Things You Should do Before Moving Into Your New Home in Fort Lauderdale

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    It goes without saying that moving to a new home is quite an adventure. This is a very unique time in one’s life and is always full of mixed emotions. There’s the excitement of starting a new life, and the anxiety of making sure everything is planned perfectly. There’s the thrill of finding your perfect home and the overwhelming feeling of the entire moving process. And, needless to say, there are many things you should do before moving into your new home in Fort Lauderdale. Between purchasing an internet plan and moving all of your clothes and dishes, you have many tasks to accomplish. This is why staying organized is a priority if you want to see success. But, with the help of one of the best moving companies Fort Lauderdale has to offer, you’re in for a smooth process. So, let’s go through the list of these necessary tasks.

    Begin the process by transferring the utilities into your new Fort Lauderdale home

    Before moving into your new home in Fort Lauderdale, you must make sure that all of the physical utilities are fully set up. This includes vital services such as gas, water, and electricity. Your best bet is to conduct this transfer as soon as you possibly can. Even though most utility providers are timely when it comes to activation, it is best to notify them ahead of time. The last thing you want is to have your local movers Fort Lauderdale deliver your items, only to realize that your new home doesn’t even have running water or heating. In addition to this, if you forget to transfer any of the utilities from the old home, you might face some unexpected costs further down the line. So, be diligent, prioritize this transfer, and you’ll be able to move into a fully functional home.

    panoramic view of Fort Lauderdale FL
    There are some things you should do before moving into your new home in Fort Lauderdale.

    After the vital utilities, get your TV and internet services installed

    Nobody likes moving into a home with no access to the world and its information. This is why you need to make sure that your home is fully ready before your move-in day. Besides the vital utilities, you will also need internet and television services installed. They might not be deemed vital, but you still need them for work, information, and entertainment. After hiring long distance movers Fort Lauderdale, do your due diligence and browse through the available cable providers. Make sure everything is ready at least 2 weeks in advance. This ensures that your services are fully active by the time you reach your home. In addition, you’ll be able to pick a time slot that works the best for you. Look at a few service providers in the Fort Lauderdale area, compare their prices, and contact the ones that fit your needs and budget the best.

    worker installing utilities in a new Fort Lauderdale home
    Make sure all of your utilities are fully functional ahead of time.

    Don’t forget to update your new address where necessary

    Even if you might not realize it at first, your address is connected to nearly every aspect of your life. From emails and coupons to vital documents, insurance, car registrations, and credit cards. Updating your living address essentially means updating your everyday life. This is why it is imperative that you update your address where ever it is necessary. Contact your service providers, banks, and government facilities, and inform them of the change. If you don’t, you could face a slew of problems. Delayed package shipments, legal issues, unplanned service charges, and so much more. Also, if you decide on using Florida moving services, you’ll need to let your movers know what your new address is. Otherwise, how will they deliver your items? This is something you shouldn’t delay if you want to avoid problems before moving into your new home in Fort Lauderdale.

    list of things you should do before moving into your new home in Fort Lauderdale
    Updating your home address should be at the top of your to-do list!

    Gathering your important documents is also among the things you should do before moving into your new home in Fort Lauderdale

    We all have boxes full of important documents which sit around the home collecting dust. You don’t need them often, but when you do, you must know exactly where they are. Here, we’re talking about birth certificates, medical records, insurance policies, and social security paperwork. You also might have some paperwork that is no longer important, which gives you the perfect opportunity to declutter. Sort through your documents and get rid of anything that no longer serves a purpose. Everything else can be placed in storage Pompano Beach for safekeeping. Pack your papers into boxes or binders and make sure everything has a label. When it comes to moving into a new home, you simply can’t overlook these documents. You’ll be signing contracts and renewing policies, and you will surely need some of these papers. And you’ll save yourself the headache if you know they are within easy reach.

    Take some time off of work so you can fully focus on moving into your new home

    As you’re already aware, moving is a very hectic process. This is especially true a few days before and after your move. You’ll be packing, unpacking, and hauling a sea of boxes. You’ll also be waiting on various deliveries, and dealing with repairs and utility crews. If you opted on using moving and storage South Florida, you’ll also have to deal with movers inspecting your homes and working out the logistics. With all that in mind, it is a good idea to notify your workplace that you’ll be moving, and request some time off. Doing this will make everything simpler since you won’t have to stress about juggling your work and your relocation. Give yourself ample time to figure out the entire moving process, execute it, and finalize it. Once you’re done, you can come back to work knowing that you’ve done a great job without worries.

    a couple moving a cardboard box
    Take some time off work so you can fully focus on your relocation.

