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    Congratulations! We are very happy you are here because that means that you are probably thinking about moving from New York to Florida. You are probably having a million doubts and questions, which is completely normal. Taking a step this big isn’t supposed to be easy. But there are ways to overcome this fear and to have a great and successful move. That is why we are here! We will tell you everything you need to know regarding New York to Florida Movers, storage spaces, packing choices and weather conditions. Make sure that you are well prepared before you take this decision.

    1. Am I ready to move from New York to Sunshine state?

    Although this is most definitely a question you should ask yourself, it isn’t a question we could answer. What is, though important to know is that making a decision like this should always be well thought out. There are doubts that are easy to resolve, such as finding the best Miami storage and some that are a bit harder, like should I be moving at all. There are some indicators whether or not you should consider moving:

    • Are you unhappy with your current living situation? Does it have a negative impact on the quality of your life?
    • Do you need a change of pace and place? Are you stuck in a rut?
    • Can you financially support your relocation? Will you be needing loans to pay for New York to Florida Movers?
    • Can you live on your own in a completely new environment without feeling overwhelmed?
    what you need to know about new york to florida movers
    Sunny Florida is waiting for you!

    These are only a couple of questions but there are much more that will help you deal with this decision. Moving from NY to Florida is a big decision. Relocating is fun and adventurous, but only if you are ready and you know what are you getting yourself into.

    What are the main differences between New York and Florida?

    Not only are you moving to another state, you are going from freezing New York to Sunny Florida. But, what are the differences between these two states, besides weather? Many people are inclined towards one over the other and point out that these two states are entirely different and can’t compare to each other. Both states have a big city that attracts a lot of tourists, but the differences in landscape cause other differences as well. Bar hopping or beach parties, casual dresses over high heels etc. One thing is for sure, both states have amazing nature and a lot of places you visit. Moving from NYC to Miami, as states representatives, should definitely be a great adventure!  And if you need any more information, you can see here everything you need to know about cross-country moving in the opposite direction- from Florida to NY

    2. Consider planning  your move in advance

    Organizing your move can be very difficult even if the conditions are perfect. But, if you don’t do your part of the work, moving can become a complete nightmare. There are many New York to Florida Moving professionals, but hiring a good company won’t save you if your organization is bad. That is why you need to invest time in planning because there are many things you should consider. One of them is when is the best time to move. Considering different weather conditions, your move should be planned according to the calendar, so you wouldn’t risk damaging your things or causing problems for yourself.

    new york to florida movers for hire
    When you are moving from New York to Florida you have to stay safe

    Safety plays a much bigger issue that people realize when it comes to relocation. Most people don’t pay attention until something bad already happens and by then it is too late. Staying safe when moving to Florida should be your top priority. When you are deciding which movers for New York to Florida migration to hire, their attitude towards safety should be the deciding factor.


    • Always stay hydrated and don’t forget to eat some snacks between meals
    • Don’t wear clothes or shoes that aren’t comfortable and that can’t be damaged
    • Don’t carry items that are too heavy
    • Keep everything sharp away from everybody
    • Be extra careful when lifting heavy furniture- or simply leave it to New York to Florida Movers.


    Sometimes, people feel like hiring professionals costs way too much and it doesn’t bring additional value. But that is no the case. If you hire a moving company to transport your things from New York to Fl, you won’t need to worry about anything, and you will receive your belongings in a timely manner. But, you need to choose a good moving company first.

    3. Hiring the best New York to Florida movers and packers

    In order to have a very successful move, and to go through this experience easily means that you will have to hire someone to transfer your belongings from one state to another. Although many people want to do it themselves, that isn’t always the smartest choice, like we have already mentioned. But, how can you know if you have indeed chosen the best New York to Florida Movers?

    First, have in mind that there are a lot moving companies for relocation from NY to Fl. But not all of them have the same quality of moving services. In your particular case, you need a company you can trust because there are way too many miles between New York and Florida. You should also look for an intrastate company, that has experience with crossing borders, legal requirements and knows the area.

    In addition to this, there are many ways you can verify if the company is fraudulent or credible. Your first step should be to verify if the website and the address of New York to Florida Movers are credible. Then, you should check if they have all of the required licenses, permissions, and necessary documents. You will be crossing state lines, so you will need someone who knows all of the procedures. Make sure you ask them all of that before you decide to here. One of the things that can help you decide the best company are the estimates.

