5 Questions to ask professional packing service crews

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    Yes, we all love cleaning our home and decluttering it from time to time. These two processes usually mean we will move a lot of items from their original position at least for a little while. Packing however may include similar steps but is a completely different process. According to many people who recently moved, packing is probably the hardest and the most time-consuming process. You will have to categorize many items in your home and ensure they are properly packed and ready for unpacking later. But to all of that, there is a much easier solution. Relying on professional packers will save a lot of your time and money. And since you should be prepared for their arrival, here are the 5 questions to ask professional packing service crews!

    1. Begin by asking how long they have been in the business

    A certain moving company can have amazing vehicles and a great team of movers and packers, but the experience still matters. The more they have it, the safer you will feel about your items. Many movers Pompano Beach FL who have a lot of experience will pack your items faster and will know what to do even if they come across some special ones. No matter if you are moving your home or office, the safety of your items is a must. Once you get your answer you will know exactly where to stand. This will be a perfect introduction to a moving company and you will know that your inventory will be in good hands.

    mover carrying boxes
    You should know that the packers are expecting a lot of questions so feel free to go for it

    2. What packing supplies will they use

    One of the most important questions to ask professional packing service crews is related to packing materials. Since hiring professional packers is all about you avoiding spending a fortune on packing supplies, this question is essential. Professional packers will come with all those supplies that will keep your items safe including:

    • Packing boxes in different sizes
    • Tape
    • Packing foam
    • Wrapping paper or bubble wrap
    • Other tools like tape, screwdrivers, markers, etc.

    To be completely satisfied with what packers will do, you will have to provide the inventory list. This way, they will know exactly what items they will be dealing with. Don’t forget to mention special items that can’t fit in the regular packing boxes. One of the main reasons people take so much to pack is that they are not sure how to categorize their items. While professional packers do it, they will probably ask you to stick around.

    Woman surrounded with moving boxes
    Ask them about the pacing materials they will be using

    3. Ask professional packing service crews do they deal with special items

    Everybody has a different home, and we all love different things. This means that on your inventory list, there could be special items that are not only labeled like that because they can’t fit a box. On the other hand, not every moving company has the knowledge, skills, and supplies to pack them. Make sure to ask your packers if will they be able to safely pack items like:

    • Artwork
    • Heirlooms
    • Electronics
    • Wine collection
    • Medications

    The good news is that a lot of professional residential movers South Florida already have enough experience when dealing with these items. They will use extra protection, and for your artwork, there will be packing it in different boxes. Keep in mind that if you still keep the original packaging, packers should know about it. Items of this kind will be safest there as those boxes or bags were made especially for their safekeeping and transportation. 

    4. Don’t forget to ask about storage

    Packing all of your items doesn’t mean you must take them with you at once. In case your new home or office doesn’t have enough space, or you wish to do some renovation first, storage would be a good idea. Combined with packing services South Florida, everything will be safe for as long as you want. When packers pack your things they can transport them straight to storage instead of to your new home. This can be a win-win situation as you will not have to spend money on making double trips, and simply go pick them up once you are ready.

    5. What kind of insurance do they provide?

    As soon as they are professional packing crews, the insurance has to be included. All you need to know is what kind. Different companies in South Florida have different policies, so make sure you do it on time. The thing about insurance is that it should protect both sides included. In case of a moving disaster, you and the company will have a strong agreement that will not allow losses for you or the company.

    Packers who will pack valuable items, heirlooms, and artwork, will ask you for additional insurance policies. Make sure to provide them to your movers Fort Lauderdale especially if you are moving to another state.

    Additional questions to ask professional packing crews

    Relying on a moving company means your relocation should be stress-free. To achieve that try to ask them as many questions as you want. You will feel much better knowing that there are no dilemmas surrounding your relocation at all. So, before they arrive you can also ask:

    • How long will the packing process last
    • Do you need to be present the entire time
    • Can they provide unpacking services
    • If not, what is the fastest way to unpack
    two movers loading their van
    One of the possible questions to ask professional packing service crews is how long will the packing process last

    Now that you know what questions to ask professional packing service crews, you can proceed to prepare your inventory. If you are moving far away and are waiting for long distance movers Miami to arrive, you can do some work as well. Wash or clean particular items and let them dry off. Or, if you plan to buy or sell some items before packing, do it as soon as possible. Once packers arrive, your items should be available for packing immediately.

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