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Fine art and antique moving require care, skill, and knowledge. It’s a very delicate job, and your works of art are very expensive. That’s why moving your valuables isn’t something you can leave to just anyone. You need to choose a reliable and proven moving company that will ensure the safety of your artwork during the entire moving process. That’s why Orange Movers Pompano Beach company is here for you. Our moving experts will provide you with the best service, regardless of the size and type of your artwork. We can safely move all your art paintings, sculptures, and other works of art regardless of the distance of your move. That’s why it’s important to choose the best. Contact us and see why we are the best in this field!

Art gallery
Our Orange Movers Pompano Beach can move the whole art gallery for you.

Orange Movers Pompano Beach offers you special moving services that include fine art and antique moving

For us don’t exist too big or too small a job, we do everything you want. Our company offers you special moving services that include moving your fine art and antique items. But not only that, we always offer more. Our company can provide you with high-quality, efficient, and fast service at very affordable prices, which we guarantee will fit into your budget. Moving antiques and artworks are our specialty, regardless of the distance, you are moving. Even if you plan to move to the other end of Florida, choose one of the best interstate moving companies South Florida. Fine art and antique services include moving of:

  • Museums
  • Art Galeries
  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Unique vases

Whether you need to move a valuable painting or an entire gallery, a museum, or your home collection of unique vases, we will take care of every piece of your art with great care. Do you know that the paintings must be air-conditioned during moving and that they mustn’t be exposed to heat or either, the sun or in wet rooms? We know all the conditions that must be met during the packing, wrapping, and storage of your artwork or other antiques. So, don’t worry, with our skilled movers your artwork will be in safe hands.

We will help you to keep your fine art and antiques safe during the move!

Our company has an entire moving team dedicated to the fine art of moving. They are specially trained and have been moving museums, galleries, and home collections for over a decade. Their knowledge and skills are improved every day in order to provide our customers with the best special services South Florida. We have developed movement techniques adapted to the most delicate art and valuables.

professional mover that can move fine art and antiques
Our company will provide you with super and extra quality moving services regardless of the distance of your move!

By using our packing services South Florida, you will ensure a safe move for your artwork. All your art will be adequately wrapped in special plastic films that we use especially for this. We have a unique strategy and strict rules for moving your art, which is the reason why we can be a reliable choice.

We know that antiques are expensive, or even priceless, and for you, as their owner, they have great sentimental value. That is why it isn’t at all simple to choose a company to whom you will entrust the care of your valuables. The main thing is to choose the best for you, more precisely, the best moving company. Our company has a lot of experience when it comes to moving, as many as 60% of returning customers make up our business history. We have built our name in the business through hard and professional work. If you give us a chance, you will find out why we can be your best choice!

Fine art and antique moving with our help will be easier than you think

Our company is aware that the value of your collectibles is not only measured in dollars. That’s why our company, in addition to professional packing, offers you full insurance for your art, especially, when it comes to moving long distances or moving to the other state. Our international movers South Florida are professionally staffed and use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with safe fine art and antique moving. With the help of our moving experts, everything will be much easier than you think.

We will provide you with special conditions for your artwork in our storage units

Works of art aren’t objects like electronic devices that you can simply replace by buying newer and more modern ones. Works of art represent unique items, which were made only once. For example, a painting of the Mona Lisa or a vase from the ancient era. When you decide to store your works of art for a short or long period of time, you will need to learn a lot about how to store them so that your antiques aren’t damaged.

Fine art work
We will provide you with safe storage units, and meet all the prescribed conditions for storing your fine art and antiques.

If your items need storage – long or short term, you need to make sure that the storage facilities are fully equipped to provide the best conditions for your valuables. Whether you need the tightest security or climate control, we’ll take care of the smallest details. Our company will provide you with safe storage services South Florida. And at the same time fulfill all the storage conditions required by your antiques and other works of art. During the storage of artworks, it’s necessary to maintain a temperature of 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit (21-24 degrees Celsius) in the storage unit. While the ideal humidity for storing works of art is 40-50%.

Orange Movers Pompano Beach offers you many more services that will be of great benefit to you

Our offer doesn’t end only with fine art and antique moving services, we also offer other services that will be of great help to you during your move. Whether you decide to move your home or apartment, our residential movers South Florida will provide you with complete moving services that will enable you to move quickly, simply, and smoothly. You can combine all services or choose them individually. Packing services are one of the most useful services, which also include the packing of fine art and antiques.

Meeting with customers
Our moving experts will prepare a unique offer for you and explain all the details of your move.

Orange Movers Pompano Beach Company thinks about its customers, and for that reason our offer is comprehensive. Our moving experts are at your disposal at any time and will provide you with detailed information about services, answers to your questions, and clarify all your doubts, even when you are moving to the next street. Our local movers South Florida are at your disposal at all times. They will provide you with constant help and be your right hand.

Schedule your moving day on the time!

Fine art and antique moving isn’t a simple process. It requires a lot of attention, dexterity, skill, and appropriate equipment. So, don’t risk it, but leave this job to real experts. All you need to do now is to reach out to Orange Movers Pompano Beach company. Contact us and our moving agents will listen to all your requests, and based on that, create a unique offer for you that will meet all the needs of your move.

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