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    We all know how important is to find your dream home. Some people look for it for many years but don’t regret one second of it. This is due to our home being our private oasis and place of peace and love. Once you finally settle in, you will realize that it matters that we love and enjoy our home. Different states offer different places and each one of them has its perks and flaws so you must research everything on time. Even if it takes a little bit longer, the results will be worth it. For all of you who laid eyes on Florida, you may be on a good track. This state offers a lot and its residents are more than satisfied with living there. Let’s go through some reasons to move to Florida!

    People love Florida!

    The state of Florida welcomes a huge number of new residents every day. People from all around the USA and the world choose it as their place of living. Because of that, moving companies South Florida has to offer usually have a pretty tight schedule. It is pretty obvious that diversity here is on point and that you can come across people from every corner of the world. But even though statistic is good, you should know what exactly is waiting for you there and how to blend in faster.

    palm trees on the beach as one of the main reasons to move to Florida
    Beaches are definitely one of the most recognizable locations in Florida and one of the reasons to move to Florida

    Reasons to move to Florida

    Florida is one of the most popular places in the world so it is obvious there is plenty of reasons to move to Florida. What you should keep in mind is that these reasons are not the same for everyone and you should always focus on what’s best for you. After setting your priorities, and making your category, things will become much clearer. From beautiful beaches you probably saw in countless movies, to a very stable economy, here are some of the most distinctive ones! 

    Reasonable cost of living

    The first thing to think of when choosing to place to move to is of course the cost of living. Since this is the most important factor for everyone, you should think twice before moving to a place if the cost of living is high. When it comes to Florida, things have been good for many years now. Due to a very stable real estate market, the economy is good and residents are enjoying a pretty affordable lifestyle. Of course, this doesn’t mean Florida is cheap but instead offers many opportunities for a stable career and life. Depending on where exactly you are coming from, this can could be good news for you. You can easily find a job with your degree or move your entire business if you already have one. If you are moving a household, residential movers South Florida has to offer can advise you on some good areas they operate in.

    The reasonable cost of living is making a lot of cities in Florida very popular among young professionals as well. This affects the real estate market almost immediately and creates a perfect combination. If you take just a little of your time you will find your dream home for an affordable price. Not to mention that you may even get a jackpot with a good location. In suburbs, affordable prices are even more noticeable due to many families with kids moving there. 

    There is no state income tax

    For some people, this is usually among the main reasons to move to Florida, and most of the time they do it. State income tax can be pretty tricky for young people and all those who are planning to start their businesses. In Florida things are pretty different and paying tax won’t be an issue. This means you don’t have to be strict with your budget and plan your relocation even faster. Some moving companies Fort Lauderdale has will have a perfect offer for you that will fit both your finances and needs. So, if state income tax is giving you hard time at the moment, sounds like moving to Florida is a perfect choice for you. 

    young professional sitting and having a meeting
    Get ready to meet new people as Florida is a place of diversity!

    On the other hand, you probably wonder, how Florida rates so high among other states. Keep in mind that this state is one of the most popular places in the entire world. Since tourists must pay 7% sales tax and 3% tourist tax, that pretty much settles it. With countless attractions, hotels, beaches, and much more, there is no wonder tourists are the main focus throughout the year. Of course, once you officially become a resident of this state, you can get yourself into any area of tourism. This will give you chance to meet a lot of people from all around the world and start a super dynamic business. 

    Beautiful beaches are one of the main reasons to move to Florida

    Speaking about Florida and not mentioning beaches is simply unacceptable. It is often said that every person in the world saw Florida’s beaches at least once in their life. Countless movies, TV shows, documentaries, and whatnot, took them as their inspiration or inspiring scenery. As a result, these beautiful places are the most valuable gem of this state. Once you move here, you can take your time and visit as many as you like whenever you want. Beaches in Florida have a high maintenance system and dozens of staff workers are making sure people are having the time of their lives. This itself is enough to start thinking about long distance movers Fort Lauderdale who will give their best so that you are sipping your cocktail under the Florida sun in no time. 

    If you never had a chance to visit Florida before, Internet can help you choose a couple of beaches to start. If you have small kids you would not want to end up on a beach with a loud DJ performance. Just to help you out, here are some of the most popular ones to enjoy with your kids:

    • Panama City Beach
    • Siesta Key
    • Amelia Island
    • Daytona Beach
    family enjoying the sunset on the beach
    Apart from beautiful beaches, there are other amazing locations for spending time with people you love!

