax is 0%, while California has a top state income of 13.3%.

    The Way of Life

    If there is one similarity between the two states, it’s their way of living. Even though Florida is famous for the Southern hospitality, both states take a laid-back lifestyle. Of course, there are conservative areas in both places (like Northern California). Around the metro areas, you will find snazzy and metropolitan vibes with a vibrant nightlife. Depending on where you decide to move from Florida to California, you might (or might not) need to get used to the change.

    Moving from Florida to California

    Finally, if you have decided to move from Florida to California, you should start planning a few months in advance. Find some reliable long distance Florida Movers and start looking into California real estate. Interstate relocation can be a lengthy and stressful process, so make sure you get professional movers. (If you’re in the Miami-Dade area, we have great Miami movers for you!)

    We hope this article was helpful and informative for you. For further information, be sure to visit the states’ websites. Florida’s official website is here while you can get information about California here. Good luck!

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