When to start Packing for a Move

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    When to start Packing for a Move

    Once you’ve officially signed a lease for a new apartment or you’re in escrow on a new home, it’s time to start plotting the logistics of moving from one place to another. But what if your actually move date isn’t for another couple of months? Should you actually start packing for a move as soon as you know it’s happening? Here’s a timeline that will help you figure out when it’s time to get out the boxes and tape.

    One-to-Two months before a move. Start the packing process by taking inventory of everything you don’t want to pack and take with you. This might include clothes you no longer wear, stacks of old magazines or mail, and anything in the junk drawer you haven’t used since you moved into your current home. Take anything that’s still in good condition to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, set up a yard sale for anything valuable, and throw away the rest.

    Four weeks before a move. Begin stocking up on supplies like boxes in a variety of sizes, packing tape, labels, and bubble wrap.

    Three weeks before a move. If you have a family or live in a large home, it’s time to get serious about packing. The best places to start include the basement, garage, and utility closets, since they often house items you only use occasionally. As you pack, move all full boxes into one room to make move day easier and more organized. Don’t forget to label each box!

    Two weeks before a move. Next up, begin packing other non-essentials like decor and art, the books on your bookshelves, and out-of-season clothing and sporting equipment. Now is also the right time to start doing any deep cleaning before you move out (especially if you’re in a rental that will be inspected by your landlord!).

    One week before a move. Start the final week by packing a moving bag similar to what you’d bring with you on vacation for each member of your family. Include all essential clothing items, medication, toiletries, electronics and chargers, and any important documents or identification. That way, you will be sure you have everything you need in one place both during the move and while you’re unpacking in your new home.

    The last few days. Since you’ll have everything you really need in your moving bag, you can confidently begin to pack up everything else in your home. Leave essentials like the dishes you use every day, your shower curtain, and your bedding until the morning of your move.

    For more moving advice, check out the Orange Movers blog.

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