Best Moving Destinations in Florida for Remote Workers in 2022

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    Florida is one of the top five states for remote workers ranked by CNBC. Wonder why? Well, it’s a perfect place due to the mixture of the relatively low cost of living, a plethora of working options, and excellent weather you can enjoy while working remotely. What else to wish for? If you want to move here but don’t know which city in Florida to choose, check the list of the best moving destinations in Florida for remote workers. Choose the place that suits you best and move there with one of the best moving companies South Florida has to offer. Now, let us take you on tour through this sunny country of endless possibilities. Enjoy the journey.

    Why do remote workers move to Florida?

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a great influx of people moving to Florida. However, the pandemic is not the only reason people are flocking to the Sunshine Country. Besides its fantastic weather as a huge factor, many work opportunities attract more and more people to move to Florida, especially South Florida. Many companies are opening offices in the state, offering opportunities for working remotely. And the rise of remote working encourages many people to move here. In fact, Florida’s business market has grown largely over the past two years, and Florida has become a hotspot for business improvement in tech, banking, financial, and other industries. Additionally, South Florida has become one of the most alluring tech hubs in the US. Many businesses from different areas are also considering moving here. The main reason for this is to take advantage of lower taxes.

    Florida fridge magnet
    Florida is the perfect place for remote workers.

    If you are thinking about moving to Florida and searching for the right movers, you are in the right place at the right time. Orange Movers Pompano Beach is here to provide you with the best Florida moving services. However, if you need more reasons to move to Florida, read further.

    Lifestyle, new job opportunities, and great real estate opportunities make Florida appealing to move to

    Since so many businesses are opening offices in Florida, the job market is constantly booming. That’s why many workers from different states are relocating here. Average salaries are climbing in most Florida cities which is one of the main reasons people move here. During the pandemic, many people decided to relocate to Florida not only because of endless work opportunities and high salaries but also the lifestyle it provides. Sunny weather, a mixture of natural beauty, beaches, great nightlife, cultural attractions, recreational opportunities, and multiculturality make Florida appealing to settle down. Lifestyle in Florida may be defined as both luxurious and casual, stylish, and cheerful but also relaxed and laid-back. What’s more, Florida has incredible real estate options. So, if Florida is your choice and you want to move here but need help, contact local movers South Florida,  and they will take care of your relocation.

    Best Moving Destinations in Florida for Remote Workers

    Now that you have enough reasons to move here, let’s check the best moving destinations in Florida for remote workers. And here’s our choice:

    1. Fort Lauderdale
    2. Boynton Beach
    3. Coconut Creek
    4. Deerfield Beach
    5. Pompano Beach
    6. Miami

    Whichever place you choose to move to, you can always refer to our long distance movers South Florida to help you with your relocation. We offer a plethora of moving services that will facilitate your relocation and help you move like a pro.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Fort Lauderdale is one of the best moving destinations in Florida for remote workers.

    Fort Lauderdale is one of the best moving destinations in Florida for remote workers

    Working remotely and want to switch between work and relaxation quickly? Then, you should move to Fort Lauderdale. According to interstate movers South Florida, Fort Lauderdale is the perfect place for a workcation. And here’s why:

    • In Fort Lauderdale, you can switch between work and free in just minutes.
    • The beaches are just minutes away, so let the Ocean boost your creativity. Head over to Fort Lauderdale or Olas Beach and soak up the sun while working or relaxing.
    • Everything you need is within a five-mile radius, so you won’t spend a lot of time commuting.
    • You can enjoy the natural beauty such as The New River, state parks, or nature reserves sick as the Florida Everglades.

    However, Fort Lauderdale is not only perfect due to excellent weather and natural beauty that you can enjoy while you are on a workcation. It has a lot more to offer. If you move to Fort Lauderdale, you’ll pay lower rent in comparison to other US cities. The average cost of living is about $28,000, which is not so expensive compared to other cities in Florida. If this Florida city is your top moving destination, choose long distance movers Fort Lauderdale for a safe and smooth relocation so you can enjoy the city as soon as possible.

    a woman smiling
    There are many coworking places in Fort Lauderdale.

    Best coworking places in Fort Lauderdale

    As a remote worker, you’ll probably want to have a workspace that keeps you inspired. And Fort Lauderdale offers a plethora of such places. So, pack up your laptop and head to the following places:

    • Pipeline: a shared workspace used by entrepreneurs, independent professionals, or large businesses. Whether you are searching for a short-term or long-term space, Pipeline is the place. You can choose private suites, designated desks, or virtual offices. Here you have high-speed wi-fi, access to printers, conference rooms, and places for having some refreshments.
    • Carr Workplaces: Want to work in a place with an ocean view? Visit Carr Workplaces. You can choose between co-working hubs, team spaces, or turnkey offices.
    • Zen Offices: Located in the center of Fort Lauderdale’s Financial District is perfect for those searching for an office space. Here, you can find virtual offices, turnkey offices, and conference rooms. Besides, you can enjoy yoga, massages, or aromatherapy rooms. Sounds perfect, right?

    Don’t wait long and move to this city of endless remote work opportunities. Choose moving companies Fort Lauderdale and have the best relocation experience ever.

    Boynton Beach, FL

    Located in Palm Beach County, Florida, Boynton Beach is surrounded by Lake Worth, Aberdeen, and Delray Beach and is 14 miles north of Boca Raton. Many remote workers choose Boynton Beach due to many reasons. The main reason is the outdoor activities they can enjoy after work. Besides, it’s perfect for those with families since there are plenty of children’s playgrounds and picnic areas. Being a remote worker, you’ll probably like to live in a quiet neighborhood. It has friendly (beach) neighborhoods. The best ones are Leisureville, Chapel Hill, Hunters Run, and Meadows. And if you want to change your working environment, you can always choose a place near the beach. And you don’t have to worry about the weather since the amazing weather lasts all year long. Is Boynton Beach a place you want to move to? Let our movers Boynton Beach help you with the relocation tasks.

