What to Do about Health Insurance If You’re Moving Out of State

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    What to Do about Health Insurance If You’re Moving Out of State

    If you’re moving out of state, you may need to adjust your insurance policies, including your health insurance. Health insurance is issued at a state level, and when you leave Florida, you may need a different insurance policy, or even a new insurance company if yours doesn’t operate in the state to which you’re moving. If you’re leaving Lighthouse Point soon for a different state, you will have a window of time to figure out your insurance. Here’s what you need to do.

    Moving Out of State

    Passed in 2013, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known colloquially as “Obamacare,” made some major changes to the US healthcare landscape, including the way that people get insurance. In effect, the ACA essentially mandated that people get coverage, and provided new options for doing so. The good news is that after out of state moving, you can enroll during a special enrollment period, outside of the general period for open enrollment. Moving is one of several life events that qualifies you for a special enrollment period. Giving birth, getting married, or adopting a child can also qualify.

    Today, it’s quite rare for insurance plans to offer network coverage in more than one state. So, your old insurance may not apply anymore, and you may need a new plan. Even if you’re with one of the big name carriers, they will generally offer different plans in different states. For example, if you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan in Florida, you’ll need a new plan if you move to Alabama.

    If you qualify for a special enrollment period because you’re moving out of state, you’ll have a sixty day window to enroll in a new plan. If you miss the window, you need to wait for the next open enrollment period, so it’s important to take care of this in a timely manner.

    If you work for a large national employer and you’re moving for job related reasons, your healthcare coverage may actually stay the same after your move. Also, if you were not insured prior to your move, the special enrollment period doesn’t apply, and you should enroll during the next open enrollment period.

    It’s worth keeping in mind that although the ACA does account for special enrollment periods, it’s optional whether exchanges allow you access to it. If you’re concerned about having a gap in your coverage, there are short-term plans you can consider. These are not regulated by the ACA, but can help you avoid a coverage gap.

    Out of State Moving in Lighthouse Point

    If you’re planning for out of state moving, away from Lighthouse Point, call us any time to get your free non-binding estimate. At Orange Movers, we provide local and interstate moving services throughout the greater Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.

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