How to Get Your Garage To Fit Into a Moving Van

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    How to Get Your Garage To Fit Into a Moving Van

    So here you are, about to close on that big ranch in Weston, when you suddenly realize that this means you have to start organizing to actually move there. Your clothes, books and kitchen are all pretty straightforward packing, but that garage? Well that’s something else entirely. Thanks to the sheer number of heavy, awkward and (let’s face it) dirty objects, a well-stocked garage is one of the most challenging areas of a house to move.

    Short of just picking up the whole garage and dropping it off next to the new house (that would be ideal) you will need a strategy for getting your garage gear into a moving van and at home in its new space.

    Clean the Space

    You should start preparing the garage as early into the moving process as possible, preferably the moment you realize that you will soon be leaving your Surfside home for one in Weston. Start going through the tools, sports equipment and gardening supplies and separate what you don’t need for the new house. Put these items in one section of the space and plan a few garage sales to try and sell them. What you can’t sell either goes in the trash or gets given away to a local charity.

    Know What Can’t Go

    There are certain common garage items that you will be forbidden to transport inside of a moving van. Your moving company should be able to provide you with a complete list, but know up front that fuel, paint, propane tanks, car batteries and even some cleaning supplies are considered too dangerous for this type of transport. Give them away or throw them in the trash, but don’t try and sneak them onto the truck while no one is looking.

    Get Your Packing Supplies

    With the junk out of the way, you have a clearer picture of what needs to be packed. Since there is usually such a variety of different types of items in a garage, homeowners need an array of packing materials. Boxes, blankets, large plastic bags, Ziploc bags, and tape are all going to come in very handy when packing the garage.

    • Moving Boxes – This is one area where you want to employ sturdy boxes to handle the extra weight of most garage items. Where possible, you can even use reusable plastic tubs and containers for mechanic and household tools. Keep in mind that smaller moving boxes usually work out best for garage items if you want to be able to lift them once filled.
    • Moving Blankets – Moving blankets work great at protecting items that are too large to fit inside a box. They are also used to protect your other possessions from being damaged by kayaks, skis and other equipment that can shift position easily inside a moving van. Smaller blankets are ideal for wrapping around dangerous blades, such as those on an outboard motor or lawnmower. If you are short on old blankets, bubble wrap will also do the trick, and can be secured around the business end of saws, axes and gardening sheers using a heavy duty tape.
    • Large Plastic Bags – Garden sized garbage bags are used for gardening equipment of course. The dirty ends of rakes, shovels, weed trimmers and lawn mowers are protected by the plastic, so that your other household items don’t get ruined in the move. One important note about these types of tools is to make sure that you empty out any oil or fuel first. Gas powered tools cannot be transported if they still have fluid left inside of them.
    • Small Ziploc Bags – These are for any small pieces of tools or items that you take apart to make them easier to move. Seal the bag and then use tape to adhere the bag to the largest piece. Now you should have no trouble putting the handle back on your lawnmower when you take it out in your new garage.

    Consider Short Term Storage

    Moving firms like Orange Movers also offer storage space in a secure facility. This could be a good short term option for some of your garage items if you don’t need them immediately and are short on time or space. Storing sporting equipment or your camping gear for a few months gives you a chance to arrange the new garage in a way to keep all of your items better organized. Once you have the appropriate shelving and storage solutions figured out, you can simply retrieve your extra belongings from the storage unit and neatly put them into their new place.

    Arrangement on the Truck

    Because of the bulky and dangerous nature of many garage items, it is always a good idea to leave the handling and transportation of them to professional movers. They have the experience that tells them where on the truck your garage items should go to minimize the risk of being broken, or breaking something else, while in transit. Their expertise will also be invaluable in packing up your garage items safely and securely.

    With your Surfside garage emptied out cleanly and safely, getting your new garage set up the way you want in Weston will be no problem.

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