Best neighborhoods for singles in Miami

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    If you are single, young and you want to try something new and fun, Miami is the right place. Find one of the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami and enjoy. Now, it is almost your only job. Being single is not bad at all. It does not matter if you are a millennial, or older, Miami has plenty to offer.

    How did we choose neighborhoods for singles in Miami?

    What were the criteria for choosing places for you, as a single person?

    Woman stressed out because of searching for the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami
    Do not be stressed out Miami has something for everyone.
    • If you want the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami, it must be good for millennials.
    • The neighborhood should be affordable. It is an important thing for most people.
    • A score for the nightlife must be A PLUS.
    • Diversity is also a thing that we paid attention to.

    Keep in mind that in most cases, singles have smaller apartments in Miami. So, probably your furniture will not fit in your new home if you have a lot of it. But, it is not a problem, because you can rent one of the storage units in Fort Lauderdale for a very affordable price. You can put inside all your furniture and it will be safe there. 

    Best neighborhoods for singles in Miami for you to choose

    You know that Moving to South Florida is very exciting. But only if you know what you want and when you know what are the best neighborhoods for you. Miami is the center of fun in South Florida. Amazing nightlife, good job opportunities, bars, restaurant, beautiful beaches, rich history, and culture, etc. Maybe you will find a perfect partner here too. There are a lot of residents and even more tourists.


    Brickell is one of the neighborhoods great for singles, for sure. It meets all the criteria we have mentioned before. You can visit Miami before you decide to move there, but Brickell will take your breath away. Restaurants are trendy and bars are everywhere. Also, the shops are near. The population is almost 30,000 and the average rent is $2,000. Millennials and young professionals are in love with this place because it has a lot to offer. Brickell is growing very fast, so hurry and take the opportunity.


    The population of Omni is not huge. It counts 7,000 residents, but it has it all. It is an urban neighborhood with lots and lots of bars, restaurants, parks, coffee shops, etc. Young professionals love to live here, in Omni and median rent is $1,900 per month. Most people are renting a home here. Miami International Airport is also here, so if you are traveling a lot you should choose this place.

    Miami, view from the sky during the day.
    Miami is so beautiful city, perfect for singles.


    The name says it all. It is a neighborhood near the water and you will probably have an amazing view from your apartment. If you won’t have it, do not worry there are a lot of places with scenic views in MiamiRent is very affordable. The average rent per month is $1,600 and most people (79%) rent home here in Edgewater. Many people are feeling alone after moving, but Edgewater is a place where you will meet a lot of amazing and different people. It is the case for most of the neighborhoods in Miami, especially if you are single and you are moving alone. It will be very important to have people around you.


    The median rent in the Downtown is $1,500 which is very affordable for this place. It is a very diverse neighborhood in Miami and you will never be bored. Just be open to trying new things. Downtown has everything you want from Miami. Nightlife, bars, restaurants, parks, different people, crowd, etc. Especially it has plenty to offer to millennials. You will see a lot of attractions and other fun things.

    The Roads

    Miami Area is huge, and “The Roads” is part of the big and amazing city. The average rent is about $1,370 and 75 percent of residents are renting an apartment. The area is urban and there is always something happening. So, if you are single and you are looking for someone special in your life, be open and let Miami be your next destination.

    Coconut Grove

    This neighborhood is one of the best neighborhoods for singles in Miami. Why? There is a lot of reasons why. But here are some of them. The University of Miami is here, it is a safe neighborhood, it has a lot of attractions, parks, etc. On the other hand, the rent is very affordable and the average price is $1,400. One of the most fun things that attract singles are festivals and also art events. It is a diverse neighborhood with a lot of young people. In the future, if you want to raise your family here, it is a great place for that too.

    Miami at night
    Nightlife in Miami is rich and there is always something to do


    Galleries, museums, good beer, amazing food, murals on the walls…This is what Wynwood can offer you. You will meet here musicians, artists, young professionals with amazing ideas and lifestyle. The average rent per month is only $1,200. In Wynwood, you will have always something to do because there is always something going on. If you want to become a real Miamian, visit local spots in Miami and be part of this amazing city.

    Now, your only job is to choose one of these beautiful places in Miami. Yes, there are plenty of best neighborhoods for singles in Miami, but only one is perfect for you. It is a big city, so it is normal to have all these interesting neighborhoods. Good luck with your move and choose wisely. But, we are sure, no matter which option you choose, you will have a lot of fun and new friends. Maybe something more than friends, if you are looking for it.

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