7 Deadly Sins of Commercial Moving

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    7 Deadly Sins of Commercial Moving

    The act of moving can be daunting. This is even more so for commercial moving in and out of Aventura. It is therefore not surprising that mistakes occur every day with regards to commercial moving, some might even consider these mistakes to be sins. Take a look at these 7 deadly sins of commercial moving that may affect your business and your budget.

    1. Procrastinating

    Slow and steady DOES NOT win this race. The later you begin to plan your commercial move, the more difficult the situation becomes. In fact, the best time to start planning your move is as soon as the decision has been made to relocate. Not only does an early start help with smoother transitions but it also allows you to save money with your commercial movers. By doing this you are able to properly compare prices and services in order to choose those who are better aligned to the needs of your business.

    2. Poor Mover Selection

    Following on from our last point, the next deadly sin of commercial moving is choosing a poor mover. Before you even attempt to hire a commercial mover, your first goal should be to review testimonials or reviews. Actively seeking to know the reputation of a mover allows you to weed out those with undesirable characteristics. Some of these undesirable characteristics can include arriving late and the damaging of property. Acquiring the reputation of a commercial mover is one of the best decisions you can make pre-commercial moving.

    3. Poor Budget Plan

    Effective budget plans should cover everything related to the moving process. A major aspect to this sin is underestimating your move or trying to cut costs. Commercial moving is an expensive business. Trying to cut corners on this will undoubtedly result in a poor experience. On the opposite end of this point is overspending. When you have adequately planned your budget it is important you stick to it. Following your budget closely will allow you to avoid the habit of overspending. A poor budget plan is like a time bomb waiting to explode and all it takes is one seemingly minor factor to cause the entire operation to blow.

    4. Having no dedicated moving team

    The fourth deadly sin of commercial moving is having a non-existent or poor moving management team. Having a dedicated person in charge of overseeing the entire moving process ensures for a smooth and cost effective transition. It is especially beneficial if this person has the full confidence of the company and is able to act as an authoritative figure that is fully competent at organizing.

    5. Poor Communication

    Closely tied to deadly sin number 4 is having poor communication. This deadly sin is shown to negatively affect the moving process. The only way to ensure that everyone is on the same page is to have regular, open communication. Making sure that the information flowing between parties is being understood is the best way to ensure that requirements will be fully carried out. Not only does effective communication ease the stress of commercial moving, but it also minimizes the likelihood of confusion by all parties.

    6. Not having a moving strategy

    Not having a moving strategy is like taking a road trip in a foreign country without a map. It is a recipe for disaster. Detailed commercial moving plans should include aspects such as a time frame for the move. They should also take into account the needs and expectations you have for the process. This will help you with choosing commercial movers. To help simplify this process you can utilize checklists which will present the information in a simple, chronological way that would be easier for you to follow and enact.

    7. Not using professional commercial movers

    The final deadly sin of commercial moving is thinking that you do not need a professional moving team. The adage ‘Pride comes before the fall’ rings true in this regard. It is human nature to try to tackle tasks on our own and often times it is difficult to seek out help. Allowing yourself to fall under a false sense of security that you would be able to save money is a dangerous mind-set. With appropriate research, you would find that the long term value of using professional commercial movers far outweighs any short term gains you may have from doing the task on your own.

    Commercial moving is not an easy task. Or rather, it is not an easy task if you allow yourself to fall into any of these 7 deadly sins. In order to ensure a smooth move for your business, be sure to complete a thorough evaluation so that you are not committing any of these commercial moving mistakes. Doing so will allow you to have a smooth and cost effective moving experience.

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