    And some that are perfect for spending a day with friends:

    • Hollywood Beach
    • Miami Beach 
    • South Beach

    Amusement parks and attractions

    If you decide to share reasons to move to Florida with your kids, this will probably be the one that will catch their attention. Although there are attractions and amusement parks for everyone, kids are always the most thrilled ones. These places are an absolute hot spot for tourists and they became a strong part of the economic chain in this state. Apart from that, they are endless rounds of fun and pure joy. Upon moving here you will not have to worry about how to surprise your kids for the weekend or how to give yourself that adrenaline boost. Tickets are pretty affordable for the experience you will get and you will end up going often. Even some local movers South Florida has to offer state that amusement parks and attractions are one of the main reasons for families moving to Florida.

    It is worth mentioning that the most popular ones are Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. These two are packed with tourists every day and are offering an experience of a lifetime. The best part is that you will get to enjoy it as well, and will make memories with your family that will last forever. As soon as you break the news to your kids, you will see on their faces that you made the right decision.

    person holding Universal Studios card
    Attractions and amusement parks are one of the most common reasons for moving to Florida!

    Great place to retire

    Even though the state of Florida may sound like one big firework of emotions, it is a wonderful place where you can retire. You will see a lot of people moving here and enjoying peaceful and lovely life. One of the main reasons for this is probably the weather which is nice and warm most of the year. Once people reach a certain age or just realize it is time for a change after an exciting life, the sun always ends up as the best choice. If you are soon-to-retire consider moving to Florida as you will have all you need here.

    There are a lot of activities for the elderly in Florida and some communities are probably the best ones in the entire USA. Some of them include golf courses, fishing ponds, beautiful parks, and much more. You can also find amazing real estate for a good price and be surrounded by beautiful nature and peace. Another great thing is that your family members will often be your guests due to previous reasons and endless summer. The combination of this and having your place to enjoy is irresistible!

    The great education system is among the reasons to move to Florida

    Since a good education system is extremely important for your children, Florida may be a perfect place to move to. It is home to many universities and schools that gave the world some of the most important people ever! With that being said, there is no wonder the education system here is prestige and always rates high. Depending on where exactly you decide to move, you will always have a couple of options. There are private and public schools that will equally focus on your children and provide the education they need for the future. They will get a chance to meet schoolmates from different places and make some friendships that will last forever.

    cars of the amusement park ride
    Your kids will love everything the state of Florida has to offer!

    Keep in mind that your kids may have a hard time saying goodbye to their old school and friends. You will probably have to give them more attention than usual so make sure you have enough time for it. Choosing Florida moving services carefully can provide all the time and space you need. It is very important to make your relocation stress-free from the beginning and make your entire family feel the same. 

    And finally, every business is welcome

    Now that you understand Florida better you realize that this is a place of endless opportunities. If you have a dream to start your own business this is the best place to give it a try. With diversity being that high and the number of tourists, anything you try will blossom at some point. Florida welcomes every young professional with open hands as well and is giving chance to make big changes with your talent and knowledge. It won’t take too long to get the things going so don’t worry about that in advance. For those who already started doing something, make sure to plan your relocation on time. Storage Pompano Beach has to offer can keep your equipment safe while you settle in properly.

    Before you arrive, start advertising your business in the Florida area. Focus on social media and your official website so you can reach a wider audience faster. Since the market in Florida is so big, you will probably have to focus on hiring more employees and opening more offices so keep that in mind before officially moving. Of course, Fort Lauderdale and Miami are the absolute giants in the state, and reasons to move to Florida can pretty much be all about these two cities. This state is home to some of the biggest companies and finding a good business partner won’t be an issue. 

    family sitting in the park
    Every member will love the change after moving to Florida!


    When you make a final decision to move, get ready for preparation. Pretty much everything in Florida is running on a tight schedule and you will have to think in advance. Focus on getting moving services suitable for this relocation as it will be much easier and faster. The packing services South Florida has to offer can provide more time and space for this relocation as you will not have to spend countless hours doing it.

    As the list of reasons to move to Florida can go on and on, explore this idea for as long as you have to. Search through different places and slowly start making your relocation plan. After you settle in embrace the change and enjoy everything this beautiful state has to offer.  




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