What Small Businesses Need To Know Before Moving

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    What Small Businesses Need To Know Before Moving

    Small business moving can be a great opportunity. Most of the time, small businesses move because they’re growing, and growth is always a good thing.

    However, moving a business of any kind can be a struggle – and for small business owners who may be barely scraping by as it is, there are some extra challenges.

    You’ll want to make a comprehensive moving plan, avoid extended closure, try to save some money by packing yourself, and so on.

    So if you’re a small business owner considering business moving services in the Doral, FL area, there are some things you should know to make your move as easy as possible, and ensure a quick turnaround and reopening.

    Start With A Plan

    Everything should start with a plan. Your move is probably not unexpected – either your lease is running out, or you need a larger space – so there’s no reason that you can’t plan for your move a couple months in advance.

    Have a good understanding of your office or store needs – you should be sure that you have enough room to expand a bit if you need it, and of what sort of communications and power infrastructure you’ll require.

    Feel free to ask your employees for their input when selecting a new space – this will help them de-stress, and they’ll feel like their voice is being heard.

    Once you understand your infrastructure needs, your employee’s needs, and the needs of your business, you’re ready to find a new place.

    Make Sure Your Customers Know You’re Moving

    If you have knowledge of your move in advance, it’s best to make sure your customers and clients know about the move for as long as possible.

    Inform clients and customers through e-mail if they’re signed up on your email list, and put up posters, flyers, and other advertisements informing your clientele about your move. If there is no new tenant at your old building, you may be able to leave a large poster there informing customers of your move. If it’s a local move, this can be a great way to make sure they know about your new location.

    Consider sending out paper advertisements to your mailing list as well – perhaps with a discount coupon included. The sooner you re-establish your client base at your new office, the better your business will perform.

    Nominate Someone Else To Help Oversee The Move

    If you’re not the sole proprietor of a business, you should have some dependable workers that you can rely on – so rely on them. You may own the business, but you don’t have to do everything yourself.

    By designating a “move coordinator”, you can allow yourself to de-stress during the move, and let your workers do some of the work like inventorying assets and estimating the costs of the move.

    Work with your moving coordinator to prepare a great moving plan and get a holistic picture of your moving needs.

    Throw Out Old Stuff

    Moving old, worn-out stuff that you don’t need to a new office is unnecessary and wasteful. Moving gives you a good chance to look at old equipment, furniture, outdated files, and so on. After cataloguing these items for the move, you can easily dispose of unwanted equipment, which will minimize costs and help you keep your move affordable.

    Coordinate With Your New Landlord

    If you have specialized infrastructure, power, or communications needs, you should be in touch with your landlord before the move occurs, and get a good understanding of the office or building that you’re moving into – its layout, capabilities, infrastructure, and potential upgrades that you may need to conduct your business.

    See also if your landlord has any removal or disposal services that can help you get rid of packing materials after your move – these can be quite handy when trying to set up a new business location quickly and efficiently.

    Update Your Vendors And Change Your Address

    If you commonly receive shipments from vendors from your business, you’ll want to inform them well-ahead of the move, and ensure that you have a seamless transition from your old building to your new one.

    But don’t stop at vendors – update your mailing address with the post office, parcel carriers, and any other relevant services that you currently make use of. This will help ease the transition and ensure that nothing important is lost post-move.

    Hire A Professional Moving Service

    Most small business moving isn’t possible without a professional moving service. Even the most basic small business move involves specialized furniture, equipment, and other nearly-impossible to move objects.

    And if you’re a small business owner undergoing local moving, you have to move quickly – or risk losing out on business with unforeseen closures.

    While you can save some money by packing your stuff yourself, you can also save quite a bit of time by hiring a full-service professional business moving service such as Orange Movers. We’re local movers who specialize in every kind of commercial moving, and we have plenty of movers available for the Doral, FL area.

    We specialize in business moving services, and our full-service moving offerings allow you to relax as we pack and move your stuff, saving you time and effort, and reducing your stress to allow you to focus on the big picture of your small business.

    Our business movers are professionals. We do our job so you can do yours – which is run and grow your small business after you move. Let us help you – check out our service offerings.

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