How to Choose the Right Moving Company in Miami

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    Moving to the beautiful Sunshine State is a great change, but don’t let one fraudulent moving company ruin that. If you’re moving anywhere in the Miami area, it’s important to choose the right moving company in Miami. Although this is not easy, given the size of the Miami area and how many companies exist there, we’ll show you the ways to determine which company is reliable and not fraudulent. Follow our steps and avoid extra costs, losing your stuff and getting headaches during the move.

    Why is important to choose the right moving company in Miami?

    If you want to choose the right moving company in Miami before relocation, you should find out the latest information. Nowadays, with Internet services, it’s never been easier to find all the information you need about a certain moving company. This is very easy, but important if you want to protect your family and household from fraudulent movers. Did you know that according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, there are 900 victims of fraudulent movers between April 2013 and July 2018? Among issues, people mentioned that movers arrived on an incorrect day or didn’t show up at all, while others have mentioned extra costs despite paying deposits. Some of them even refused delivery of items until users have paid a higher price. Orange Movers is a reputable and reliable moving company that helps people with both residential and commercial moves throughout the Miami-Dade area.

    Get moving quotes

    Become an explorer. Be sure to contact at least three moving companies to get moving quotes before you choose the right moving company in Miami. You should especially pay attention to the estimates be in writing so you can easily compare all. Every company will send an estimator to come to your property and calculate how much you want to ship and give you an accurate estimate. Compare the weight, total cost and additional costs that every company told you. Choose the most affordable for you. And while some companies provide upfront pricing, you can check the online moving calculator to get a free and instant price estimate for your upcoming move.

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    Choose at least three moving companies, calculate and compare estimates to choose the right moving company in Miami.

    Investigate reputations

    Through reading feedback and reviews from other users, you will be able to find out if the company is reliable and professional. If you can’t see reviews or reviews are mostly negative, avoid hiring that company. To choose the right moving company in Miami you can contact the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints. You can even talk to local residents and ask for recommendations. Maybe you can take some extra time to get a list of reliable movers from associations such as the American Moving and Storage Association and State associations of movers.

    Check for a license before you choose the right moving company in Miami

    We don’t have to explain a lot here. Simply, if you want to choose the right moving company in Miami, you should check if they have a license. All moving companies should be licensed, but there are always rogue movers. You can check it online or ask them to show you license.

    Ask for moving insurance

    Have in mind: the only serious, reliable and professional moving company will offer you some kind of moving insurance for your belongings during relocation. If the company refuses to offer moving insurance, find another. To choose the right moving company in Miami, check all moving insurance options that companies offer. Every company must offer no-cost insurance but it provides only minimal protection. This means movers assume liability for only 60 cents per pound, per article. If you want more protection, you can pick full replacement value protection.

    contract agreement
    Ask about all services, moving insurance and possible extra fees before choosing a company and signing a contract.
    Beware of name switch and extra costs

    There are many risks and challenges when you need to choose the right moving company in Miami. Before signing a contract, beware of extra fees and name switch. Fraudulent movers usually change their name often. Moving contracts usually have some extra cost options so make sure you read all the details. If you fill a contract, you’ll have 9 months to report any problem to the moving company. Movers have 30 days to acknowledge receipt of your problem and within 120 days of receiving it, they must solve your problem.

    Ask plenty of questions

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you choose the right moving company in Miami. There are no stupid questions, especially if you’re moving for the first time. Besides, you pay for moving services, and you have the right to know what exactly you’re paying for. To avoid forgetting all important questions, make a list of things you want to ask movers. Ask as many questions as you want. Start with moving special and fragile items, packing supplies, guaranteed delivery dates, their experience, extra costs, possible accidents, hiring day laborers, everything you want. Only a reliable and professional moving company will answer all your questions. If you’re in a hurry, find moving to Miami guide for 2019 and find out the latest information you need!

    any questions sign to help you choose the right moving company in Miami
    Only by asking all questions that cross your mind, you’ll be able to choose the right moving company in Miami.

    Choose Orange Movers

    Well, we showed you ways to choose the right moving company in Miami, but let’s give you an extra tip! We’ll say a few words about reliable moving company Orange Movers. Orange movers Miami offers both residential and commercial move services. Why are they unique?

    • They care about our planet! All their packaging is biodegradable or recyclable
    • Orange Movers support Miami community and donate to local charities and world organizations
    • South Florida residents and businesses give them a 5-star rating
    • Their employees are highly trained and will impress you with professionalism
    • This company takes the time to get to know you and your needs
    • Their staff is extremely dedicated and will give you all the time and attention you need and deserve
    • They have all the latest moving equipment and knowledge to safely and swiftly move your household
    • And they are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as well as the Florida Department of Transportation and are fully insured

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