Essential Items For Your First Apartment in Fort Lauderdale

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    When moving, you want to make sure that your future home is all set up. Besides regular home inspection, it’s necessary to make it functional. That way, you’ll feel more comfortable when you finally relocate and start unpacking. Plus, it won’t be a messy endeavor that leaves you drained. Therefore, it’s important to make the list of items for your first apartment in Fort Lauderdale before the moving day comes. Once you know what to buy before moving to an apartment, the entire moving journey will seem less complicated. In addition, you’ll need a reliable and trustworthy relocation team to help you out. You can always come to us at Orange Movers Pompano Beach. We will provide you with top-quality moving and storage South Florida services and make your move a breeze from start to finish!

    The ultimate checklist of items for your first apartment in Fort Lauderdale

    Once you choose some of the most trusted local movers Fort Lauderdale has on the market, make sure to list all the essential items you need for your apartment. A solid organization is crucial when furnishing your new home and moving. That way, there will be less room for errors, and you’ll feel at ease the entire time.

    happy couple packing for the move
    Make a list of items for your first apartment in Fort Lauderdale.

    Start with bathroom essentials

    First off, list all the necessary bathroom essentials:

    • Towels
    • Essential toiletries
    • Toilet paper
    • Shower or bath curtains

    There are reasons why the bathroom is the first to unpack and set up after the move. First off, you’ll feel tired and drained after a moving journey, no matter whether you’re moving to another neighborhood or miles away. Therefore, you’ll crave a warm shower in a clean environment.

    Don’t forget much-needed kitchen items

    Although you won’t have long cooking sessions right after the move, it’s useful to have kitchen basic items ready. You’ll probably make basic meals until you unpack the entire apartment. Therefore, unpack the following essentials:

    • plate and a small bowl
    • glass cup and mug
    • cutlery
    • pan
    • pot
    • kitchen towels

    Make a living room and bedrooms functional

    Keep in mind that unpacking items for your first apartment in Fort Lauderdale may sometimes take days to complete. That’s why essential furniture comes first when unpacking bedrooms and a living room. Start with beds, sheets, and pillows. If you have time and energy, you can also place a wardrobe or at least drawers. When it comes to the living room, it’s enough to unpack sofas, a table, and a small rug. You can add a lamp with adjustable light to give your new living room a pleasant vibe.

    happy couple unpacking after the move
    Unpack essential furniture for living rooms and bedrooms.

    Prepare the items for your home office

    If you are one of those that need to start working right after the move, you’ll have to make your workspace at least functional until the unpacking process is over. Just place your work desk, an office chair, and all the necessary gadget in a living room or bedroom if your new home office takes time to renovate. Make sure your improvised home office is close to a single socket where you can attach a multiplug with multiple sockets.

    Consider storage rental while you’re unpacking your new apartment. There are plenty of moving companies Fort Lauderdale that provide excellent climate-controlled storage units at reasonable prices.

    Make sure to inspect and clean your new apartment in Fort Lauderdale before the move

    Before a long-awaited moving day comes, do your best to transfer utilities to Fort Lauderdale and inspect the apartment. Make sure the electricity, water, the Internet, and other services are activated a few days before the move. Also, be present during service activation, or send someone you trust to monitor everything.

    If possible, hire help to clean the entire apartment so you can move to a clean space. In case your new apartment is too far from your old home, then make a post-move cleaning and unpacking plan:

    • Clean bathroom and kitchen at least.
    • Proceed with the bedrooms.
    • Unpack bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom essentials.
    • Leave the living room and special rooms for the following days. That way, unpacking will be less tedious.

    Moving to Fort Lauderdale is becoming a popular choice among Americans

    If you wonder why the city of Fort Lauderdale is so popular among the American people, then you’ll be happy to know there are multiple reasons. The city has plenty of space for people from all across the world and a diverse job market. Whether you’re a job-seeker or looking forward to starting a business, be sure Fort Lauderdale is a place to be. Employment percentage has increased by 2% compared with the last year only. In addition, the poverty rate is currently ranked as one of the lowest in South Florida. Some of the most notable employers are SmartWater CS, Auto Nation, and many other tech companies and educational institutions, while tourism remains a number one industry.

    quiet beach in Florida
    Fort Lauderdale is one of the most pleasant places to live in South Florida.

    Living in Fort Lauderdale means reaping the benefits of a strong economy and being close to eye-gazing, scenic beaches. You may choose from popular beaches like Fort Lauderdale Beach to more quiet ones like Dania Beach. Just make sure not to forget sunscreen, since the weather in this city can get super hot.

    Find the movers to carry out your move to Fort Lauderdale

    You will need professional movers to safely move all items for your first apartment in Fort Lauderdale without damaging them. That’s why another task you must do before the move is finding the best moving team you can trust. Start off with long distance movers Fort Lauderdale residents speak highly about. Check the reviews and see if the service quality is worth the coin. After that, contact a few moving companies and ask them whatever interests you regarding the move. However, make sure they offer a free estimate and don’t impose additional fees that would add up to your moving budget.




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