5+ facts about Miami: prepare for Miami move!

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    5+ facts about Miami: prepare for Miami move!

    We know you are very excited about your relocation to Miami. Who wouldn’t be? And, of course, you know everything there is to know! You did your research and we are proud of you. But, there are probably some facts about Miami that you still don’t know. In order to prepare yourself for Miami relocation, you need to know everything there is to know. It is equally as important to know about finding cheap movers in Miami and about finding the best storage units in Miami as it is to know all about this city. So, let us widen your perspective and make you even more excited about your move to Miami!

    1. Let’s start with a less interesting fact about Miami – the traffic sucks!

    Well, this isn’t something to get excited about, we’ll give you that. And it’s not just about traffic jams and the long wait. It is also about drivers, who are very aggressive and not afraid to use their horns. If you are not used to that kind of driving, it might be a bit of a surprise, and not in a good way. It is important to know this about Miami.  Also, have in mind that, after your relocation, you will have no more than 30 days to get your Florida’s driving license. In order to avoid the long queue, it’s better to make an appointment.

    Miami traffic sucks!
    The traffic sucks in Miami!

    On the bright side, and there is always a bright side when it comes to Miami, the public transport is pretty good and people often use bikes. This fits pretty good with the overall vibe of the city, and it will help you to get to know Miami better. Exercising and taking care of the environment is something very common in Miami.

    2. The beach in Miami is awesome, but there is so much more to the city!

    When it comes to the most interesting facts about Miami, people usually start and end with the beach. And don’t get us wrong, it is absolutely amazing, but you do need to have in mind that there is so much more to Miami than just beach. What you didn’t know about Miami is that it offers a wide range of interesting activities, completely free of charge.

    These are some interesting facts about Miami
    We also feel like we could spend days on beaches like this one

    What does this entail? Well, living in Miami can be priceyit is good to know that there are many things you could enjoy for free. One of the most interesting things to do in Miami is to take long free art walks, that are set up every weekend in different parts of the city. In addition to this, you could check out a couple of museums that don’t have entry fee on particular days, such as Perez Art  Museum. And if that doesn’t seem interesting enough, you could go and watch free movies under the stars – how amazing is that!

    3. When it comes to interesting facts about Miami you need to know – you are going to love the food!

    Miami doesn’t have a lot to offer only because of its beaches and awesome weather. This is a great place for any food, or someone pretending to become one. Don’t be a  typical tourist who only explores Miami Beach. The most amazing places in Miami can be found when you take the wrong turn into some unknown alley. What makes Miami so great is, first of all, the affordable tropical food. They say that after your first mango season in Miami, nothing will ever compare.

    In addition to this, Cuban and Mexican food are well within your reach, and very popular with the locals. What you need to know about Miami is that it gladly embraces other cultures and that you shouldn’t have any problems trying out different national cuisines, as authentic as they could be.

    4. Spanish is very common in Miami, so embrace it!

    Like we have already mentioned, Miami embraces different cultures and that is very obvious. The Hispanic scene is strong and using Spanish is very typical. Yes, you could find your way around Miami without it… But it would be so much easier, as well as better, to start learning the basics.

    read about these fun facts about miami
    Miami is full of surprises that will keep you excited long after your move

    This will make your experience even more profound and it will give you the chance to truly explore other cultures. The most interesting facts about Miami come from this diversity of cultures. If you are not sure where to begin your lesson, you could start learning Spanish online free of charge.

    5. The real estate market in Miami is very vibrant, as well as the moving scene

    Perhaps you still haven’t decided where are you going to live when you move to Miami. Perhaps you don’t even know whether or not you should rent or buy. What you need to know about Miami is that has one of the best real estate markets in America. That is why many people choose to relocate precisely here. Many people are buying and selling a property, and you could get lost in all that jungle. You should be prepared and know not only how to hire a moving company, but also how to protect yourself from fraud and how to find the best real estate options for you.

    There are many moving companies in Miami, but there is no need to feel overwhelmed. Read all about the best Miami moving companies and you will be in no trouble at all. Stay vigilant and do your research, but allow yourself to take a break once in a while. Moving can be very stressful, don’t allow yourself to get the best of you. Moving to Miami is filled with excitement and new things. Take the best out of this experience, and enjoy every minute of it. And when it comes to interesting facts about Miami, let us know if you have any more to add!

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