10 Money Saving Moving Tips

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    10 Money Saving Moving Tips

    Moving in southern Florida is not only stressful, it can be expensive. There are costs involved with moving that you don’t even realize you’ll have until it is too late. You are able to save some money by knowing which expenses are necessary, and where you can avoid unnecessary spending.

    1. Create a moving budget that covers each step in getting you into your new home or office. Knowing how much you have to spend will help you in making the right choices when facing options during your move.
    2. Estimate the entire cost of your move. Don’t leave anything out, like paying for packing supplies or tipping the movers.
    3. Don’t leave out the money you are going to need after you move. If you miss this step you can find yourself inside of a new house, with no money to decorate it with.
    4. Compare the costs of doing it yourself versus hiring movers. Get some estimates from reliable moving companies first, and don’t forget to add the expense of your time when calculating a do it yourself move. You’ll be surprised at how close in cost a professional moving company is to doing it by yourself.
    5. Know how to get a good deal on a moving company. You can save money by booking a moving truck during certain months or even days of the week. Ask about discounts for local moving and special prices on packing supplies.
    6. Understand the various types of moving insurance and decide how important it is to your move.
    7. Write down exactly what kinds and how much packing supplies you are going to need before you start buying. Save some money by using recycled boxes from grocery and liquor stores.
    8. Know which expenses can be deducted from your tax return when moving and save all of the necessary receipts. This may not help you right now with the expense of moving, but it will be nice to save some money when tax time rolls around.
    9. Have a yard sell to make some money back from your move. Go through the things you don’t need or want and plan one or two weekends for a moving sale on your front lawn. You can also sell sought after items on ebay or Craig’s list. Even making donations of your old clothes and household items can be used as a write off on your tax return.
    10. Pack what you can ahead of your moving day. This can save you time, which for most of us equals money. Start with the rooms that you don’t use, leaving just the bare essentials to be packed on moving day.

    There is no escaping the cost of moving in Florida, but by knowing the expenses you’ll face now, you can create strategies to help mitigate some of them later.

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