5 Ways to Reduce Business Moving Stress

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    5 Ways to Reduce Business Moving Stress

    The act of moving any business is sure to result in increased feelings of stress. This is especially true with moving in the Coconut Creek area. When tasked with the challenge of having to relocate a business, the goal of many companies is to execute a successful business move. As a result of this pressure, large feelings of anxiety develop. Such anxiety is not limited to only the planning stage of the move and this anxiety can manifest itself at any time of the moving process. In order to avoid unnecessary headaches brought on by a pending relocation, it is important to find ways to reduce (or completely eliminate) any stress as it relates to moving your business.

    1. The earlier you plan, the lower your stress levels

    Start planning your business move at the earliest opportunity. It is a good idea to give yourself a couple months to do this in order to formulate a detailed and cohesive moving plan. By having a planning stage for your business move, you are able to identify possible issues that may arise further in the moving process. This will allow you to be able to take preemptive steps to fix the situations when they are smaller instead of trying to tackle them when they have become larger and more difficult to manage. Attempting to fix large issues late into your business moving process is a sure fire way to place more stress on yourself, business and staff. A well-managed plan is instrumental in securing a smooth workplace transition.

    2. Use a professional business mover

    Perhaps the easiest (and best) solution is to acquire the services of a professional business mover. A large part of the stress, business owners feel when trying to move, is feeling overwhelmed by the entire process. Not knowing where to start or how to execute points identified in the planning stage is a major feature among those seeking a business move. Professional business movers, due to their years of experience, are fully equipped to take over and realize the plans for your move. You may find that issues you have identified that may arise (during the planning stage) will have their probability of occurring, reduced, when you engage the services of a business mover. An example of such area is damage to property. Professional business movers take precautions (such as appropriate packaging) to reduce the likelihood of any damage to property which can ultimately save you the expensive task, and stress, of replacing these items.

    3. Formulate a time line

    As was mentioned earlier, starting your moving plan early is an important aspect of reducing stress during your business move. However, one important detail is to establish a time frame for when these tasks are to be completed. Having a formulated moving timeline acts as a measure to make sure that your relocation occurs on schedule. Another major source of stress among relocating business owners are moving projects that extend past their expected time frame. Having a set time line, not only for the overall business move, but also for each phase of the move, is a great way to make sure that moving projects do not extend past their anticipated completion date.

    4. View it as an opportunity to revive your business

    A pitfall that many business movers fall into is focusing entirely on the move itself and losing sight of the opportunities, the business move is creating for their business. A business move is an excellent opportunity to propel your brand. This is because a new location will expose you to a new, and possibly larger, volume of clientele. A new office design (resulting from the move) creates an opportunity for you to get your company’s tone right. There is also an opportunity to improve the quality of your staff as you will now have a different pool of potential employees to choose from. Some of these potential employees may bring skills that you may not have had the opportunity to recruit in your previous location.

    Additionally, business moving also presents an opportunity to reinvigorate your current staff. Studies show that reinvigorated employees have improved productivity which, in turn, improves your overall service and profits. It is therefore important to continuously view your business move as an opportunity to revive your business as this will result in you spending less time stressing over moving details (some of which you would have eliminated by following point 2 – hiring a professional business mover)

    5. Notify all suppliers and stakeholders of your impending move

    Finally a major headache related to business moving is notifying suppliers, of your move. The later you wait to do this, the more difficult, and stressful, this process will be. If you wish for example, to retain your business number you should aim to notify your telephone company of your move so that the appropriate arrangements can be made. It is also important to do this for your other utilities. Notifying your present customers of your pending move is also a good way to minimize the chance of losing their business and ultimately decrease the amount of stress you would feel had you notified them after your business had moved.

    Moving an office is a stressful task. Incorporating any, or all, of these points is a good way to minimize the amount of stress you might feel in your business move.

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