Where To Move In Florida In 2023?

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    Choosing Florida as the state to move to is always a wise option. Doing this can benefit you in many different ways, especially if you had a chance to visit some of its cities before. But Florida is huge and putting a finger on a specific place may be difficult. This guide will direct you to some of the most interesting places that have traits suitable for living and working. To those who plan on moving soon here is where to move in Florida in 2023 and hit a jackpot!

    General Florida prognosis for 2023

    The entire world is still struggling with the aftermath of the global pandemic and Florida does as well. The main indicator for that is that people are back on track and are slowly continuing with their lives. South Florida movers are bringing new residents and driving away the current ones and the flow is constant. If we are to talk about Florida in 2023, things look pretty good. The unemployment rate is back where it should be and the economy is slowly recovering as well. So, for all those who are thinking about moving to Florida soon, that is not a bad decision at all.

    aerial photo of the city by the coast
    Choosing where to move in Florida in 2023 is easy as long as you know where to look

    How to find a suitable place in Florida to move to?

    Simply coming across a place that seems nice to you isn’t enough, and you will have to try harder than that. Apart from being beautiful and interesting, the place must have certain traits suitable for you. You have to think about finding a good job, settling in a good community, and much more. It could be very far from you or super close what matters is that you will find everything you need there. Local movers South Florida can then take care of your items, and your relocation may begin. The places down below are not only the most popular ones in Florida but those that have a lot of interesting traits and are full of potential. 


    It is only right we begin with naming the most popular Florida city. Thousands of people come to visit it and a lot of them will decide to stay permanently. Both Americans, and people from all around the world see something special in this city, and each one of them has different reasons for moving there. So, what makes Miami one of the places to move to in Florida in 2023? The first thing that comes to mind is a unique lifestyle! You may find it anywhere in the world, but Miami surely offers something special. With its attractions and locations, it is a hot spot for tourists of different ages.

    Living and working in Miami in 2023 can have a lot of benefits for you, especially regarding business. If you plan on moving and then finding a good job, there is no better place than Miami. This city welcomes all professions no matter if you work for a company or have your own business. Even though tourism is the main field, other professions are at a petty high stake as well. The unemployment rate is 1.7% which is much lower than the last year. 

    golden hour at the beach
    As one of the most popular cities in Florida, Miami is more than suitable for living and working

    And once movers Miami FL gets you there, you will find yourself among the best people in the world. Miami is a city of diversity and no matter what part of the city you choose to move to, you will come across a wonderful community. People will help you adapt faster and you can start looking forward to new friendships that will last forever. 

    Pembroke Pines

    On the list of where to move in Florida in 2023, there is also Pembroke Pines. Although it is much smaller than Miami, its qualities are no less. It has a population of 169,391 people and it is often described as the “Art City of Florida”. Pembroke Pines won multiple awards for its participation in art and culture events and it is home to some of the best schools in the state. According to some resources, this place is an example of constant change for the better, and it is always a hot spot for young people.

    No matter if you plan on moving alone or with your family, Pembroke Pines could be the place of your dreams. With amazing architectural style, beautiful homes, and gardens it is a dream come true. Even though housing is a little bit over average, keep in mind that you will be settling in. People don’t buy homes every day and with a good job, your budget will be fine.

    It is good to know that movers Pembroke Pines operate in the area and that you will not have to worry about your items. While they deal with that, you can spend one day visiting Pembroke Pines. There you will see breathtaking parks and attractions filled with people having fun. You can also use that opportunity to check out some job vacancies in case you are looking for a job. Even if you decide to keep on looking, the chances are huge that you will have a lot of fun.

    Deerfield Beach

    What if you had enough of all that city rush and are looking for a personal piece of heaven? As it is often described that way, Deerfield Beach should be your choice. A  lot of people who want to know where to move in Florida in 2023 have in mind a place similar to this one. Pristine beaches with white sand, azure water, and a constant clear sky are the main reasons why people move to this place. Every year Deerfield Beach welcomes tourists from the entire world, and every time multiple new faces that are coming back. Even though this place is pretty small, that could be exactly what you are looking for. There may be a lot of tourists but you will find a lack of car horns and other unpleasant noises.

    girl standing in front of the Florida sign representing where to move in Florida in 2023
    Your search for the perfect place may last so make sure you have plenty of time

    Before you find suitable movers Deerfield Beach, you should know that this place is also home to the International Fishing Pier. Thanks to that you can find a pretty suitable job in tourism, or start your own business if that is what you like. Even if you wish to catch a break after your relocation and don’t do anything fine. Deerfield Beach will treat you nicely and you can start looking for a job once ready. Keep in mind that in this place there are a lot of workshops where locals sell homemade souvenirs. Those with talent and creativity will be more than welcome here!

