Why Trust Your Piano To Chance?

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    Why Trust Your Piano To Chance?

    Typically there are several prized possessions in your home, those possessions you’ve either extravagantly chose to treat yourself to, the family heirloom that has been handed down from generation to generation, or the irreplaceable handmade item given to you by a loved one. These are items that you go to great lengths to protect and preserve. Your piano is probably one of your most prized and expensive pieces in your home; your piano costs you several thousand dollars or perhaps it’s a priceless heirloom and family treasure that money can never replace. Therefore, why would you risk something so valuable over a small investment? You need professional piano movers for the job.

    Hiring professional movers to move prized possessions like your piano is a cost-effective investment for several reasons.

    First, you’ll avoid the likelihood of damage. Not only do pianos weigh upwards of 300 pounds; but, their odd shape and unique weight distribution complicates the ease of moving them. When a trained team of experts lifts and moves your piano they determine the weight distribution, the size, the space the piano is being moved in and out of, and other necessary factors. This enables them to make wise choices greatly reducing the likelihood of damage.

    We all know people who have asked their friends to come and help them move a piano only to find it arrived at its new home with a broken leg or sorely out of tune from numerous jolts. Typically, these damages cost you more than the price of an experienced mover. This is the second benefit of experienced movers. Although you will pay additional costs for an experienced moving team to move your piano, typically you’ll find it’s no more expensive than repairing the damages you’ll have by asking that group of friends to do it and tipping them with beer and pizza.

    In addition to the possible damages from having inexperienced friends and family move a piece as treasured as your piano, you also ruin the risk that everyone who helped you move the piano calls their chiropractor for an appointment Monday morning. The risk of injury is great due to the unique weight distribution and shape of a piano. This typically means that someone ends up throwing their back out. Therefore, possible injury and the costs of doctor’s visits end up being a part of the “cost” of moving a piano. However, hiring Orange Movers means hiring a team of professionals that are trained to lift unique, heavy items.

    Having the proper transportation and padding is another factor for piano moves. Driving down the highways of South Florida exposes the piano to be at risk for jarring and rolling. Orange Movers takes special care to wrap and pack a piano properly to minimize jarring and damages during transit. The type of piano determines the various methods required for packing the piano to prevent damages in transit. For example, an upright is wrapped differently than a baby grand. Our movers are specially trained to handle and transport your prized pieces of furniture, including your piano, to prevent damage in transit.

    In conclusion, when you consider these factors hiring Orange Movers is an investment to protect your investment. Our experienced team handles the entire South Florida market.

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