Why Moving Your Office Is The Perfect Time To Replace Worn Furniture

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    Why Moving Your Office Is The Perfect Time To Replace Worn Furniture

    Moving an office can be stressful – there’s a lot to do, the threat of business interruptions and closures, ensuring that your IT infrastructure, phone lines, communication lines, power and other utilities are all set up correctly at the new office, and so on.

    However, moving your office also gives you some unique opportunities to change the style, functionality, and appearance of your office furniture.

    In fact, local moving and office moving are the perfect times to take a detailed account of the furniture in your office, and understand what pieces of furniture are in good condition – and which ones should be replaced. Let’s take a detailed look at office furniture below, and why moving is the best time to replace your office furniture.

    You Can Understand The Condition Of All Your Office Furniture

    Even the most attentive office managers probably don’t have a great understanding of the overall health and lifetime of all of their office furniture – after all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    If someone comes to you and says their chair is wobbly, you replace it – but you rarely will seek out broken or unsatisfactory furniture unless somebody brings it up to you directly.

    A move gives you the perfect time to get a full inventory of your furniture – and its condition. As you begin preparations for your move, begin making a full inventory of all of your furniture. Desks, office chairs, tables, conference chairs and conference room tables – even items like TV stands and other miscellaneous furniture items.

    Once you’ve got that inventory, go through and take a deep look at each piece of furniture. Is the condition good? Do you know how long you’ve had it? Is it outdated? Is it even worth moving, or should it be thrown away?

    Take a deep look at your furniture inventory can be enlightening – you likely have quite a few pieces of worn furniture you didn’t even know about.

    You Can Save Money While Moving By Throwing Away Broken Furniture

    As you begin moving preparations, it should become clear what furniture is and isn’t worth moving. By being proactive and throwing away broken furniture before your big office move, you can save some money on moving services – after all, there’s no reason to hire someone to move broken chairs, tables, and desks.

    Your New Office May Not Work With Your Old Furniture

    Many offices are still using outdated floorplans and furniture – large cubicles with divider walls, old-fashioned desks, and old office chairs. These sorts of furniture are quite awkward and unwieldy, and may not fit in a more modern office.

    An increased number of offices are using open-office floorplans, which have workers sitting next to each other using long, parallel tables. If you’re moving to a more modern office building, there’s a chance some of your old furniture simply won’t be appropriate for the intended office layout.

    You Can Mix And Match The Old And The New

    Moving to a new office isn’t an excuse to ditch all of your old office furniture – some pieces like conference tables, high-quality desks, and even some chairs can easily have a 10-15 year life, and shouldn’t be abandoned just because you’re looking to modernize your office.

    However, as you go through your current furniture, it should be clear that you’ll need to acquire some new furniture – there’s no point to moving a broken chair, a beat-up desk, or a useless filing cabinet.

    So take this opportunity not to get rid of all of your old furniture, but to move only the best of your office furniture.

    The rest of your squeaky chairs, wobbly tables, and uncomfortable desks can be thrown away, and the cost savings of not moving them can be put towards the purchase of new office furniture.

    You Can Begin A Comprehensive Inventory System

    If you don’t inventory your office furniture, moving is the best time to start. When you move into a new building, begin labelling and categorizing all of your furniture. This will give you an effective, easy way to determine the overall quality and longevity of a given piece of furniture, and will aid you when making new furniture purchases.

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