    Prepare yourself and your items for the packing process

    As your moving day draws closer, you need to prepare for the inevitable packing process. Begin by sorting through your items, and deciding what you’ll keep, and what you’ll throw away. Decluttering is very important because the less you have to move, the less you’ll have to pay, and you’ll have more space in your home. You can acquire free moving boxes from local supermarkets and shops, as long as you make sure that they’re in good condition, with no creases or tears. If you want to make sure that everything is flawless, consider relying on packing services South Florida. They’ll bring the best materials for the task and utilize them to perfection, ensuring maximum safety. Lastly, don’t forget to pack an essentials box before moving. It should contain basic toiletries, some food, and spare clothes, enough to last you a few days after moving until everything is unpacked.

    If necessary, perform maintenance in your new home in Fort Lauderdale

    Repairs and home improvement are an integral part of moving to a new home. In most cases, certain repairs require more attention than others. Specifically, leaky pipes, broken locks on windows, and damaged walls. Repairing these are some of the things you should do before moving into your new home in Fort Lauderdale. And you should take care of them as soon as possible if you want to avoid inconveniences in the future. If you start renovating your home before moving in, the work will be much simpler. The home is empty, which means you have a blank canvas to work with, without the risk of damaging or staining your furniture. This also allows you to do a bit of redecorating at your convenience before you unpack all of your boxes. After you repair the walls, give them a fresh coat of paint in your favorite tones.

    person cleaning the bathroom is one of the Things You Should do Before Moving Into Your New Home in Fort Lauderdale
    A well-maintained home will serve you for a very long time!

    In addition to repairs, this is the perfect time to give your future home a deep cleaning. It would make sense to make sure your home is as clean as possible before the furniture comes in. It is more than likely that the previous owner didn’t clean the home thoroughly before they moved out. So, grab some cleaning supplies, and get busy. Give your home a full and deep cleaning from top to bottom. Of course, you should do this after your remodeling and repairs are done, as they are bound to create some dust and debris. Or, alternatively, you can hire a professional cleaning crew to take care of things. All things considered, this is your new Fort Lauderdale nest, and it deserves to be spotless!

    Set up a security system to protect yourself and your loved ones

    If you’re worried about security, moving into the new home is the perfect time to address this. Even if you live in a neighborhood that is deemed safe, it doesn’t hurt to make sure your home is protected at all times. After all, who knows what could happen, and a good alarm system is a reliable way of prevention. The first thing you should do before settling in your new home is to change the locks on the doors. This is the cheapest way of protecting yourself, but it goes a long way. It’s also a fairly easy task, which shouldn’t take too much time. If you want to be extra safe, add or replace the locks on your windows too. Smart home security systems are another great option for homeowners since they offer more flexibility. Knowing your home is fully protected will surely help you sleep easier at night.

    Locate and secure your breakers and valves for emergency situations

    It is no secret that your home, for the most part, runs on electricity. Every once in a while, you may come to a situation where you’ll have to change a fuse or reset a circuit breaker. These are basic parts of home maintenance, and you have to prepare for them. If a fuse blows and your power goes out, you don’t want to look for the fuse box in the dark. The common locations for circuit breakers are the basement, garage, or a major hallway. In addition, it is very important to know the difference between circuit breakers and fuse boxes. Locate these installations, and mark them so you always know where they are.

    man inspecting a fuse box
    Always be ready to perform basic maintenance around the home.

    Just the same, if an emergency leak occurs, you need to know how to quickly shut off the water at the source. For this, you need to find the shut-off valves. In most homes, these valves can be located in various different places. Logically, you will find them in any room which has access to running water, such as kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and basements. Besides the valves in the home, you will also have the major valve which connects your house to the mainline. This one is usually located either in your driveway or in a manhole outside of your home.

    Create a future maintenance checklist for your new home in Fort Lauderdale

    One of the last things you should do before moving into your new home in Fort Lauderdale is to create a maintenance checklist. You will need it if you want to ensure that your home is in good shape at all times. This includes tasks such as cleaning the gutters, basic landscaping, installation maintenance, and unclogging the drains, to name a few. Now, these are all tasks that you will perform after you move in. However, creating a list of these tasks is best done before your reliable residential movers South Florida deliver everything to the home. Before fully settling in, you’ll have an empty home, perfect for detailed inspection. You’ll be able to get a solid grasp on all features of the home, identify any weak spots, and develop a plan on how to maintain it all.


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