What You Need to Know About Long Distance Moving to a Small Town

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    What You Need to Know About Long Distance Moving to a Small Town

    The Miami area is a bustling metropolis, even if you live in a smaller suburb like North Lauderdale. If you’re getting ready for a long distance move to a much smaller town, you might be in for a little bit of a culture shock. Small town life can be quite different than living near Miami, and it can take some time getting used to. Here are some things to take into account.

    The Cost of Living is Lower

    Small towns often have a relatively low cost of living, compared to major metro areas like Miami and its suburbs. Housing might be quite a bit less expensive than it is, in North Lauderdale. The median home price in North Lauderdale is $154,000. In tiny Evergreen, Alabama, it’s only $75,800.

    There Are Fewer Job Opportunities

    If you’re moving for a job, you should know that job opportunities are generally limited in small towns. If your job is relatively specialized, and you don’t like your new position, you might not be able to find something else, locally.

    Schools Might Be Very Good, Or Not So Great

    In a smaller town, there are fewer public schools, and there might not be a private or parochial school in town. A lower population can mean smaller class sizes and more personal attention for each student, but many rural areas struggle with poor funding.

    Your Internet Connection Might Not Be as Good

    Many people neglect to take this into consideration, but your internet speeds might not be as high. In some very small towns in rural areas, you might even get stuck with dialup, or with super-slow satellite internet. If you’re into video streaming, or you’re a remote worker who relies on the internet to do your job, this might be a deal breaker.

    Walmart Is Basically The Mall

    There’s a phenomenon peculiar to small towns, especially in the South, where the town’s single Walmart turns into an important social hub. You’ll see teenagers hanging out there, as if it were the mall.

    There Are Fewer 24-Hour Stores — And Fewer Stores in General

    In many small towns, most businesses close at six every day. Other than Walmart, there might not be many stores that are open 24/7.

    The Nightlife & Social Scene Aren’t Diverse

    It’s not that there’s no nightlife at all, but in a small town, your options will be limited. There aren’t many bars or nightclubs, so there’s no real specialization. If you’re into the industrial music scene or something like that, there won’t be anywhere to socialize with like-minded people.

    Strong Communities

    Small towns have fewer people, and they have strong, close-knit local communities. The upside is that locals stick together and stand by each other. The downside is that there’s always gossip. Everyone knows everyone else’s business, and it can be harder to stay private.

    Getting Help for Long Distance Moving

    If you’re getting ready for long distance moving to a small, quiet town, we can help. At Orange Movers, we’ve helped countless North Lauderdale residents enjoy a smooth, hassle-free moving experience. To find out more, call us any time.

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