Is There Really the Best Time to Plan a Move?

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    Is There Really the Best Time to Plan a Move?

    There is a simple way to save money – and frustration – on your move. Planning to move into your house on a day that no one else picks will actually give you some more flexibility along with a lower price. The trick lies in knowing when your neighbors in are thinking about packing their stuff.

    When you pick an off-peak time to move there will be more trucks available for the relocation, and more professional movers on hand to load and unload it. The pressure to rush is also relieved since chances are the truck doesn’t need to be at another home or business right after yours. This can make for a much better moving experience overall.

    The Best Time of the Year to Move

    The sale of new homes is at its peak during the spring and summer, making late fall into early spring the best time of year to move. Unfortunately, this is the hardest part of planning out, unless you purposely wait for the off season to start looking for a new home. And while December may be one of the slowest times of the year to move, you do want to avoid late in that month. Not only because it will mess up your holidays, but movers do get a little busier during this time as college students vacate their dorms after the term ends.

    Moving around any holiday is usually not recommended, as people may use this paid time off from work to relocate. This makes November, and the Thanksgiving holiday weekend another time of the year to avoid moving if possible.

    The Best Day of the Month to Move

    The majority of moves take place on the last and first days of the month, while second to these dates are those right around the 15th. Plan your move to not coincide with any of these dates and you will have better luck in securing the terms you want. This should not be hard if you are buying a home in Florida, but if you are renting, you may need to make special arrangements with one of the landlords to either overstay your lease by a couple of days or move in a few days early.

    The Best Day of the Week to Move

    Most people making a move, especially a local one, try and do it on the weekends so as not to have to take time off from work. This leaves you with Monday through Thursday for yourself and the movers. Tuesday and Wednesday are even better to avoid those individuals that take long weekends to move. You will find that moving companies have fewer reservations booked for Tuesday and Wednesday, making it easier to snag the time and services that you want for your move.

    If you are planning for a commercial move, look at your business’ slowest days as to cause as little disruption in your workflow as possible. For retailers, this usually falls right in the middle of the week. Commercial moves of offices, however, may have no choice but to wait for the weekend unless you and your movers can plan it out in stages that don’t necessitate the business closing down for an extended period of time.

    The Best Time of the Day to Move

    The earlier the better works for planning a time to move in Florida. Whether you are moving a small studio or starting a large commercial relocation, moving always takes longer than you anticipate. Making your reservation at the crack of dawn ensures that all of your belongings are in place in the new space, with plenty of time left in the day to start to unpack.

    Planning Your Ideal Move

    Taking all of that information into consideration, the ideal residential move in Florida would take place in January, February or March, between the 3rd and 28th days but not the 14th, 15th and 16th. It should also be scheduled on a Tuesday or Wednesday for as early in the day as possible.

    Obviously, it is going to be very difficult to find a convenient time to move that meets all of that criteria, but hitting at least one or two can make a big difference in price and your moving experience. Start by looking for a new place to live at the end of the year if moving in the winter is a viable option. You might also want to keep some vacation days on reserve if you know you are going to be moving in the near future. This will give you the time you need to move in the middle of the week, without losing any of your work days.

    What you are looking to try and do is to go against what everyone else is planning as much as you possibly can. This may take some maneuvering on your part, but by the end of your move, you’ll be thankful for the thought put into it. Not only can moving during a non-peak time save you some money on the cost, it puts your moving company in a better position to provide you with their undivided attention.

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