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    Lake Worth is an exciting place to live. It’s known for its famous fishing pier, but also for the beaches that the residents of this city adore. So, if you have decided to leave this city where about 38,000 people live, it’s time to take your first steps. Today’s topic of this story is moving from Lake Worth to Hollywood FL alone. The first thing you need to know, and which is very important, is that a much easier job awaits you than when it comes to moving the whole family. But regardless, moving and storage South Florida companies are always at your disposal. So, we will introduce you to all the details of your move and reveal a lot of interesting information about Hollywood, FL. And, let’s start now!

    Are you sure about leaving Lake Worth?

    Lake Worth is considered one of the best places to live in Florida. This small city is located in east-central Palm Beach County and has a population of approximately 38,500. It’s considered a good choice for newcomers because of the early quality content it offers, including beaches, and fishing spots, as well as other entertainment content such as cinema, theater, art, etc. This city also has a favorable cost of living compared to the rest of Florida. According to data from the best places, the cost of living is 105.8 compared to the national average of 100. But, against all these advantages, Lake Worth has its disadvantages. And maybe they are the reason for your move?

    Alligator in Lake Worth
    Residents of Lake Worth often encounter alligators. This must be a very unpleasant encounter, right?

    Among some of the main disadvantages of this city is the high possibility of storms, as well as many alligators on the lake. Because of this being in nature can make you less pleasant. Also, this place lacks a secondary school, while the population growth rate in the last year is 0.01%, which is really low. And one of the cons of this city is that it has a high poverty rate with 18.6% of the population, even higher than the average in the USA. So, our movers Lake Worth revealed to us that these are some of the main reasons why people decide to leave this city. Is it the same with you?

    What you can expect about moving from Lake Worth to Hollywood FL alone?

    We said that when you move alone, you can expect a little easier work. But you also have to know that you can’t expect any help except help from long distance movers South Florida. So, when moving alone, you can organize the whole process as it suits you. You choose the moving day yourself, and you also choose where you will live. In this case, it’s Hollywood, FL. So, in this move, all the work will be on you, you will make all the decisions yourself, but at the same time, it will be a fun process for you.

    Is Hollywood FL good place to live?

    When it comes to moving to Hollywood FL, it’s safe to say that you’ve made a good move. Higher living standards await you in this city. And also, compared to Lake Worth, Hollywood is a richer area. This city is located in Broward County, and according to Niche data, about 153,834 residents live here. So, now that you have already decided to move here, then you must be familiar with some of the main information about this city. And those are:

    • Cost of living and housing options
    • Job opportunities
    • Fun things to do
    The coastal area in Hollywood FL
    Hollywood is located in Broward County, one of the most beautiful parts of Florida.

    Living costs and housing options after moving to Hollywood FL alone

    So, if you plan to live alone in Hollywood, then the high cost of living, which is 15% above the national average, will not be a problem. This means that you will need twice as much money compared to the needs of a family of four. The total monthly expenses for one person in Hollywood FL is $2,122. Of that, you need $590 a month for food, while utilities and rent are $1,369. Also, when we talk about housing options, here you can find a wide range of houses and apartments with an average price of $281,300.

    Job opportunities in Hollywood FL

    Given that Hollywood FL is located in the immediate vicinity of large cities such as Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Aventura, etc., the job opportunities are more than good. If you are alone, then going to work in the neighboring town every day will not be a problem for you. Also, considering that Hollywood is located in the coastal part of Florida state, it means that the most represented activity is tourism. But, in general, here you can earn up to $3665 per month, and more depending on your position. Also, the total annual income is $54,317.

    How to have fun alone in Hollywood FL?

    What if we told you that Hollywood, FL is home to over 60 parks, numerous golf courses, and seven miles of beaches? This tells us that you will really have fun here. And considering that you are moving to Hollywood alone, that means that you have no restrictions on entertainment. Your only responsibilities will be going to work and having fun. But what you absolutely must not miss in this city is Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. This boardwalk stretches for 4.5 miles along the Atlantic Ocean. Also, the nightlife isn’t far behind. If you want to have a good time, visit Le Tub Saloon. This is a beach bar that guarantees you a good time.

    Cocktails in beach bar that you can drink after moving from Lake Worth to Hollywood FL alone
    After moving from Lake Worth to Hollywood FL alone, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best cocktails in beach bars.

    Enjoy your moving from Lake Worth to Hollywood FL alone!

    When you move alone or decide to live alone, know that you will have much more time available just for you. And therefore, don’t think that single life is lonely, but learn to enjoy the moment. Moving from Lake Worth to Hollywood FL alone will bring you a lot of fun, and interesting things to do, but also be excited about the way of life itself. Here people really enjoy themselves like there is no tomorrow. So, call movers Hollywood FL, start your move, and enjoy. Good luck!


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