Packing a nursery for an interstate move

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    Moving is certainly not an easy endeavor, especially when you are moving with kids. You need to think about every potential problem and find every possible solution to it. This applies to both moving alone and moving with your children. One of the most demanding tasks you need to do is packing. Packing a nursery is a piece of cake compared to moving with a child. However, that still does not mean it is easy. You might be feeling anxious about it and movers Pompano Beach FL want to help by providing some useful tips. Our guide will provide useful advice on packing a nursery for an interstate move quickly and efficiently.

    You should do your research

    When it comes to relocation, preparation is essential. Good organization is crucial for everything in life and that also applies to moving. Moving preparation is actually half of the job and when you have a child, everything gets harder because it requires more responsibility. Besides that, there is one more thing that requires careful consideration – finding reliable movers. Check all the reviews and recommendations for moving companies to evaluate if they are trustworthy. Contact them and check what services they offer. Most likely, packing a nursery will be one of the services they offer. They are probably very efficient when it comes to moving children’s items. However, if you cannot afford packing services or want to take care of it yourself, residential movers South Florida will gladly guide you through the process of packing a nursery for an interstate move.

    Baby blanket hanging on a white wooden crib
    You should do your research before packing a nursery

    What packing materials do you need for packing a nursery for an interstate move?

    If you loosely pack your items, you might have to pay a larger amount of money to your movers later on to repack your stuff. Also, your items might get damaged if not packed properly. That’s why, in order to pack them correctly, you will need proper packing supplies. They might not come cheap. Long distance movers Miami suggest that you try to find free or affordable packing supplies. You can visit hardware stores and ask for leftover cardboard boxes and packing supplies. The stores usually throw away the cartons in which the goods came in. If you don’t want to buy new supplies and boxes, ask if they want to give away the ones they will throw away. This can save you money when packing a nursery for an interstate move, as well as your whole home.

    What kind of supplies do you need?

    Besides boxes,  there are other helpful things that you will need for packing a nursery for an interstate move. According to one of the most reliable interstate moving companies South Florida, these are the most essential:

    • Packing paper – use it to wrap each item before placing it in a box.
    • Air bubble packing –it is a more effective alternative to packing paper.
    • Sheets –use sheets to wrap fragile items, this way you will minimize the risk of breaking them.
    • Foam nuggets – this is used as an alternative way of securing the items and avoiding tumbling if there is extra space in boxes.
    • Packing tape – after wrapping the items, tape them carefully to secure the stuff before placing them in boxes.
    A couple wrapping a chair with plastic
    You should prepare essential packing supplies

    Pack clothes

    It is time to start packing. Your baby’s clothes are very important so you need to take care of them properly. Therefore, you need sterile bags and crates. Babies are more sensitive than adults and more prone to diseases so you need to protect them. Pack your baby’s clothes first by putting them in sterile bags which you should place in suitable boxes. Separate the clothes and other things, this way, you will avoid contamination and save space. After packing clothes into boxes, label them with a marker so that you know the content of each box later on during unpacking. You can also label the boxes as fragile so that movers Fort Lauderdale FL take extra precautions with them.

    Pack toys

    Next, pack your baby’s toys. You can reuse the original boxes for the toys if you have saved them. This is the best way to protect them from damage. If not, you can use cardboard boxes. Don’t pack your child’s favorite toys as they should have them with themselves during stressful events such as moving.

    Pack the crib

    Now, it is time to pack the biggest and most important item – the crib. Before you pack it, you should first ask the movers if they can pack the whole crib onto the truck or if you need to disassemble it. If you need to disassemble the crib, don’t do it on your own but ask your movers for help. They probably know how to do it properly as most likely they have experience with moves that include children. You might need to learn to disassemble a bunk bed if you have older kids.

    A bearded man disassembling a crib when packing a nursery for an interstate move
    Packing a crib is the most important task

    Pack an essentials box

    Finally, you should prepare an essentials bag with necessary hygiene essentials such as soap, shampoo, powder, diapers, wet wipes, etc. You don’t need to pack all the stuff in your bag but a limited amount for the road or a day or two after you relocate. If you run out of some baby hygiene essentials, you can easily buy more in your new location.

    Packing a nursery for an interstate move will be a breeze

    We believe that the tips above will ensure that packing a nursery for an interstate move goes smoothly and quickly. Also, the guide will enable you to enjoy stress-free packing and give you more time and energy for your child, as they are a priority. This way, your child will not be much affected by the move and that is what matters most. We wish you a happy move and a great new start!

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