Why You Shouldn’t DIY Long Distance Moving

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    Why You Shouldn’t DIY Long Distance Moving

    When you’re planning a long distance move away from Coconut Creek, it can be all too tempting to handle it yourself. After all, it’s easy to rent a moving truck, and on the surface, DIYing can look a lot cheaper than hiring a long distance moving company. If you’re just moving out of your parents’ house into a college dorm, you can probably bring your belongings yourself. But there are many situations where it’s really not the best idea to DIY your long distance move. Here are some of the reasons that you can end up spending more, and having a much harder time, if you don’t hire professional movers.

    1) If you have a large home, you have a ton of stuff. Do you really want to move all of that yourself?

    If you’re moving from one four- or five-bedroom home in Coconut Creek to another one hundreds of miles away, you have a lot more stuff than you think you do. All of those rooms have furniture and other items in them, all of which needs to make it from point A to point B. If you’re handling it yourself, this can easily become overwhelming. Full service long distance movers can pack up everything in a single day. They have the time and the personnel to handle it. Do you?

    2) You own a lot of items that are challenging to move.

    Some things require special care if you want to move them. This can include pianos, antique furniture, fine art, above-ground swimming pools, and other items. Fragile china and dishware can also be challenging to move safely without damage. While professional movers will be familiar with proper handling for these sensitive items, it’s not always wise to move them yourself.

    3) You’re moving across the country.

    DIY moving isn’t always economical when you’re planning a long distance move to a new home hundreds or thousands of miles away. Lowering your costs might not be worth it, due to the major inconvenience of moving a houseful of items across that kind of distance. If you rent a truck, you may need it for up to a week, which greatly increases the cost. Hiring professional long distance movers may actually be more economical. It’s also less of a hassle.

    4) You’re not comfortable driving a large truck.

    If you don’t have experience or a CDL, driving a moving truck is a lot more difficult than it might sound. Driving these large, cumbersome vehicles isn’t easy. Plus, someone else will need to drive your personal vehicle to your new destination.

    Professional Long Distance Moving Services in Coconut Creek

    At Orange Movers, we help Coconut Creek residents move long distances, whether it’s within Florida or across state lines. To find out more, or to get a free estimate, call us any time, or fill out our online contact form.

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