Where Should you Move – Hidden Gems of Florida

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    Where Should you Move – Hidden Gems of Florida

    Do you enjoy nice, warm weather, sunny beaches and a laid-back lifestyle? If the answer is yes, then pack up your bags and start planning your big move – Florida is the state for you! “The Sunshine State” is not just a place for surfers and retirees to go to – there are many unique things for you to see! But, where should you move? The mere quantity of places to visit might be overwhelming! That’s what this guide is for! So keep reading, because we’re about to show you some top destinations as well as hidden gems of Florida. After that, call your long distance Florida movers, and start planning your new adventure!

    The first thing to understand about Florida is that there are five distinct regions of the state. They are as given:

    • The Florida Panhandle
    • Northern Florida
    • Central Florida
    • Southern Florida
    • Southwest Florida

    Where Should you Move in the Florida Panhandle

    The Florida Panhandle is a region in the northwest of Florida. Tallahassee, Florida capital is here. The Panhandle is famous for it’s lovely Gulf beaches, as well as Southern charm.

    Where should you move?

    Santa Rosa Beach is an unincorporated community in Walton County. Firstly, there are lovely white sand beaches with blue waters, and if you somehow get tired of swimming, there are always other things to do. Secondly, the community mixes old and new, so you can visit historic Eden Gardens State Park and then stroll down to a modern restaurant for a family dinner.

    Families might, however, like Washington Couty and its seat, Chipley, more. It is a prohibition (entirely dry) county, which means the sale of any alcoholic beverages is banned here. There are two elementary, middle and high schools and three libraries in the county, and Falling Waters State Park is located just south from Chipley. Visit the park to enjoy the majestic natural scenery and the highest waterfall in the state.

    Where Should you Move in Northern Florida

    The Northern Florida is the home of Gainesville and Jacksonville, two major cities in Florida. The Southern atmosphere is present here too, as well as some of the great historic landmarks of Florida.

    Where should you move?

    Where should you move in Northern Florida?
    Jacksonville is one of two major cities in Northern Florida

    If you move to Jacksonville, or if you’re passing by, make sure to stop by The French Pantry. A local favorite French bistro, the bread is so great the Pantry is now a supplier to other local eateries, as well.

    If you’re a fan of festivals, then the city of Putnam County, Palatka is a place for you. With the population of around 10,000, Palatka is the home of the Florida Azalea Festival and the Blue Crab Festival. The city is also home to the Ravine Gardens State Park. The park is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and in there you can see cypress buildings, rock gardens, and fieldstone terraces.

    Where Should you Move in Central Florida

    Central Florida is a tourist trap. They come from all over the country to visit Disney World, SeaWorld or the Kennedy Space Center. However, even if you’re not a fan of tourist attractions, there are many lovely little towns next to lakes to consider.

    Where should you move in Central Florida?
    Disney World is one of many tourist traps in Central Florida

    Where should you move?

    Winter Park is a suburban city in Orange County. Just a bit north of Orlando, it is a charming small community of around 27,000 people. The downtown is a great place to explore, as well as around 70 parks which house various festivities throughout the year. There are also a local farmers market and a beautiful scenic boat tour.

    One of the most unexpected, but entertaining, gems of Florida is the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of Natural Art in Winter Park. The museum boasts the world’s most comprehensive collection of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s art. You can also see a restored, Tiffany designed, Byzantine-Romanesque chapel here as well.

    Where Should you Move in Southern Florida

    Where should you move in Southern Florida?
    If you want a life on the beach, go to Southern Florida

    Southern Florida is the largest metropolitan area of the state and is a home to Miami, West Palm Beach, Key West as well as the Everglades. If you are moving to Florida for the beautiful weather, this is the place to go to. This is because Southern Florida is the only part of the continental United States with a tropical climate.

    Where should you move?

    If you’re a fan of the beach, then consider moving to Marco Island, a relatively developed suburban community. It is a city in Collier County and lies on the island of the same name. On the island, in the very heart of the Everglades, hides the remote and wild Tigertail Beach. It was created only recently by the strong Hurricane Wilma winds. You can access the three miles of white sand by crossing the lagoon. Enjoy the blue water, shells, and dolphins, and enjoy the peace created just for you.

    For a more urban setting, you might consider Key Biscayne, which is an island town just south of Miami Beach and east of Miami itself. However, the real gem of the town is not its proximity to major Florida cities, but the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park. The park extends over approximately a third of the island, and a beautiful beach is a part of it as well. You can also learn about history here – parts of the park were part of the Underground Railroad in the 19th century.

    Where Should you Move in Southwest Florida

    Southwest Florida is the home to Tampa, St. Petersburg, Naples, Sarasota and Ft. Myers. The area not only has sugar white sand beaches and lush tropical landscape but also boasts some winter resorts.

    Where should you move?

    Boca Grande is a small residential community on Gasparilla Island. Its name, “Big Mouth” in Spanish, comes from the mouth of the waterway called Boca Grande Pass at the southern part of the island. The village is close to Cayo Costa State Park, which is only accessible via boat, ferry or helicopter. A variety of wildlife is in the park, manatees and dolphins included.

    Hopefully, this article has sparked your imagination and a wish to investigate more. There are many hidden gems of Florida, and they cannot all be put in one article. Nevertheless, if we have answered the questions “where should you move?” then it’s time to pick a professional Florida moving company and start planning your Florida relocation today! 

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