Finding a perfect space for your art studio

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    Every artist in the world, no matter professional or an amateur, dream to have its own art studio. Whether they want to have their own working space or a small piece of heaven where they can create, improve their skills and use their imagination. Lack of space at home or a small apartment with living in a noisy neighborhood might affect negatively on artists and make them search for perfect space for your art studio. But finding a perfect space for art studio can be risky and tricky. And spaces for renting can be really pricey. If you want to find out how to find a space for your art studio, we’ll show you some important tips. Good luck! 

    perfect space for your art studio
    If you don’t have enough budget, you can permanently turn the corner from your house into a perfect space for your art studio.

    Check your budget before you find a perfect space for your art studio

    The first and most important thing when it comes to finding a perfect space for your art studio is to check your budget. You need to be honest to yourself and see what you can afford. If you don’t have enough money, don’t just rent whatever. Save some money and after a few months, you will be able to rent what you like. When you determine a budget, consider your monthly and yearly income from selling your art and doing your work.

    Experts and artist suggest that your first-year studio rent budget should be no more than 50% of that sales income number. Getting your own studio is affordable only if your work is profitable. On top of all, do not forget to learn household spring cleaning tips as well.  If you don’t have incomes, this will be just a waste of money. If you don’t have enough budget, and you still want to rent space, you can share it with some other artist! Choose an affordable location and space and enjoy your studio! 

    art studio
    Use your imagination and decorate space in your style and that will be the perfect space for art studio where you will feel comfortable and inspired.

    Choose your space

    After choosing a location, you should find a perfect space for your art studio. Think about do you want a whole apartment or a small room for your studio? What is more affordable for you? Moreover, if you want to sell pictures than you will need more space. If you have heavy equipment and large tables and shelves you should rent a larger space. But not only rooms and apartments can be your art studio space. You can rent a garage, basement or a loft. Just mind the heating, cooling and humidity issues. Spaces like those require renovation so that can be an extra cost for you maybe.

    If you don’t have enough budget you can have a studio in your home: Divide a room into living space and art studio space. Take over the corner or convert a closet into your mini art studio. Moving your art studio to Florida? Check offers from New York to Florida movers and relocate without stress.

    smiley face on a plate
    Your little art studio can be your little piece of heaven!

    Consider your needs

    Perfect space for your art studio means having all the necessary things for your work. Consider your needs when searching for space. What do you need the most? Do you need a large space? Do you need to open space? Is there maybe a restroom in your studio building? If you drive a car see if there is a parking lot nearby. Check is it free or it will be an extra cost. Think about safety, does the building have a loading dock or other large doorway access? And to make your studio look even better, search some creative DIY furniture ideas. If your space is on the high floor, check if there is an elevator? Taking and lifting heavy equipment on the stairs every day is hard and stressful. You should ask for wifi, and about noise levels, ventilation, and temperature.

    Mind the neighborhood  

    When searching for a perfect space for your art studio, you are looking for location and you should mind the neighborhood. Art studio, just like music studio needs to follow rules of neighborhood and environment. You need to make sure that the zoning for the studio space you want to rent is appropriate. For example, if a neighborhood is zoned residential, the neighbors probably won’t take kindly to a metal fabrication studio. No one likes a noisy neighborhood. If you are going to be loud working in a studio, you should rent space in the building where most architects, graphic designers, caterers, and writers can often be found. If your art form includes any toxic materials (some types of painting), machines that make noise (metalworking or woodworking) or heat (ceramics, glass, and metal), you should pick a studio in an industrial space. 

    small appartment
    With a little bit of imagination, your art studio can truly shine!

     Perfect space for your art studio – Think about safety

    When finding a perfect space for your art studio, think about safety as one of your priorities. If your studio will be in a building, building safety is important if you’re about to rent space. Before you rent space, ask about fire escapes, sprinklers and city permits. Although many artists don’t care about it, safety requirements can save your life. After speaking with renters you should consider taking insurance for your items in your studio. This is because the building’s insurance will not cover your art business property, so you may need to get coverage for your supplies and equipment. Why is safety also important? Not only for you but for others too. If you want to teach classes or have events in your studio, you should get a general liability policy that includes the same amount of medical coverage in case someone gets hurt. 

    Rent storage unit

    People often renovate space before turning it into an art studio. And if you don’t have enough space to keep and store your art equipment during relocation, therefore consider renting a storage unit. A storage unit is easy to load and flexible. You can choose from many sizes and various types. If you don’t own a car or don’t want to hire movers to relocate your things, you can rent a portable storage unit.

    When your renovation is over, the portable storage unit will be delivered to your art studio address and with a few friends or by yourself, you can reload and unpack things.  If you don’t have room to keep your investment safe at home, a storage unit could be worth your while. Some smaller ones may run $50 to $55 per month. North Miami beach movers will be there to ease your relocation and make sure your things arrive safely and unharmed to your art studio. 

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