Decorating a Miami sunroom: Useful tips

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    Decorating a Miami sunroom: Useful tips

    If you’re going to be moving to Miami, a sunroom is definitely something you should consider. With the wonderful weather and the beautiful views, it’s definitely worth a room like this. Especially if you’re going to be living on the oceanfront. After making the decision to move to Florida, some interior design doesn’t seem as difficult, does it? However, a lot of new homeowners make mistakes regarding what a sunroom actually is. To prevent you from going the wrong way when decorating a Miami sunroom, we’ve got a few useful tips.

    So, what is actually a sunroom?

    When decorating a Miami sunroom keep in mind what you'll be using it for.
    A sunroom is a space which lets you appreciate the view: What does your Miami one look like?

    If you’re planning on decorating a Miami sunroom, you should know what you’re making first. The point of this room is to make you feel like you’re outside, even when you’re not. For Florida, it is the perfect kind of paradise. But, the use of one such room is a little bit fuzzy. So, this should be your first step to successful home improvement in Miami. Figuring out how you will spend the time in your sunroom will impact everything from décor to furniture. Will this be a reading space? Consider some more comfortable cushions. A playroom? You should have more storage space. A place to relax? You’ll need a daybed. Decorating a Miami sunroom may seem like a breeze as an idea, but it gets more complex the further along you get…

    When decorating a Miami sunroom, what are the basics?

    Before you direct your local Miami movers to place your belongings into the soon to be sunroom, you have some painting to do. Be sure that you’re choosing the right color before picking up a brush, though. Our advice would be something bright and cheerful. After all, this room should make you feel like you’re outside, in nature, in the fresh air. Whites and yellows are the most common choice for sunrooms. However, don’t hesitate to try something else. Due to the nearby ocean, bright blues could be a good idea. Think about turquoise and aqua shades. Also, orange or pink are always good ways to go. Be sure that the room isn’t too ‘cold’ with its coloring.

    Next, you should know the basics of arranging furniture in a sunroom. It’s easy – the same as for any other room. Make sure that you’ve got a clear focal point, conversation areas and enough space left over for comfortably moving about. Try drawing a few different designs for your Miami sunroom on paper. You may need to get some new furniture and put some of your old into some Miami beach storage. Finally, add a rug to add some of that ‘I welcome bare feet’ feeling. We’d suggest a natural material. Sisal and jute are favorites, especially since they go with most color schemes.

    Which is the best furniture for a room like this in Florida?

    Which is the best material for the furniture which you are decorating a Miami sunroom with?
    Pick the right furniture for your ideal Miami sunroom by considering what will keep in the sun best.

    By this point, you should have already figured out two things. First, you ought to know what kind of activity you will be using the sunroom for. Also, you should have a faint idea of what the furniture arrangement will be in your new Miami home. So, it’s time to choose the right type of pieces. Keep in mind that the sun will shine on the furniture a lot. Hence, fade-resistant fabrics are a must. Further, wicker and rattan are durable and easily replaced. You can use cushions with it, as is commonly practiced. Then, you can simply change the pattern in order to switch up the look of your sunroom. Wood is also a good choice, but make sure that it’s well protected. The only material we’d advise you against using is leather. It will require a lot of maintenance. If you don’t properly moisturize it properly, it will fade, dry and crack.

    And what about the design of the Miami sunroom?

    After managing to choose the best movers in Miami for a change of address, you figure that some decoration would be easy, right? But, figuring out how to design your perfect Florida seaside sunroom can get difficult. Even after you have all of the above mentioned planned, you’ve still got one more crucial detail. What is this Miami sunroom supposed to look like? Well, here are the three common types:

    • A modern design of a sunroom. If you want this room to be an extension of your home, this might be the choice. With minimal furnishings and monochromatic look, it will seem like you’ve simply walked into another part of your new home.
    • A traditional type of room. If you’re decorating a Miami sunroom this way, it will all be in the symmetry. You should flank a daybed with two small tables on either side, for example. It will definitely have a clean look while using the most classic furnishings.
    • A trendy design option for your sunroom. This will definitely be the favorite for any aspiring artist. It will allow you to express your personality when decorating a Miami sunroom. Play with some bold colors or even consider a more boho-chic vibe for the space.

      Be careful that you're not putting too much stuff in the sunroom.
      Letting your personality show when decorating a Miami sunroom is good, but how much is too much stuff?

    Are there any common mistakes when decorating a Miami sunroom?

    Sure enough, with every design come frequent errors of first-timers. Of course, you can’t really go terribly wrong when creating your own Miami sunroom. But, there are a few things to watch out for. After you move, you’ll likely be eager to set up your new Miami home. So, in order to prevent unnecessary costs, here are some things which you should keep in mind:

    • Remember the use of your new space after moving to Miami
    • If you’re using the room differently after a while, convert it, for example, into a three season room
    • Plants are good – as long as they don’t take away from the view
    • The nooks are a treasure – use every one in a specific way
    • The dead corner of your Miami sunroom can become the perfect daybed location
    • Have zones – with a subtle change of color, you can have different areas even in a single room
    • Some bold colored details are good – add a few pillow

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