How to Execute a Seamless Office Move

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    How to Execute a Seamless Office Move

    Moving a company office is not a simple endeavor, and typically requires a team of individuals to plan and execute. This team will have to identify all of the challenges, and then find ways in which to overcome them with minimal disruption to the business objective.

    Start With a Timeline – The amount of time needed to move office space depends on the size. Even a small office with only a few employees will require at least three months of planning beforehand. A larger space can take anywhere from six months to a year. The key is in starting to plan as soon as you know of your intent to move.

    The secret to moving an office successfully is in analyzing the space you are moving into first. Get blue prints or a floor layout so that you can begin planning where your office furnishings are going to fit in. Take into consideration electrical outlets, doorways, windows and storage rooms. You can then compare what you are working in now with what the future office space offers in order to strategize how to most effectively outfit the new space.

    If your office has various departments working within, have one person from each one be a part of your office moving team. They know the needs of their individual areas best, and will be critical in identifying potential problems before your moving day. The goal is to have as much ironed out beforehand as possible so that you can slide right into the new office with a minimal of fuss.

    Hold regular meetings to keep updated on the progress. Reserve a local moving company to help with your commercial move and bring them into the planning process. They can provide insight into things that you might have overlooked, such as parking space for your moving truck and reserving elevators to get everything upstairs.

    Budget Concerns When Moving an Office Space

    Be frank with the moving company about your budget constraints so that they can assist you in creating a realistic method of moving without straining your working capital. They can offer you tips on how to reduce some of your moving expenses to keep you in line with what your business can afford to spend.

    Don’t Forget About Your Customers and Vendors

    Assign one employee the responsibility of informing your customers and vendors of your expected move date. Included in the information should be details about any services which will not be available during the move. Maintaining this type of communication is critical if you don’t want any of your clients to go elsewhere while you are busy moving your commercial space in Florida.

    Don’t allow your business to be rushed into a move, or you will likely lose more time in the setting up phase. Start the planning while settled in your old office space, and the new one will be a perfect match the moment you move into it.

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