7 organization items you need in your storage unit

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    Most people have trouble keeping their houses and living spaces organized. So, those struggling with too much of all kinds of belongings get a storage unit in order to declutter their houses and apartments. However, storage units tend to become extremely messy and overpacked. People unload all of the items that no longer have space or use in their homes. Moving and storage South Florida can provide you with the storage space you need. If you are struggling with overflowing storage, don’t worry! These are 7 organization items you need in your storage unit, bound to make your life easier and your storage unit more organized.

    7 organization items you need in your storage unit

    Having a storage unit is key to decluttering. First, try finding a good storage place such as storage Pompano Beach to safely store your items! Once you’ve relocated all of your things, make sure to get these organization items you need in your storage unit!

    1. Boxes

    Firstly, organizing becomes a lot easier with compartmentalizing. What you will undoubtedly need to create handy compartments are storage boxes. Storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find just the right type for the size and layout of your storage unit. Keeping things in neat compartments is definitely going to save you time next time you are looking for that board game your kids used to love. It is a good idea to use boxes of a couple of different sizes. However, ensuring there are not too many different ones is going to make it simpler to put and fit the boxes together in your unit.

    7 organization items you need in your storage unit
    Different size boxes come in handy!

    Additionally, if you wish to make your life even easier, try to make sure that the storage box solutions you use are see-through. This way you won’t need to open every box on every shelf in your storage unit to find that tent you need for going camping. If you use a company such as long distance movers Fort Lauderdale you can ask for different boxes when moving your belongings.

    2. A label maker

    Another useful item that will help you organize your messy storage unit is a label maker. After you have decided how you wish to compartmentalize all of your half-forgotten possessions into storage boxes, make sure you have a way of remembering what each box contains. The easiest way to do so is with a label maker – labeling all of your storage boxes will make searching for things quick, simple, and easy. You can allocate particular areas of your storage unit for specific types of items, so that your gardening tools, your old books, and your camping equipment do not need to mix and clutter together. Also, remember to be tactical – place things you use more frequently more easily within reach, and ones you might not be needing so frequently at the back.

    3. Shelves

    Depending on the size of your storage unit, you may want to place a minimal amount of furniture, such as shelves, to secure spaces for the smaller items in your storage unit. This way, you can use the shelves for smaller storage boxes, or things you find yourself using frequently, and keep the floor for larger boxes or items in your storage unit. Getting a couple of shelves will make looking for things easier and you will be able to save yourself a bunch of time, you would otherwise spend going through bags or cardboard boxes for hours.

    a book shelve is one of the organization items you need in your storage unit.
    Shelves are great if you are looking for organization items you need in your storage unit.

    4. Clipboards

    Another important part of becoming, but more importantly, staying organized, is keeping track of things you have and you don’t have. This is why a clipboard with an inventory list is crucial to have in your storage unit. Use your storage boxes and label maker to compartmentalize all of your things. Then write down everything you have in each of the labeled boxes. Keeping track of inventory will create order in your storage unit. This will definitely save you time and energy when looking for things. This is principal in actually keeping the order in your unit and staying organized, rather than just decluttering and waiting for things to become messy and pile up over time.

    5. Packing materials

    Since storage units tend to get messy, it isn’t uncommon that we drop things or they fall over as we are digging through piles of stuff. This is probably how your mom’s vase broke last time you were looking for that old photo album. In order to protect and save your fragile items, bubble wrap or packing paper are your best friend. You should store any items which are valuable or easily breakable safely and tucked away, so that, even if your mom’s vase does fall over, it will not break. You can also dedicate a specific storage box for fragile items. This way you will always know to be careful when moving things around or looking for them. Being organized is not just placing things neatly, but also placing them cleverly.

    Packing materials are an organization item you absolutely need when moving your belongings into your storage unit. Moving companies Fort Lauderdale can help make this a lot easier for you.

    Two people using bubble wrap
    A must-have organization item for your storage unit – bubble wrap!

    6. Hooks

    Using the space you have wisely and efficiently is half of the job when staying organized. Therefore, do not just pile boxes on the floor of your unit, make sure that you are using as much of the space as possible. A good way to do this is by hanging things on the walls – sturdy hooks on your way will be able to hold things while keeping your floor space open. Whether it’s for your wedding dress or your bike, hooks are always an organization item you need!

    7. Vacuum compressed bags

    Finally, many of us keep clothes we have outgrown or only use seasonally in our storage units. However, all of those puffy winter jackets tend to take up a little too much space. So, getting some vacuum compressed bags can be the best solution for storing soft, but spacious items, such as clothes. Without too much effort, your clothes can be compressed easily and tucked away neatly in one of your storage boxes. Additionally, sealing vacuum bags will ensure that your clothes stay protected from any dust or moisture. No need to worry about how they will look after you take them out!

    When moving, local movers fort Lauderdale can buy these items for you and pack them for the storage unit. Moreover, storage units can sometimes be overwhelming, as things pile up inside of them over time. However, using organization items you need in your storage unit can transform your messy and cluttered space into a neatly organized unit. You will never waste hours losing your patience trying to remember where you put something away!


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