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With Orange Movers, full service does not equal high prices. Our moving packages are an affordable solution to the time-strapped home or business owner in Tamarac. Choose the services you need, and avoid paying for those that you don’t. We can customize your local move to fit any circumstance and any size. Ask our pros about special pricing that includes free boxes, storage and ten percent off of your local moving contract with us.

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Moving can be quite an arduous process – just ask anyone who has done it before. You need to balance your work and everything you need to do in order to move. There are boxes to secure and packing material – such as bubble wrap to find. Then, you might need to deal with the packing process itself, and then transporting your belongings into your new home. However, finding a moving company to help you with the process will reduce a lot of stress for you. If you are relocating to Florida, to Tamarac, then you are in the right place! In this article, we will give you some basic information about Tamarac. We will also tell you why we are the best Tamarac Movers there are!

The City for your Life

A city in Broward County, Florida, Tamarac is the home to something over 60 thousand people, according to the 2010 Census. However, being part of the Miami metropolitan area with over 6 million residents, you will never be alone when moving here. In the early 1960s, Ken Behring, a young developer from midwest, purchased amounts of land to create an active adult community filled with two-bedroom maintenance-free houses. He gave the city the name Tamarac after Tamarac Country Club which was nearby in Oakland Park. The city was finally incorporated on August 15, 1963.

Tamarac Movers you need

Now that you know a little of Tamarac history, let us talk about why we are the best Tamarac Movers for you. There are a couple of traits that every good moving company needs to have:

  1. Tamarac Movers need to have enough experience;
  2. Your needs are our priority;
  3. Punctuality and efficiency matter to us;
  4. We care about your stuff.

Read further to find out more details about each of these important traits.

You need Tamarac Movers with experience

Five stars - like your Tamarac Movers need to be.
We are the Tamarac Movers with a five-star experience!

The first thing you will be looking for when finding local movers Miami is how experienced they are. Obviously, the movers with experience will be a better bet than the inexperienced movers. This is why our workers have been in the business for some time now. First, they know the proper way to pack up your things. If this is done incorrectly, your things can get damaged during transport or even packing! However, our movers know how to deal with even oddly shaped items – and we have the packing supplies you will need.

Then, we have the experience of moving around the Miami metro area. We know how to evade the traffics, and the best ways to take in order to make the trip as fast and as safe as possible. Finally, because of their experience, our workers know how to deal with problems. A big part of this is noticing a problem before it even appears – and you can bet you will be covered with Tamarac Movers!

Your needs are our priority

Hands shaking.
Your needs are a priority for these Tamarac Movers!

Moving can be quite a long process – and it takes a lot of planning. This is why one of the most important traits and Tamarac movers need to have is good communication skills. Simply put – the moving company needs to be able to talk to you and plan out the move ahead. Only when you are aware of each step of the move you can be most at ease with the whole moving process.

We are also aware that we live in a chaotic time. People are simply busy – there is work, friends, hobbies, and family to think about. This is why reliable Miami Movers will make sure they communicate with you about your schedules and your needs. Also, when working with us, make sure you approach us with any questions and worry you might have. This way, we can look into these on time, and your worries will dissipate!

Tamarac Movers that respect your time

A clock.
We know that time is money.

Another important trait that all moving companies need to have is the respect for your time. However, this does not only mean punctuality. In today’s world, every second counts. And moving is a costly business – every hour the movers spend packing you up will cost you more. This is why it’s very important for your movers to be efficient. We already talked a little about this – but our movers are experienced, and thus they know how to pack you up fast.

However, our efficiency doesn’t stop there. We know how to get around Tamarac – so the drive from your old home to your new one will also be quick. This, in turn, will not only save you time – but save your money as well.

Finally, when discussing the moving steps with you, we can create a Moving timeline. This way, everyone will be aware of the time frame we are working in and will be able to respect it better.

Get the movers that take care of your stuff

Efficiency might be great, but not when the movers are just throwing things into boxes. This is why you need to find Tamarac Movers that will also take care of your things. Our workers use their experience to combine these two – they will work fast, but they will be very careful about packing your items.

