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Local moving in Southern Florida doesn’t have to be a great expense, or waste of time. With the local moving packages offered by Orange Movers, you can get into a new home or office with ease, and at a reasonable price. Do it yourself moves cost more in time and effort, while a full service move makes moving a pleasure. Call our professionals now to find out what types of deals we have to meet your circumstances.

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Moving to a new house in a beautiful place – isn’t it like a dream? Well, many of you went through a fantastic phase, until you understood the other side of the coin. Moving comes with its own problems. And the biggest one is the transfer of heavy goods and furniture to a new location. That is the moment when good Weston movers come. But, how will you find them? Well, there is no need to worry! Orange Movers offer some of the best Florida moving services that will simplify the process of your moving.

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Thanks to excellent Weston movers, you can simply relax and unwind

However, the bad news is that there is a possibility of fraud when it comes to packing and moving. And if you eventually choose inexperienced movers to save money, then it can also harm the valuable items you are moving. So, how can you choose the right company among so many cheap movers in the business, promising to offer excellent service? Here are some tips for you!

1) Your Weston movers must have a reliable client base

It is best to choose a moving company if you hear about it through word of mouth. Yes, when you get an overview from your close friends, you can completely rely on them. If you do not find it, check out the websites of moving companies working in Weston and see if they meet all of your requirements. After a thorough check of their services, it’s time to check reviews. Never read the reviews posted on the website. Rather, visit other review websites, such as the Better Business Bureau, where you can find more honest reviews about the company.

2) Be economical with your choice of moving company

If you think that expensive means better services, then you are wrong. The more the company is advertised, the higher will be their check. But there are cheap movers in Miami that can offer an equal level of services at lower rates. So, go through the Internet and find Weston movers who offer excellent services at economical prices.

3) Make sure that you receive insurance for any damage caused by the movers

Loyal movers will always make sure that your things are safe. Even one scratch can cause their beauty to fade. But no one can guarantee the safety of your valuables since accidents do not come with any prior notification. So make sure that your movers do not just give you their word that everything will be fine. You should at least get insurance for any damage caused by employees to your values.

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Every damage made on an item should be paid for according to its value

4) Check if they offer storage space

Most reputable moving companies offer short-term storage facilities, which are usually available for 3-4 weeks. Because when you leave the old place and move to a new place, you would like to repair the damage, paint the walls, and then place the furniture. So, for this period the furniture should be stored in a safe place. That’s why, when you choose your moving company, make sure they offer a storage.

5) Analyze representatives of Weston movers

The very first person you should analyze is the one that picks up the phone when you call. He or she should great you with a full name of the company. And should be able to answer any possible questions you might have. Then you should ask for the in-home evaluation of your belongings. If they refuse to send someone to make an inventory list, you should thank them and hang up the phone. Reliable Weston movers will always send their representative to inspect your home and items you are planning to move. They are also the ones you should be able to ask anything related to your move.

6) Analyze their workers

It is not a bad idea to come to their office and see how their workers look like. They should be wearing clothes with the company’s logo and also be polite. Maybe you will be able to see their trucks and check if they also have the company’s logo on them. Reputable Weston movers should be happy to advertise themselves just by moving around the city in their truck. Look for all of those signs, since they can tell you a lot about the quality of the service that those movers offer.

7) Do a thorough research on your movers

Reading reviews is great, but it is not enough. You should check if the movers you are planning to hire have the proper license. Also, look for the pictures of them providing moving services. Every trustworthy moving company should have the pictures of their jobs on the company’s website. There can also be descriptions, reviews, and even letters of recommendation. If they have worked with some major company, or even with a Government institution, they will surely show it.

Why are we the right Weston movers for you?

We know that hiring movers is not very easy. And that it is not enough if somebody tells you their company is the best. We are not trying to do that. Check it for yourself. If you are planning to move, give us a call. We will immediately send our representative to your house when you ask for it. He will make an inventory list and give you the estimate. If you hire Orange Movers as your Weston movers, we can guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our service.

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And your move will be a pleasant experience for you, and also for us


Moving In/From Weston? Move Your Home or Business And All Your Special Items With a Company You Can Depend On

Residential Moving

Orange Movers has been servicing Weston and all of Southern Florida for years, slowly building a strong reputation as a dependable local moving company. Our clients are mostly referrals and repeats, a true testament to the high quality of our services. When you are moving all you own from one home to the next, you want your possessions in the hands of someone you trust. Trust in our reputation, and the hundreds of residents who are happy to recommend us to their friends and family.

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Commercial Relocation

Moving a business is never an easy undertaking, no matter how big or small it is. Office and retail spaces require special attention that only a professional moving team is able to provide. We’ve relocated hundreds of businesses in and around Weston, taking the time needed to plan a seamless move without disruption to your work flow. Keep your business running, while we worry about how to move it.

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Speciality Moves

Large furniture, pool tables, and heavy garden ornaments can all create special demands on a local move in Weston. Regardless of monetary value, these items mean the world to you, and need special care to get them safe inside your new home or office. Our specialty moving services ensure that no matter how heavy or awkward your possession is, it will be delivered to you in perfect condition. Let us know what you have special that needs to be moved, and will quote you a competitive price for the job.

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Local Moving in Miami

Moving Everything In Right Away Is Not Your Best Option

Orange Movers provides quality storage solutions for both short and long term leasing. Each unit is in our climate controlled facility, providing maximum protection for wood pieces, fine art, papers and other valuables. When your new home or office does not have the space for all of your stuff, Orange Movers has a cost effective option for keeping it safe. Contact our representatives for sizing and pricing of our secure storage facilities.

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Moving Without Stress? Yes! It is a Possibility

Full service moving takes all of the stress out of a local move in Weston. Just point our movers in the right direction, and they will get all your belongings packed and on the truck with haste. This is your best option for moving, when you want to get into your new space without any of the hassle. Let our professional team break their backs, without you having to break your bank. Call us today for special pricing specials that make full service moving your most cost effective option.

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Special Discounts For Special Circumstances

If you’re move in Weston is within a 100 mile radius, we’ll give you a 10% discount off of your bill. That’s a huge savings on top of a full service move where we do all of the work. We even sweeten the local move deal with ten free boxes and a month’s worth of free storage inside of our secure facility.

Other discounts can also apply, like 5% for Southern Florida seniors. You won’t find deals like that with other movers in Weston. Ask our representative what costs we can cut when you choose Orange Movers for your local moving needs.

Special Packing Options

Orange Movers is fully equipped with boxes and packing material for any need. Whether you have a large TV that needs to be protected, or boxes full of fragile collectibles, we can make sure that all of your possessions are safe and sound.

Let the experts decide the best way to move your most treasured valuables. We work hard to make sure that all of your treasures arrive in the same condition you left them in. Let us know what types of special packing needs you have, and we’ll show you an array of solutions to meet them all.


Why Pay More When You are Moving Less?

The cost of moving is driven up by a lot of factors, some of which don’t apply when you are moving to a new home or business close by. Why should you pay the same rates when you’re only moving a few blocks away? Orange Movers customizes your contract to suit your circumstance, making sure that you are only paying for the services that you need.

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The 4-man Miami crew from Orange Movers did a great job putting all our furniture and boxes into our new home. They were all very friendly, respectful, and hard-working. If my wife and I ever move again we’ll keep them mind. Thanks, guys!

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