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Miami housing hunt – house vs apartment

Miami housing hunt - house vs apartment

Before you move to Miami, the first thing you should consider is looking for a place to live. Miami housing is not for everyone’s budget. If your finances allow you to move to this city, think about the space you prefer to live in. Depending on your lifestyle, both house and apartment could be the right choice for you.

Miami beach skyline

Miami housing is not for everyone’s budget. Depending on your lifestyle, both house and apartment could be the right choice for you.

Before you hire a professional moving company to help you relocate, take a look at the following guide. It can help you decide whether you should live in a house or an apartment after moving to Miami.

The upsides of living in Miami apartment

Less maintenance

Most apartments maintenance is covered and taken care of by landlord or building owner. That means that you don’t have to worry about pipe breakage or other bigger repairs. Living in an apartment in Miami will also save you time and money on cleaning. It is considerably easier to clean and maintain an apartment than a whole house.

Bills and fees

Maintaining the apartment is way easier than maintaining the house. If you’re considering to buy or rent an apartment in Miami, bills and fees will be way lower than for house residents. You should expect to pay less for things like heating, cooling, and utilities like water and electricity. Also, your monthly fees will not vary too much from month to month so you will be able to monitor your budget.

Miami apartment

Living in the apartment is the best choice for singles and for those who want to feel safe and surrounded by neighbors.


Living in the apartment is always a good choice for those who want to feel safe and surrounded by neighbors. An apartment might not be the most private place to live, but living near your neighbors has its upsides. If you have problems with some repairs as a Miami newcomer, a neighbor can give you advice and help you contact the building supervisor. Living with neighbors make many people feel safe.


The location of your Miami housing is very important. When choosing the neighborhood, the location of your apartment can be its upside or a downside. The fact is, there are more locations to choose from if you want to live in an apartment in Miami. You can choose whether you want to live in the quieter suburban area of Miami, or you want to be closer to the city center.


Before looking for a Miami housing, think about all the amenities you prefer around your living space. If you don’t have children and your daily schedule is too busy, you will probably not use outside pool for everyday swimming. When using public transportation, you will also not need a garage space. On the other hand, you can find a common gym in many residential buildings in Miami.

Miami apartment interior

If you are living as a single in Miami, renting or buying an apartment is highly recommendable.

Miami apartment is perfect for singles

Miami is a city that is attractive for many singles. Living as a single in Miami means cutting unnecessary cost on monthly basis. If you are living as a single in Miami, renting or buying an apartment is highly recommendable. In case you are a fan of hosting parties at your apartment, make sure to inform your neighbors. Lower the noise and respect your neighbors so they can show you respect, too.

Miami housing: Advantages of living in a house

It’s a much bigger space

There is no doubt that you will have lot more space if you rent or buy a house. Before you move to Miami, make sure that a house is a living space you need. If you like to socialize in a home environment and organize parties all the time, a house is a good choice. You will have the luxury of having a barbeque in the yard or have cozy evenings by the pool with your friends.

Additional maintenance is necessary

Living in a house, no matter how big it is, requires regular maintenance. That does not include only weekly cleaning but also making sure everything works properly. Smaller and bigger repairs around the house could be a concern, especially if you are the house owner. Windows will get dirty more often, so they will require cleaning on weekly basis.

Family life 

If you plan to move to Miami with children, raising them in the house could be a dream come true! Although buying a house in Miami can be pricey, it could be a dream come true. Having a garage space for your car and a spacious yard for kids to play is way more practical than living in a small apartment. Also, you can relax and not worry about your family’s safety. Your kids will have more privacy and safety around a house property.


Considering that many houses in Miami are located near the beach, living in one is not for every budget. If your finances allow, Miami beaches are the perfect location for buying or renting a house. These neighborhoods are way less crowded than the city center, so you will have more privacy. Also, if you can afford a house on the beach in Miami, you will always have a parking space.

A house is perfect for pet owners

dog on Miami beach

Finding a Miami housing is an easy choice if you have a dog. He will enjoy living in the house!

Living in a beach house in Miami is almost made for families with dogs. Not only will you have a yard for your dogs to run in, but you will be close to the beach. It’s a fact that Miami is a pet-friendly city. Speaking of Miami housing, your pets would pick a beach house anytime, if they could! When moving with your dog, consider renting or buying a house in Miami and you will have plenty of outdoor space to spend time with him.

Indoor temperature is more stable

Houses are usually a lot cooler than apartments. If you have trees or smaller green areas around the house, it will make your house stay cooler throughout hot summer months. You might not even need to use the air conditioner. But keep in mind that the bigger the house is, the more heating it needs during winter time. The indoor temperature of your house will also depend on the wall isolation.

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