    Boynton Beach

    Located 57 miles north of Miami, you will come across wonderful Boynton Beach. It is home to more than 78,679  people and it is perfect for families with smaller kids. Ocean Front Park is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida and it is suitable for all ages. Countless new parents will decide to leave other Florida cities to move to this beautiful place and enjoy the lifestyle it has to offer. Here, your kids can attend some of the best schools in the area and have a safe and peaceful childhood. Yes, Boynton Beach is still filled with tourists but you will love the group it attracts. Unlike Miami, this city is calmer and less focused on parties and urban lifestyles. You can always spend a wonderful day at the beach and then treat your family to a nice dinner somewhere nearby.

    red ferris wheel
    What you need to focus is finding a place that has a lot of fun things to see and do, but can also offer you a good job

    If you make a final decision to move there and leave your relocation to movers Boynton Beach, make sure you choose the right timing. Boynton Beach is also famous for its rainy season and 6.1 inches of rain on average. The rainiest days are in June and even though it may be warm, that is not the time to choose for moving. Movers can help you choose the ideal timing, so make sure you have good communication with them.

    Fort Lauderdale is also where to move to Florida in 2023

    Now back to Florida giants! Apart from Miami, people will also consider moving to Fort Lauderdale. It has a population of 181,668 people and it is suitable for both working and living no matter your age. Just like many other cities in Florida, it is famous for its beaches, restaurants, and attractions. In 2022 it welcomed a lot of young professionals and freelancers who build their careers on social media and the Internet in general. Apart from that Fort Lauderdale is perfect for:

    • Lawyers
    • Medical workers
    • Teachers and professors
    • Construction workers
    • Real estate agents
    • Tourism industry workers

    If we are to talk about the beauties of this city, the nickname “Venice of America” is pretty sufficient. Yes, Fort Lauderdale is filled with canals, green areas, and lounges people can enjoy. Movers Fort Lauderdale usually relocate people to its suburbs but downtown as well. Choosing a suitable neighborhood in this city depends on you and your needs and wishes. If you are interested in moving there, make sure to check some of the most popular locations. For newcomers favorite parts of Fort Lauderdale are:

    • Lauderdale Beach
    • Victoria Park
    • Coral Ridge
    • Imperial Point


    What if we tell you that Orlando itself attracts more than 60 million tourists every year? Considering the things it has to offer, that number may even seem too low. Home to Disney World, Universal, and countless other attractions, this is the place where all dreams come true. Living and working there means you will enjoy a warm climate, fancy restaurants, and delicious food all the time. And when you are not spending time in amusement parks, find yourself playing golf on the courts. As one of the cities that keeps the economy of the state running, Orlando is definitely where to move in Florida in 2023.

    man holding a Universal Studios card
    Orlando, just like many of these places, is famous for its attractions and is where to move in Florida in 2023

    Knowing all of this, you probably wonder how expensive is to live in Orlando. Well, you will be surprised to know that the living costs are just a little above average and at 103/100. With a suitable job and a good budget plan, you can get back on your feet quickly after moving.

    Boca Raton is the answer to where to move in Florida in 2023

    And finally, welcome to Boca Raton! One of Florida’s gems, this city could be where your American dream is. It has everything Florida is famous for, including golf courses, beaches, and attractions. If you decide to call it your home, you will be able to find a suitable job there as well. Apart from its beauty, Boca Raton is famous for good schools, both private and public. What you should be careful about is housing and getting a place there. Due to its popularity, prices could be too high for some people. But, if you begin looking on time you will be able to find yourself a lovely and affordable place.

    As long as you focus on taking care of your budget and getting packing services South Florida, you will not be spending more than you should on this relocation. Slowly go towards your goals and make sure you get some professional help along the way. Once you settle in Boca Raton will be a wonderful home for you and your entire family. If anything you will have the eternal summer!

    people riding bikes in the beach
    Florida will give you a chance to meet countless new people

    With the help of residential movers South Florida, you will have all the time in the world to enjoy your new home. No matter what city you chose to move to, as long as it is suitable for you, you will make the right decision. Go through the most notable candidates and write down traits that are interesting to you. Once you find where to move in Florida in 2023 started exploring the place even deeper, as that will make your blending-in process much easier. Calling Florida home is a wonderful thing, and before you know it, you will feel like it was your home forever!

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