Are You Your Own Worst Enemy When Moving?

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    Are You Your Own Worst Enemy When Moving?

    Moving is a complicated endeavor, whether it be across the country or to the other side of town. You may feel out of control at times, but the truth is, you are in complete control over how stressful your move can be. When contemplating your options, choose those that are going to make the move as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible.

    The most common ways in which Florida residents complicate their move are:

    • Trying to Do the Whole Job Themselves
      At first glance, it might not look like much, but once you start opening closets and checking under beds, you are going to realize that there is a lot of work involved in moving. Then you have to consider what could happen if you pulled your back lifting all of those boxes. Are you able to afford missing work for a few days right after you just spent all your cash on moving?
      Even renting a moving truck can be a headache, especially if you never drove a big truck before. Even a common right hand turn is completely different when you are behind the wheel of a truck.
    • Hiring the Cheapest Mover
      When it comes to hiring a moving company, the least expensive is not always your safest choice, especially if you are only going by an online quote. Research movers in Southern Florida, check their references and make sure that they are licensed and insured before committing to a contract. Best case scenario is they are inexperienced and drop your dishes, but the worse case scenario could cost you thousands of dollars.
    • Leaving the Details for the Last Minute
      The moment you know a move is in your future, you should start planning for it. Do your research, prepare the kids, and start sorting through your stuff. There is a lot more to moving than just throwing your belongings into boxes. Create a check list of things to do, with dates by which you must have them accomplished by.
    • Saving the Packing for Moving Day
      Your movers are not going to be too happy if they have to wait for you to pack before they can load the truck. Either invest in peace of mind by having them do the packing for you, or start packing your belongings weeks before moving day. You can start with those things you don’t need now, leaving you with nothing but the bare essentials for the night before moving day.
    • Not Keeping Your Own Box of Essentials
      You should have a box that stays with you during the move, which contains those items you absolutely cannot live without. Drinks, snacks, cell phone chargers, and toilet paper are all a good start. You may even consider a change of clothes and toiletries if you don’t feel like unpacking the first night in the new house.

    There is nothing that can completely eliminate the stress of moving apart from staying where you are. But if you do make the right choices in the aspects you have control over, you can make a big difference in how you feel at the end of moving day.

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