Downsizing House to an Apartment in Miami

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    Downsizing House to an Apartment in Miami

    Are you tired of living in your old family house in the suburbs? Maybe you are a college student finally moving out, or you’re hard pressed for money? Is your new office space just too far away from you, or you want to move somewhere closer to Downtown Miami? Then it sounds like you are ripe for downsizing house to an apartment in Miami, and this guide is the right place for you! 

    Do the Inventory before Downsizing House

    If you are thinking about downsizing house, before contacting your Miami movers, the first step would be to do an inventory of all your possessions. Be thorough and be ruthless. Put all your items in three categories:

    1. Items you can’t live without
    2. Replaceable items
    3. Items you do not need

    Items you do not need are not due for sale. However, these are the items that will go first if there is insufficient space in your new apartment. Replaceable items are similar. Those are the big TV you can downgrade to a smaller, or things like shelves and wardrobes, as well as dishes. The items you can’t live without are, obviously, the ones you will take with you to your new apartment.

    Once you have decided on which items can stay, you should get rid of the rest. There are multiple ways to do this. If you need money, this is the time to host a yard sale. Who doesn’t like money? Sell all the books you’ll never read again, the clothes you don’t need to wear and the toys or furniture no one will use. If you’re feeling generous, you can even donate some items to services near you.

    Think about storage space when downsizing house
    Think about storage space when downsizing house

    There is another option for not taking all of your items to your new place – putting them in a storage in Miami. This might not be a cheaper alternative, but if there are some things you just cannot get rid of, but cannot take with you either, this is one of the options.

    Finding Roommates

    Next step in downsizing house is deciding whether you will be living with roommates or living alone. This also includes the decision of how many roommates you would like to live with. Once you know the number, it will be easier to find the proper place for everybody.

    However, remember that for roommates, sometimes it’s not the best idea to pick your best friends. Living with a person means having to deal with them 24/7, so live with your best friends only if you’re 100% sure you know them well.

    On the other hand, you can think about looking for advertisements that seek new roommates. As strange as it may sound, sometimes you might be better off with people you don’t know so well (and if there is a fallout – it’s not too big of a deal, right?)

    Think well about roommates when moving into an apartment
    Think well about roommates when moving into an apartment

    The good roommate will make your life easy, but a difficult one can make your life a living hell. You’ll want a roommate with similar habits to yours (cleaning, cooking, partying etc.) A rule of the thumb is that it’s better to have roommates with an opposite schedule than yours. For example, you have classes in the morning and they do in the afternoon. This way, you will only be together in the evening, so you won’t get tired of each other.

    Setting Rules and Regulations

    Don’t be afraid to set rules and chores early on. Make a unified decision about bringing guests, clean-up duties, who’s washing the dishing when, as well as measures for not upholding to the rules you created together.

    Finally, keep in mind that you will not live forever with your roommates. So keep the receipt of anything significant you bring to the apartment. That way, once you leave, there will be no misunderstandings of who’s taking what, and you will have clear proof of your own belongings.

    Looking for Apartments

    Once you have decided on whether you’re living with roommates or alone, it’s time to go apartment hunting. The main thing to look out for here is the building’s location. You want the apartment to be conveniently close to your office or school, or at least to a public transportation connection to it. Be firm when discussing location with your roommates. It is important for everybody’s wishes to be respected, so take a stand for yourself. Living in an apartment that’s convenient for your friends but not for you can be quite a nightmare.

    You can also ask around the building about the place you live in, so you will be well-informed about your decision. Ask the landlord about the rules in the apartment. Here are 12 questions you need to find answers to.

    Keep in mind that what you’re going to get will probably not be a luxurious penthouse apartment. Compare the costs with the quality of the apartment, and also with the rates of other apartments you’ve seen. Only then you can make an informed decision.

    Final Steps before Downsizing House

    Once you pick a place, the first thing you’ll want to do is make an inventory list. This way you cannot be cheated about what you got when you rented the apartment, and you will have proof that you’re leaving the apartment in the shape you got it. Write a contract and have the landlord sign it. Landlords usually have their own, so read it carefully. Check the fine print!

    It’s also a good idea to make a budget plan with your roommates (if you have them), where you can measure your expenses with your income. Having money for at least three months in advance is always great in case one of you runs into some financial issues down the road.

    Moving into your Miami Apartment

    Once you have picked the place and signed the paperwork, you’re ready to move in. Now, depending on whether you’re moving in from the city, moving long-distance in Florida or from another state, you’ll want to get some Miami movers.

    There are many ways to save money when downsizing house
    There are many ways to save money when downsizing house


    There are many cheap movers in Miami. They are reliable and professional. If you need heavy pieces of furniture moved, your best bet would be to hire them to help. Make sure they are not fraudulent! Only then will you have a warranty if something were to break or go amiss during the move.

    It’s good to get furniture before the move, but after you know the size of your apartment. Parents are a great source of old furniture, so don’t be afraid to ask them if there’s some they don’t need. You can also visit thrift stores and find cheap furniture there.

    Finally, make sure you also have utilities worked out, so by the time you have finished downsizing house and have moved into your new Miami apartment, you will have everything up and running. Good luck!

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