How to negotiate with Miami movers

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    How to negotiate with Miami movers

    Let’s not fool anyone here – moving is expensive business. Even if you are doing a local Miami relocation and know the right people, there is always a toll to pay. And this is where advice from professional Miami movers comes in handy. Looking at the annual figures, one can conclude that the USA is in the lead, with over 36 million relocations per year. And cheap is not one of the terms that you can come across. This is why we offer a unique guide on how to negotiate with Miami movers for a lower estimate.

    Understand what it is you are bargaining for before going to negotiate with Miami movers.
    Negotiate with Miami movers to let them relocate you on your terms.

    Negotiate a lower price with professional Miami relocation companies through this tutorial

    Getting the best deal on the moving services and saving on professional movers is a significant accomplishment when organizing a household move. Relocating happens to be a very expensive undertaking and negotiating for a better deal and cheaper moving costs may be beneficial for you. You need to calculate several factors when planning your Miami relocation:

    • Professional moving services in comparison with DIY moving and/or moving with friends
    • Mileage you are looking to cross
    • Packing supplies and extra moving services required
    • Inventory of everything that is being moved
    • Moving season choice

    If you want to put your negotiating skills to the test, you should know that moving companies’ rates are usually not firmly established and that difficult to influence. Besides, you have nothing to lose if you try to negotiate with Miami movers for lower cost of moving services.

    Avoid to negotiate with Miami movers that are fraudulent

    Getting a reasonable price is great – but so is making sure that you are getting quality service. That is why you need to consider the Miami mover you are looking to hire for your relocation. A good rating is formed by happy and satisfied customers providing positive reviews. This is why you need to read some reviews first.

    Stay away from extremely low moving quotes and suspicious companies. Conduct a background check on every moving company so as to identify their business goals and policy. Unusually low moving estimate should be considered as one of several warning signs of a moving scam.

    Do a cross-comparison of offers made before diving into bargaining with moving companies in Miami

    Hiring a top-of-the-list relocation company in Miami will help you reduce inevitable stress that comes with relocation. But what if the cost of their services is holding you back from making the right decision?

    Yes, moving can be quite the money-burner, but the good news is that moving rates will vary from mover to mover (especially under the Florida sunlight) even when your moving parameters remain the same. And this basically means that before you take a stand in your Miami mover negotiation, you need to understand what exactly you are negotiating for.

    To work out the best deal for a moving service, start by getting and comparing at least 3 estimates from licensed and accredited professional moving companies. Request an in-house estimate from moving experts. This is done to guarantee that the written estimate you receive will be as close to the final bill as possible. Keep in mind that the more estimates you have from Miami movers, the larger your bargaining power is.

    Incorporate additional costs for a wider picture

    While you’re getting the moving estimates, address the following pointers to eliminate potential last-minute moving company fees and charges:

    • Understand what extra moving services include. The majority of those charges for additional services are negotiable. So go through each one with the moving company and see whether you really need to use them. Your mover will be motivated to lower their prices if you give up on any of the offered extra services. After all – less work for them.
    • Make a decision in regards to packing – will it come to you or your movers. Best case scenarioa beneficial joint effort where you will pack up all your stuff except large furniture, heavy appliances and specialty items. This will save you money while still ensuring ultimate protection for your most prized possessions.
    • Ask about any potential unplanned charges that could increase the moving expenses even more. You might not believe the unplanned fees your Florida mover could charge you for. From extra fees for loading/unloading the moving truck to disassembling/re-assembling some of your furniture pieces. Make sure to negotiate these terms with the moving company you choose before the actual moving day.

    Time to awake your inner bargainer spirit and let him lose

    Can you negotiate with Miami movers? Absolutely! Once you gathered moving quotes from different reputable New York moving companies, time to take advantage of those same quotes. The goal is to get the best deal possible for you. Here are some tactical scenarios to help you understand and negotiate with your Magic city relocation company for a lower cost.

    Miami is a competitive moving market - you should use that to your advantage.
    Inspire your Miami mover by using their competition as a negotiation tool.

    Betting on the competition factor

    Under normal circumstances, the majority of moving companies would rather lower the price they have quoted you than to lose your business to their competitors. Unless you’re right in the middle of the moving season, use this as bargaining leverage.

    By this point, you should already have a mover that you’ve got your eye on hiring. If that professional Miami moving company has offered you the best price, then you have little to worry about. If not, contact the company to inform them that you were offered a lower price by their competitors. Give them your lowest bid and ask them if they would be willing to:

    • price-match or
    • outbid the competitors.

    If your choice of the Miami moving company is right, they will value you as a client and aim to negotiate.

    Going with the fearless “I’ve got nothing to lose attitude”

    It never hurts to negotiate with movers simply because you’ve got nothing to lose. The key to a successful Miami movers negotiation is to reach an arrangement that will be beneficial to both parties. You need to be open to certain compromises and flexible about some of the relocation terms (booking early, choosing a good moving date). In that case there won’t be a single reason for the relocation company not to meet you half-way.

    Taking the indecisive and insecure stand to reel them in

    In case the mover is unwilling to lower its original price, try negotiating again in a day or two. The reason? You may contact another moving representative who may be more willing to accept your terms. Or maybe he might at least offer you a price discount that will be closer to your wishes.

    Once you have the wider picture of what it is you want, getting it will be all the easier.
    Negotiation with moving companies takes skill that can easily be acquired.

    Just remember that even when if cannot get the price down – the quality of the service is more important. Better to pay an average price for quality moving rather than get the lowest possible quote and risk having a disastrous moving experience. So go wild – negotiate with Miami movers, but do not let greed guide you down the wrong path.


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