5 Uncommon Tips for Moving Day

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    5 Uncommon Tips for Moving Day

    The boxes are packed, the house is clean, the movers are scheduled, and you’re ready for your move. Or are you? Like most things in life, when it comes to moving day, the devil is in the details. Below, we’ve put together five moving day musts that many homeowners don’t often consider.

    1. Firm up childcare. If your children are too young to help you move, you should find reliable childcare for move day. For one, moving trucks in the yard, a team hauling heavy boxes up and down stairs, and disassembled furniture lying around creates a hazardous environment for young children. Move day is also busy and stressful, which can leave both parents and kids feeling cranky.
    2. Don’t forget the pets. You might not have young children, but move day poses a hazard to your fur-babies, too. There are also territorial concerns: dogs, especially, can become stressed out or upset with a constant flow of strangers moving in and out of their home. Do yourself and your animals a favor by arranging for them to stay with family, a friend, or a daycare for the day.
    3. Know the tipping policy. It can be tough to tell who to tip these days. But when it comes to movers, the general rule of thumb is that your moving team should be tipped if they did a good job. As far as what to tip, a good guideline is 10-20 percent of the job cost for a small move, and 5-10 percent of the job cost for a larger move.
    4. Keep essentials at hand. If there are certain items you do not want packed into the moving truck (and there will likely be a few of them), put them in your car before your moving team arrives or set them aside and give your movers clear instructions not to pack them. Common items that many homeowners prefer to hang onto include important medications, and any clothing/bedding/toiletries that will be needed during a long-distance move.
    5. Communication is key. Last but not least, it’s important to communicate any of your desires or preferences to your move team as soon as they arrive. Moving teams are trained to work quickly and efficiently, so if you aren’t direct upfront, your risk forfeiting some of your wishes. If you prefer they not cross the lawn when moving boxes from the house to the truck, be sure to instruct them on the proper path. Specific instructions should also be provided for handling any valuable or fragile items, noting any building moving rules that should be followed, etc.

    Step one for planning a successful moving day? Hire the right team. Get in touch with Orange Movers to discuss your upcoming relocation today.

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