    4. How to get an accurate NY-FL moving estimate?

    Many companies use estimates to trick clients into signing contracts with them, although they will give an entirely different price in the end. Estimates serve as baits. You can not only determine if the company is legitimate, but you can also see if they are trying to pull tricks on you. That is why you should always get estimates from several moving professionals for NY to Florida move. Don’t fall for the cheap price because might mean that you will end up paying much more in the end. And if something bad happens you need to know how to protect yourself from moving frauds.


    New York to Florida Movers sometimes want to keep some details for themselves and they can turn tricks on you that way. That is why it is so important to get more than one. Estimates are not binding but contracts are. That is why you should be careful before signing anything. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are getting an accurate Florida moving estimate so you can start creating your budget and making plans.

    5. Should I get a storage in New York/Florida?

    relocation to florida
    Storage can help you have an easy relocation

    When it comes to long distance Miami moving many problems can arise and not everything can be predicted and controlled. That is why you need to have in mind every outcome and possibility. In addition to long distance moving many problems can arise and not everything can be predicted and controlled. That is why you need to have in mind every outcome and possibility. In addition to hiring the best New York to Florida Movers, you need to look out into another important thing, which is storage.

    Renting a storage can be very helpful if you take into account everything that has to take place during your relocation – you have to leave old apartment, go to the new one, clean it up, organize it and renovate if necessary. All of your things need to be somewhere during that process. You could, of course, bring it into the apartment that isn’t ready or leave it with a friend. But there are much easier ways to organize this.

    Storage units New York to Fl moving professionals offer are well equipped, spacious and protected. If you are moving from a bigger apartment into a smaller one, you can keep the extra things here. You could also use it as an extension of your apartment and exchange winter and summer clothes, or leave here everything from snowy New York that you won’t need in Florida. You can access the storage at any time and keep everything you really use here. If you are not sure where to find storage you will need, you can ask your moving company for some recommendations. If a company frequently drives NY to Florida they will have some ideas for sure.

    6. How should I pack for my move to Florida?

    Now that everything else is settled you are left with the longest and the most exhausting part of the move, which is packing. This endeavor can take up weeks of your time and still not get done. That is because we always think that we have fewer things than we actually do. That is why your first step needs to be to declutter your home. Call it spring cleaning if you want, but get to work and throw away, donate or sell everything you don’t need. When you find the best New York to Florida Movers and storage company, they will have fewer things to carry and the bill will be that much smaller.

    After the decluttering part, you need to decide whether or not you want to hire professionals to do your packing. Many people choose that option, although it isn’t necessarily better or worse than doing the packing yourself. It all depends on how much money and how much time do you have.

    If you do decide to pack your home yourself, you need to make sure that you are doing it smarter, not harder. First of all, make sure that you are following all of the safety precautions. This is the most important part because Florida long distance moving can be even more challenging than the regular one. Stress is already high and being reckless will only make it that much worse.

    When it comes to packing,  the most important thing is to keep everything organized and labeled. This way, when the moving company comes, it will take them no time to do their job. Make sure you are packing your things in the reverse order of how you want it unpacked – things you will be opening first are packed last.


    Your move will last a very long time, so grab a bag and fill it with everything you’ll need in the next two days, as well as documents and ID. Otherwise, you will arrive in your new home and your toothbrush will be two states behind you!

    how to choose the best new york to florida movers
    The road is long but fun to travel. NY to Sunshine state in no time!

    It isn’t always easy to follow all the necessary protocol and do all the hard work to make sure that you have organized a great move and chosen the best New York to Florida Movers. But, although it seems like a waste of time, it is not. It will turn your move from a stressful chore to a fun adventure. You just need to do the homework first and make smart decisions. Florida is waiting for you!

    Moving to Florida can be a dream come true or a nightmare from hell. The important thing to know is that you will be able to fix any problem that appears. This is due to a couple of things, first one being that you are reading our blog and you will be prepared for anything. From picking the right Sunny state home for your family to planning for a South Florida move, Orange movers Miami have you completely covered. You don’t have to worry, you just have to be focused and organized. And whatever happens – handle it in no time, you got a long way to go!

    If you don’t need interstate Florida relocation, but you want to move locally, here is where Orange Movers Miami can help you.

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