Ultimate checklist for moving long distance from FL with kids

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    When you decide to move to another place, making a good and strategic plan is among the first things to do. And since every relocation is different in its own way, you would think that the plan is unique as well. Luckily, most of those plans include the same things, and this is why making them is relatively easy. This becomes even more important when you are moving with kids. They need to have your attention as well especially during relocations as they can be pretty stressful. Let this be your ultimate checklist for moving long distance from FL with kids!

    Make sure you start planning your move on time

    Many moving companies South Florida offer all kinds of moving services. These can make the entire process much easier and give you the thing you need the most- time. Time plays a huge role in every relocation and you will have to be super careful with it. Your kids tend to take a lot of it and relocation can even make things much more stressful in your household. For a long-distance relocation, you need to be ready from day one and your kids should be as well. 

    parents playing with their son while packing
    When moving long distance from FL with kids, you should prepare a good plan!

    Moving long distance from FL with kids

    There are a lot of people who constantly postpone their relocation due to their children. And while waiting for a perfect moment is a good idea, you should not lose too much time doing it. Start with preparations on time and focus on every detail to achieve a successful move. This will also result in your kids being happy and stress-free from this upcoming change. Moving companies Fort Lauderdale should be your first stop since securing extra professional help is always smart.

    If this is your first relocation and you wonder where should you start, don’t worry. Many people were in the same situation and after following some useful tips and tricks things turned out to be amazing. To create your checklist for moving long distance from FL with kids, you will have to take a look at your household and goals. As soon as these are clear to you, the process may begin!

    Ultimate moving checklist

    To create your ultimate moving checklist, you should start gathering information on time. Some things will take much longer than others and here is where your organizational skills will reach their peak! Long distance movers Fort Lauderdale will be one of the best choices you can make, as doing this much work on your own can cause some difficulties later on. With them on your side, everything will be much smoother and your children will enjoy this process. No matter how big your household is or how many kids you have, these rules are proven to be extremely helpful: 

    • Talking about the relocation
    • Looking for a perfect school
    • Visiting the school with your kids
    • Organizing a goodbye party
    • Coming up with “moving day activities”
    father and a kid drawing
    Your main goal is to make your kids feel good during the relocation!

    Each one of these requires multiple smaller tasks so you should take them petty seriously. If your kids are still young, be careful when choosing Florida moving services because you will need a couple of extra hands! This way, moving long distance from FL with kids will be much easier and faster. To help you out, even more, let’s break down this list into details! 

    Talking about the relocation

    Understandably, you may be afraid to get into this type of conversation with your kids. Especially with teenagers who have a hard time leaving their friends and familiar surroundings. You would be surprised to know that most of these conversations end up pretty good, as long as everyone is honest. When you decide to move, start including your kids in this process right away. They will accept the change much faster and make it easier for you at the same time. Avoid waiting for residential movers South Florida to arrive to start the talk. Let your kids enjoy the process from the start and they may even boost up your mood!

    In case your kids become nervous during this part, you can offer some special deals to them. Making a “moving wish list” is always a good solution. Ask your kids to write down everything they would like to see or have at the new place, and then together discuss each one of them. This will make your bond even stronger, and your kids will know exactly what to expect. This will also be a perfect moment to introduce the new place to them so prepare some cool stories videos or photos to make things more interesting!

    mother and daughter packing
    Relocations can be quite fun!

    Looking for a perfect school

    Once you decide whether you need to get the special services South Florida movers offer it’s time to start looking for a good school. The state of Florida has some of the best schools that provide high-quality education for everyone. Finding a new one will be a challenge on its own. Older kids should be heavily involved in this since they are the ones that will attend it. Lay all the options in front of you and look for both public and private schools. After you narrow the list down you can discuss it with your kids. This will give them the feeling of being grown-ups and will boost their enthusiasm about this whole thing. Remember, when moving long distance from FL with kids, you should think of every detail! Avoid waiting too long for this as some schools ask for additional paperwork and preparations.

    If you are moving to a different state, then make all arrangements with the interstate movers in South Florida on time! This as well takes a lot of planning and you will feel much better if you do it on time. Schools in other states may have some different rules as well, so contact them in advance and gather all the paperwork. Try to avoid doing this last-minute as you may need to go back to Florida once more!

    Visiting the school with your kids

    Once you find the perfect school it will be time for a short visit. Your kids will love the idea but they may be shy at first. Try not to push things too much and if they are not ready for this step, give them a little bit more time.

    little girl playing outside
    They will also need some time to adapt to the new place so make sure to give them enough of it!

