Moving From West Palm Beach to Hollywood FL with Kids

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    Having a family is one of the biggest blessings in life. Naturally, when you have a family, you want to ensure they are as happy as possible and have everything they need. Sometimes, that would require moving into a new home, in a new city. Now, relocations are not quite the easiest task in the world. On the other hand, they are not impossible to manage either. Because you will be moving with your family, today we help you with moving from West Palm Beach to Hollywood FL with kids. If you want to approach this process the right way, you need to start working on it as soon as possible. Now, being a parent means that you might not have enough time for packing. Thus, you should consider hiring professional movers, like Orange Movers Pompano Beach. Professional movers can help you do this in a timely fashion.

    Everything that you need to know about moving from West Palm Beach to Hollywood FL with kids

    Located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, in the southern parts of Broward County, Florida is the city of Hollywood. There are slightly less than 160.000 residents that live in the area. It is the 12th largest city in the state and, due to its location, is a principal city of the Miami Metropolitan Area. The general idea before founding the city was to create a “Dream City in Florida”. Quickly enough, Hollywood became the go-to spot for “snowbirds”. Snowbird is a term that usually encapsulates retirees flocking to Florida during the winter periods in the North. Moving to the city of Hollywood can be made easy using Florida moving services. With 53.7 miles of distance between the two cities, you should expect to spend around 1 hour and 15 minutes on the road. Nonetheless, you will need to devote attention to the process, regardless of the distance.

    Hollywood is a great place if your children love sunny weather

    One of the biggest perks of moving to Hollywood would be the weather. Officially, the city has a tropical rainforest climate. This means that the city experiences long, hot, and humid summers that last from April until October. On the other hand, winters are dry and mild and last from November until February. Rarely will temperatures drop below freezing, but it can occur. There is also a trace of tropical storm activities between June and November.

    Children silhouettes on the beach during the sunset to represent one of the perks of moving from West Palm Beach to Hollywood FL with kids
    There are 266 days of sunshine in the city and the weather is quite warm for the vast majority of the year

    Spring is usually followed by the rain and storm season. Although for the majority of the time, Hollywood bathes in the sunshine, it experiences 64 inches of rain on an annual level. So, do not be surprised if you are in need of an umbrella when spring begins. Because there is a 40% chance that a hurricane hits the area during the storm season, Hollywood officials can help you prepare for it.

    The schooling system

    If you are moving with your children, knowing that the area has nice schools is important. Moreover, knowing that you can choose between a variety of different schools is something every parent wants to hear. Luckily, Hollywood will allow you to choose. As a part of the Broward County School District, there are:

    • 133 Preschool institutions
    • 51 Elementary schools
    • 35 Middle schools
    • 18 High schools
    • 47 Universities and colleges
    a red apple standing on a couple of books
    The Broward County School District offers many educational options for every age

    Now, all of these institutions are within 50 miles of the area. Some of the highest-ranking schools are the South Broward High School, Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science, and the Beachside Montessori Village School. If you or your children are planning on going to college, there are 47 different options to choose from. Movers West Palm Beach FL can help you relocate, but you have to do your own research before making a decision.

    Moving from West Palm Beach to Hollywood FL with kids: There is always something to do in the city

    Hollywood, Florida is much like the towns that surround it. There is always something to do, both mentally and physically. Whether you and your family love spending time in nature, relaxing at the beach, taking long walks, or going shopping, you can do all of that here. If you and your family go to sports events together, you can quickly visit Miami and enjoy yourself.

    a family of four walking on a dock during the sunset
    Moving from West Palm Beach to Hollywood FL with kids will mean moving into an area that has an abundance of entertainment options

    Art, film, history, and food festivals are just the tip of the iceberg. Hollywood has so many places to see and visit that you can spend a month just exploring the city. There is also an abundance of natural amenities, activities, and entertainment. You can walk the 7 miles long beach, visit and have fun in one of 60 parks in the area, or simply head to some of the festivals and events that often occur in the city.

    A little something for the parents

    Hollywood is about 24% more expensive to live in than the national average. However, even though this is true, Hollywood is much, much cheaper than the cities that surround it. Moving from West Palm Beach to Hollywood FL with kids will require you to have knowledge about the cost of living there, and these are the essentials. If you want to contact movers Hollywood FL before you start to plan the move, make sure you are aware of the cost of living in the area. The median home cost is $280.000, while the median rent is $1.800 a month. Moreover, the economy of the city is pretty strong, as it has a very competitive industrial market. Tourism, healthcare, technology, education, and business services are the main industries in the city. There are no income taxes in the city, much like the entire state.


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