Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale 101

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    Miami and Fort Lauderdale are great cities that have everything people love about South Florida. You will enjoy great weather, amazing beaches, and great food here. However, although these cities are only 30 miles away from each other, they are completely different. Both have their pros and cons, but both are absolutely beautiful. If you are moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, you are probably looking for a more peaceful place with a slower pace of living. However, before you start enjoying Fort Lauderdale, you need to plan and organize your relocation carefully. The moving process includes many activities, from finding Orange Movers Pompano Beach to packing all your belongings. Here are some tips that can ensure a smooth move.

    Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale – pros and cons

    Miami and Fort Lauderdale are two different worlds. While Miami is bustling, rich in culture, and fast-paced, Fort Lauderdale offers a suburban feel and a quieter lifestyle. Moving to Fort Lauderdale will give your wallet significant relief. Miami is an expensive city, with a 37% higher cost of living than the national average. Although the cost of living in Fort Lauderdale is 30% higher than the national average, housing prices are much lower than in Miami and there is a wider range of options.

    Two girls enjoying beach after moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale
    Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale will lead to a quieter lifestyle

    When it comes to schooling options, Miami has the advantage in this category. But, Fort Lauderdale has good schools and about 20 colleges and universities. Miami’s huge disadvantage is traffic, while Fort Lauderdale is significantly less congested. All in all, both of these cities are great and offer amazing options. Moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale will give you a chiller pace and more time for family activities.

    How to find good movers in Miami

    The moving market is well-developed in Miami so you won’t have any problems finding good moving companies. Bear in mind that your movers Miami FL should be experienced, reliable, and offer the services you need. Also, request several in-house moving estimates and compare the prices.

    Mover packing boxes
    Use quality packing materials to avoid any possible damage to your things

    Make sure to check your movers’ online reputation. You need trustworthy and licensed movers Fort Lauderdale. Visit specialized moving websites such as Better Business Bureau and check companies’ reviews and ratings. Also, read previously submitted comments and complaints. This will give you a good idea about the quality of service that a particular company provides. If you need some special services, such as packing or storage service, inform your movers in advance and ask about additional costs.

    Pack properly when moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale

    The packing process is the most tiring and time-consuming part of relocation. First, you need to declutter your home. This means going through all your belongings and deciding which items you no longer use or want. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear, pieces of furniture that won’t fit into your new home, old gadgets, magazines, etc. It is useless to pack and transport things you don’t use. Once you decide which items you want to keep, it is time to protect them. Gather quality packing materials in advance. You will need cardboard boxes, packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, furniture blankets, scissors, and markers. Protect each item with bubble wrap before placing it in a moving box. Once you pack a box, make sure to label it. Write essential information on each box – content, handling instructions, and destination room.

    If you are an inexperienced mover, it might be best to hire moving professionals. There are plenty of full-service moving companies that offer packing services South Florida. Professional packers will make sure all your possessions are properly packed and will handle them with care. Also, you will avoid any possible moving injuries. Injuries such as strained back and sprained ankles are very common during the moving process, especially if you are not used to heavy lifting.

    What to expect after moving to Fort Lauderdale

    Fort Lauderdale is a beautiful, coastal city famous for its beaches, culture, and cuisine. It has something for everyone, from numerous museums and restaurants to parks and nature reserves. Its natural beauty is undeniable and it has 23 miles of beaches. Enjoy shopping on Las Olas Boulevard, visit the historic district or go clubbing in the Entertainment District. Museum-lovers will also enjoy Fort Lauderdale. Some of the places you have to visit are the Museum of Discovery and Science, NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs Museum of Art, and the African American Research Library and Cultural Center.

    A woman jogging in a park
    Fort Lauderdale has many great parks and recreational areas

    Fort Lauderdale also has a variety of parks and recreation centers. Go jogging and biking at the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park on East Sunset Boulevard. Fort Lauderdale Beach Park has volleyball and basketball courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas. Also, you can spend a day at Secret Woods Nature Center. This is a 57-acre park with a butterfly garden, a habitat dedicated to reptiles, and walking trails. This city is a safe, family-friendly place with plenty of exciting activities.

    In conclusion

    As you can see, Fort Lauderdale is a great, dynamic city with breathtaking beaches and a lot of family-friendly activities. If you are moving from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, your lifestyle is going to change. This is a less hectic city, with a slower pace of living. Also, it is less congested, less crowded, and more affordable. In addition, every relocation has to be carefully planned to ensure a smooth transition.  It would be best to make a list of all moving tasks and activities and create a timeline. In this way, you will know exactly what you should be doing before, during, and after the move. A solid moving plan will help you stay organized and on track. Finally, find reliable and experienced movers to ensure a safe and successful relocation. We wish you a happy move!


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