What your residential movers won’t do

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    What your residential movers won’t do

    When you are moving with Miami moving companies, it can be very stressful thinking what movers won’t move. Of course that you are thinking what residential movers won’t do especially when you are planning a long distance move.

    So, before you start packing your household goods, it is important to know what items movers won’t move. That’s why we bring you guide what residential movers won’t do if you want to avoid all the possible problems during moving day.

    Things residential movers won’t move

    • Plants

    One of the things that long distance movers Miami won’t move is plants. You maybe don’t know why plants are one of the things they don’t move. It is because moving plants more than 150 miles without a special license is illegal. The reasons are pests.

    Moving plants more than 150 miles without a special license is illegal
    One of the things that long distance movers Miami won’t move is plants.
    • Hazardous materials

    Most movers, including North Miami Beach Movers, will give you a list of the hazardous materials that movers won’t move. You may not consider them as hazardous materials, but paint, aerosol cans, batteries, fire extinguishers, etc. are such items. So, the best option is to use if you can and throw it before moving.

    • Perishable food

    This makes sense, right? Residential movers won’t move anything that can spoil. It includes perishable food, frozen food or open containers. So, consume it before you relocate are you move your frozen food with you.

    • Explosives

    Residential movers won’t move ammunition, black powder, primers, propellants, or even souvenir explosives.

    • Pets

    If you are moving interstate with your pet you should bring your pet with you.

    Movers won't move pets
    Bring pet with you, movers will not move it with moving truck
    • Flammable items

    These are also hazardous materials. So, discard lighter fluid, paint remover, kerosene before the move.

    • Corrosives

    Items with acid, are items that movers won’t move.

    • Valuables

    Valuable things like important documents, jewelry, cash, etc. cannot be transporting by the moving van or truck. Bring them with you, if you don’t want to lose them during the move.

    • Power Equipment with Fuel.

    On the list of things movers won’t move are also power equipment with fuel in the tank. It means movers won’t move motorcycles, etc. If you want to move them with moving company, then you need to drain the fuel to the fuel reserve is completely empty.

    • Special Items

    Be aware that some movers decline to move extremely heavy items. So, check with them before the moving day if they transporting pianos, etc.

    Many movers won’t move things like antiques, or pricy art collections. So, if you need to move it find moving company that is specialized in moving such luxury items, along with normal household possessions. They need to have a special license for the transportation of these things because they need special training in handling, packing and moving certain types of possessions.

    These items can’t go on the moving truck

    • Car batteries
    • Charcoal
    • Darkroom chemicals
    • Batteries
    • Nail polish
    • Scuba Tanks
    • Liquid bleach

      You can't bring batteries in the moving truck
      Movers won’t move batteries

    What your residential movers won’t do

    Many moving companies will provide you the best moving services but there are few things they will not do. Before you decide to move, check with movers what service they can provide. So, what your residential movers won’t do?

    • Residential movers won’t move dangerous items

    Residential movers won’t move any items that are hazardous, flammable, or explosive. All of them are illegal to transport.

    • Residential movers won’t move perishable items.

    When you are moving do not pack perishable items that could spoil during transportation.

    Remember that anything open is considering perishable.  No matter what the expiration date is, you can’t transport if it is opened. So, use it before the move and pack only sealed food with a long shelf life—like canned vegetables, boxed cereals, and jarred spices.

    • Moving broken, damaged boxes.

    Many residential movers won’t do and will refuse to load broken or damaged boxes. Because it can damage your household goods during relocation. If you are not sure in quality of boxes, then it is better to buy new ones. Or hire pros to pack your Miami home.

    • Moving Outdoor equipment

      You can't move damaged boxes
      Many residential movers will refuse to load damaged boxes

    Moving outdoor equipment like lawn and pool equipment can be very stressful for the moving day. Everything that can be a danger for movers and environment should be disposed before the moving day. This includes things like weed killer or pesticides. But you can move the equipment like your lawn mower or generator, just plan ahead and tell all about it to your moving company.

    Residential movers won’t disconnect appliances

    Your movers won’t disconnect your appliances, unhook your stove, washer, and dryer, etc. Many movers do not have the expertise to do these tasks. So, if you don’t do that, moving company can hire third-party appliance servicing company, so expect to pay for this service. The price will be included in your bill of lading.

    Secure washers and dryers

    When you need to move your washing machine and dryer, you should hire a plumber with a license to prepare them for transport. They need to be properly secured before the move. This will prevent damages and broken machines.

    Transport hazardous or perishable items

    There is a list of things that residential movers won’t do. But most important to know that they will not transport anything that could die or rot. This includes houseplant and perishable food like we already mentioned.  Many lists that movers will not transport include ammonia, car batteries, chemistry sets, fire extinguishers, fireworks, household batteries, nail polish and nail polish remover, paint thinner, pesticides, propane tanks and weed killer.

    There is a list of things that residential movers won’t do.
    Transport hazardous, explosives or perishable items isn’t possible with moving company

    Transport of guns isn’t possible with moving company

    Residential movers will not transport guns for you. So, if you need to move these things you need to find a specialist to do this job. For example, if you have a gun collection, you need to contact a gunsmith, who has the proper expertise and adequate insurance for moving guns.

    if you need to move guns find specialist for this job
    Residential movers will not transport guns

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