Advice for Relocating With a Family

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    Advice for Relocating With a Family

    Packing up your entire life and moving to a new town or state is challenging for anybody … but the relocation process can be an especially sensitive time for families with children for a number of reasons. If you’re currently considering or have committed to relocating with a family, here are a few tips for making the transition as smooth as possible.

    1. Move during the summer. There’s a reason so many moves happen during the summer. In addition to the nice weather and boosted curb appeal that prompts sellers to enter the housing market, there’s also the fact that many families wait until kids get out of school to begin the moving process. Moving during the summer will allow your children time to adjust to the new location and perhaps meet a few friends in the neighborhood before starting a new school, and will also provide the least interruption of their routine. If you need to start a new job immediately and can’t wait until the summer months, consider taking your move in phases. Find temporary housing in your new location while your kids finish out the school year.
    2. Let your children be a part of the process. It’s natural for children to be wary about change, but they can be especially anxious about change they feel is out of their control. Make the move a time of excitement instead of a time of fear by allowing them to have a say in the moving process. Take them to open houses in the new town, or bring them to the new home before you move in to let them choose their bedrooms, for example.
    3. Hire good help. If you’re stressed about your move, there’s a good chance you children will be stressed about your move. Make it a seamless experience by hiring a good moving service to help you pack and manage the logistics of your relocation so you can focus on the details of the process that are important to your family, like finding good schools, doctors, and child care, enrolling in new activities, and offering emotional support.
    4. Look into childcare on move day. If you have young children that are too small to lend a helping hand during the move, it’s wise to find quality childcare on your move days. This not only prevents kids from being underfoot, but it also keeps them safely away from potentially hazardous conditions posed by moving trucks and heavy lifting that goes on during a move.

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