Also, our trucks are modern, and we have the proper packing equipment. When driving to your new home, we will be careful about the way we drive and which roads we take. You can rest assured that your items will arrive safely to their destination.


In conclusion, there are a lot of things you need to think about when looking into Tamarac Movers. The checklist we gave you contains some of the most important traits a mover need to have, and you can be sure we have them all! Planning your move is a long process, so starting early is important. You have already taken your first steps by getting to know about the city itself. Now all you need to do is pick up your phone and call our office!

Orange Movers in Tamarac

Residential Moving

There are some that say moving is stressful, even when local. Our aim is to change that perception, one box at a time. Homeowners who choose Orange Movers and our local moving deals are in for a pleasant surprise on moving day. Not only do we do all the heavy lifting and loading, our moving teams will box up your belongings safely and securely, leaving you with no work but to start planning on how to decorate your new home. Call us today and learn all about our great deals on local moving in Tamarac.

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Commercial Relocation

Moving an entire business requires months of careful planning. This can be difficult for the business owner who is spending most of their time just trying to run the day to day operations. Maximize your time by choosing a local moving company that can take care of every detail in a commercial relocation. Not only are we efficient and fast, we have pricing options that can suit any business budget.

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Speciality Moves

Some special items require special care. Like that large credenza that your grandmother left you, or the big screen TV that you saved for months to buy. Leave your special items to us, and our professionals will make sure that they reach your new home or business in one piece. Family heirlooms, large furniture and invaluable collections are all in great hands when you choose to move locally with Orange Movers. Call us now to get a free quote on moving whatever special items you have in your home or office.

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Local Moving in Miami

Choosing the Local Moving Team That Your Friends and Neighbors Trust

Referrals and repeats make up the bulk of our business. People are choosing Orange Movers based on the exceptional experiences their friends and family members have had when moving with us. Our reputation in Southern Florida is stellar, with thousands of satisfied clients to back up our claims. When you want to move successfully, without breaking your budget, go with the local moving company that has a proven record of high quality service at affordable rates.

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We Make Moving Day Feel Like a Day at the Beach

Local moving in Tamarac does not have to be full of stress. Our professional moving team plans every detail of your move ahead of time, anticipating any problems and resolving them before they become an issue. We show up on time, and fully prepared to bring all of your things to your new home or office quickly and efficiently. Don’t leave local moving to the last minute. When you want a seamless move with no effort, let us take on the job for you.

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Customize Your Move to Fit Your Needs

We offer a range of local moving services for Tamarac residents. Everything from packing your boxes to shipping your items is covered, and can be added or removed from any package you choose. Pick what services you need for moving, and don’t pay for what you don’t want.

Local moving packages also includes some bonuses and perks to help ease the stress. Ask about free boxes for packing, time inside our modern storage facility, and discounted prices for local moves and seniors. Our services may be extensive, but our pricing plans are always budget friendly.

Expand Your Storage Space

Orange Movers is also able to provide you with a long and short term storage options for your things. Maybe your new house isn’t as spacious as the last, or your business records need a safe haven to be stored. Whatever the circumstance, our climate controlled storage units will make a great home for your belongings.

In our facility you can rest at night knowing that your special belongings are safe from harm. The ambient environment keeps moisture and heat out, prolonging the life of any object that you are holding for safe keeping. Ask our agent about storage unit pricing, and how you can save on space and money.


Perks and Free Stuff For Your Local Move in Tamarac

When moving inside of Tamarac, ask our pros about the local relocation packages. These include perks like free boxes, free storage and a 10% discount off the bill. We also give seniors a break on the cost, so make sure that you let us know if you qualify for any of these deals.

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The 4-man Miami crew from Orange Movers did a great job putting all our furniture and boxes into our new home. They were all very friendly, respectful, and hard-working. If my wife and I ever move again we’ll keep them mind. Thanks, guys!

Michael Mulvey

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