    Visiting their new school before you officially move is helpful in many different ways:

    • They will have a chance to see the school: And this is one of the best ways to prepare them for their first school day! Pick a sunny day and enjoy this short adventure with them!
    • Let them meet their future teachers: Making a good start with a teacher is super important especially if your kids are younger. Give them a chance to meet them and ask some questions. Teachers usually love doing this part so you will feel much better after chatting with them!
    • You can see some other cool places on the same day: This special trip should not only center on school. You can check out your new home, some attractions, or even grab a bite somewhere.
    • Listen to their wishes: For this entire day, you should be in their shoes. Try to fulfill their wishes and feel free to enjoy this day yourself!

    While you are having fun and exploring new places with your kids, long distance movers South Florida will prepare everything for your relocation. Although they are pretty experienced in what they do, make sure to be there once they start. They may have some questions about your household or inventory and it will be good to get them firsthand!

    Organizing a goodbye party

    While you will have enough time to say goodbye to your friends and all your habits, your kids may need a little bit more. Leaving friends at a young age and making new ones someplace else can be pretty stressful. This is why your kids must have a proper goodbye party especially if you are moving from far away with international movers in South Florida. If they feel like spending more time with their friends, let them enjoy and have fun. This will make leaving much easier and less stressful for everyone. Their friends will need this as well. Childhood friendships can last forever and it is essential to keep them healthy and growing!

    Keep in mind that any type of moving party should be held before you start doing any moving tasks. This especially includes packing since your household will be much different once you start doing that. Let your kids and their friends have fun before this, or in a different part of your home. They will not interfere with your packing and you will not have to worry about them at all. If your other family members are free, you can organize a fun trip to Universal Theme Studios in Florida! They will spend an entire day having fun while you can focus on moving preparations. Moving long distance from FL with kids can be extremely fun as long as you think like a child!

    boy laughing with paint on his face
    Prepare some interesting activities for your kids on a moving day!

    Coming up with “moving day activities”

    The moving day is usually one of the most anticipated ones! It is completely normal to feel anxious and nervous but don’t let those feelings take the best of you! If you do everything according to the plan, your kids will be extremely excited! And since this was the plan all along, you should have some fun moving activities ready for them. Depending on how big your household is and how many kids you have, you can assign them small tasks around the house. They will love the idea and it will keep them occupied for some time. Moving day activities include safe games, packing, and categorizing their toys and clothes. Moreover, while you have fun with your kids commercial movers South Florida can start packing up your home office. This way you will have plenty of time to be with your kids.

    Packing before you move long distance from FL with kids

    Even if you go with packing services South Florida, your kids should be involved in this process. No matter their age, this activity will be super fun for them and you will go through this entire thing much easier. Let them pack their toys, categorize clothes or write down their inventory. These small games work pretty well and everyone will love them! Prepare a couple of medium-sized moving boxes and leave them in your kid’s room. Let them organize their packing even if it seems like there is too much mess. Toys are pretty easy to pack and even if they simply scatter them around, it won’t be difficult to pack everything properly.

    If you have to move your piano it is best to leave this to the piano movers in South Florida. They know how to safely handle delicate instruments. You and your kids can focus on packing smaller things while professionals take care of heavy items.

    Saying goodbye to old toys

    Moving long distance from FL with kids means you will have to say goodbye to some items. Even if there is plenty of room, you don’t need to take everything with you and overload your new place. Join them in this activity and help them choose toys and clothes they would like to give away. You can start by explaining why that is necessary and how will they benefit from it. These things work much better with a nice conversation so don’t avoid it no matter what.

    For everything in your household that can wait, storage Pompano Beach services are a wonderful option! You can remove everything and transport it to a storage unit. Your items will be safe and the best thing is that you can pick them up anytime. If your kids have trouble saying goodbye to some of their things, include them in the storage unit boxes as well!

    mom dad and their daughter drawing
    Your long distance move from FL with kids can be simple if you do it right!


    And just like that, you will realize that moving long distance from FL with kids is not scary nor difficult! You will just need some positive vibes, good organization skills, and enough time on your hands. Even if you come across some difficulties during the process, cool your head down and come up with the best solution. Local movers in South Florida will always be there to assist and guide you until you arrive at your new location. Make sure your kids are safe at all times and try to balance being there for them and moving away! Once you arrive at the new place and you settle in, you will be proud of how things worked out! Your kids will definitely be grateful for this experience of a lifetime! 




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