    Coconut creek is one of the best moving destinations in Florida for remote workers
    Florida offers a lot of moving destinations where you can work remotely.

    Coconut Creek

    Coconut Creek is a small city in Broward County. It has a population of 60,000 people, and the average age is about 40. It is a great place for families, especially those who are working remotely. Remote workers move here since the living costs are excellent. Most of the people own their homes, about 65%. The median household price is about $280,000, while the monthly rent is about $1,700. The quality of life is what makes remote workers move to Coconut Creek. Namely, it’s a very walkable city, excellent for those working in co-working spaces. It has a walkability factor of about 50, meaning you can go wherever you want on foot. Remote workers can enjoy many different parks in Coconut Creek in their free time. Besides, they can enjoy a bunch of outdoor activities. So, if you decide to move here with movers Coconut Creek, you can enjoy:

    • Butterfly World
    • Fern Forest Nature Center
    • Winston Park Nature Center

    Remote workers move to Deerfield Beach, FL due to the booming economy

    Many remote workers, especially entrepreneurs, are considering moving to Deerfield Beach, although it’s a smaller city. Wonder why? Well, it’s a city with a booming economy. And its size goes in your favor, especially if you want to start a business here. It is big enough to get a large audience for your company but not large enough to have strong competition. It is easier to attract attention in a smaller city than in a large one. So, if you are searching for the best moving destinations in Florida for remote workers who want to start or expand their business, then move to Deerfield Beach with some of the best movers Deerfield Beach has to offer. And as a remote worker, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the city’s lifestyle, culture, and plenty of outdoor activities. Here are the things to do in Deerfield Beach:

    • Enjoy watersports at Quiet Waters Aqua Park
    • Visit recreational parks such as Deerfield Island Park
    • Visit Oveta McKeithen Recreational Complex
    • Go to Tivoli Sand and Park Preserve

    Moving destinations in Florida for remote workers: Pompano Beach

    According to international movers South Florida, Pompano Beach is one of the top moving destinations in Florida for remote workers. Although famed for being a tourist destination due to its stunning shores, it is also the perfect place for remote workers. It is a vibrant South Florida city and has many job opportunities. Its location is what attracts remote workers to move here. Pompano Beach has excellent transportation links by air, sea, rail, and ground.

    Its proximity to the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, Port Everglades, and two other international air and seaports in Miami and Palm Beach is what makes Pompano Beach so appealing for remote workers. The City also has direct access to I-95, Florida’s Turnpike, as well as two major railway systems such as Tri-Rail and Brightline fast track service train. These proximities provide access not only to Florida’s marketplace but also to the global marketplace. Due to the booming economy, moving to Pompano Beach, FL, is a lucrative venture.

    Pompano Beach is one of the moving destinations in Florida for remote workers
    Pompano beach has excellent proximity to other Florida cities.

    However, the location is not the only reason why Pompano Beach is one of the best moving destinations in Florida for remote workers. The City also provides an exceptional quality of life. There are many recreational opportunities. You can enjoy beaches, many parks, golf and tennis courts, watersports, gaming, dining, and a plethora of cultural experiences. Sounds appealing? Move to Pompano Beach with Orange Movers and have a stress-free relocation. By using our services, your move is going to be fast, smooth, and, most importantly, safe. What’s more, we can offer you storage services Pompano Beach if you need a place for storing your valuable items.

    No Florida list is complete without Miami

    Perhaps there’s no better moving destination in Florida for remote workers than Miami. The reasons to move here are many. However, the main one is that Miami offers remote workers a lot of places where they can work enjoying different environments. According to our residential movers South Florida, here are Miami’s hot spots for remote workers:

    1. Coffee shops: All remote workers like working in coffee shops. Luckily, Miami offers a lot of them. Among the most popular are Angelina’s Coffee and Juice, Books and Books Stores and Cafés, Grown, and many others. All of them offer different vibes which will boost your creativity.
    2. Hotels: Perfect for those who love spaciousness. The best hotels in Miami for remote workers are 1 Hotel, The Standard, and The lobby of Market at The Edition Hotel.
    3. Community workplaces: These kinds of co-working spaces are the most popular among remote workers since they have all the necessary facilities for working. In Miami, there are a lot of such places, and the most popular are Büro, The Lab, WeWork, and Bar Works. Those are perfect for business travelers, creative people, and everybody who wants to work in a business environment.

    Does Miami sound like a perfect place for you? If yes, contact your commercial movers South Florida and move to Miami without much ado. Let professionals handle your relocation while you focus on your working tasks.

    Miami is the best moving destination in Florida for remote workers
    Miami offers a lot of places that will boost your working creativity.

    Need special moving services? Your wish is our command

    Moving requires a lot of planning and organizing, and moving tasks are often complex and require special attention. That’s why we are here to provide you with the special services South Florida. If you want to move fine art, antiques, and other valuables, you can count on us to transport them without a single scratch.

    We can even move your piano

    Besides moving your antiques and fine art, we are here at your disposal if you want to move your piano. Our piano movers South Florida have experience in moving different types of pianos, no matter how complex they are to disassemble. You can completely rely on our moving professionals since they use the latest equipment for safe packing and transportation. Therefore, let us take care of your valuable instrument and don’t worry about anything.

    Contact us today and have the best relocation experience ever

    If you’ve chosen one of the best moving destinations in Florida for remote workers, start planning your relocation. And if you need help with the moving tasks, get in touch with us and get the best moving services ever. We offer a plethora of services, including packing services South Florida. So, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll provide you with the best moving plan based on your requirements and help you move without any stress around.


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