Top 7 places in Florida for young entrepreneurs

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    If you are a young entrepreneur, the most important decision is to choose your “hometown”. This will be the place where everything starts, as well as your jumping point to greater heights. Therefore, this is a decision you should not make lightly. Making a headstart in Florida is usually a good choice, as the state has plenty to offer. However, when it comes to choosing among the places in Florida for young entrepreneurs, you might need a bit of assistance. Before you can hire one of the long distance movers South Florida has to offer, you first need to choose the best location. And that is what this article is going to be all about.

    The top 7 places in Florida for young entrepreneurs

    Florida is rife with amazing cities to start a business in. However, we have managed to narrow down the list to 7 excellent choices:

    • Pompano Beach
    • Tampa
    • Coral Gables
    • Miami Beach
    • Winter Springs
    • Doral
    • Parkland

    All of the places on the list have something unique that is ideal for starting a new business. That being said, we’ve mostly evaluated these locations based on key statistics such as median income, property value, and other economic factors. Let’s take a look at why we have decided that these places are worth your attention.

    one of Florida's cities
    Looking to start a business? Consider one of the best places in Florida to start one.

    Pompano Beach

    The first city on our list is Pompano Beach. This city has a rather small population of around 110,000 people but it makes up for it in excellent statistics across the board. This urban environment features low property costs, with the median home value being around $214,000, which is lower than the national average. We believe that the first thing about starting a successful business is to keep your costs low. Therefore, Pompano Beach makes a clear choice. Note that the median rent is somewhat higher than the national average, being at around $1,270.

    However, you will need to work around the fact that the city has a somewhat low median household income. On average, Pompano Beach households earn around $50,000 a year. But the city is known as one of the best retirement locations in the country, a fact that a savvy businessman can exploit. Furthermore, due to the median income being the way that it is, you can expect great deals on storage Pompano Beach solutions. If your business requires the use of a storage unit, this can significantly lower the costs across the board.


    The industrial “heavy hitter” of Florida, Tampa offers a booming business environment. There are all sorts of opportunities in the city, regardless of the nature of your business. The city has no shortage of companies looking for new, more efficient, partners, a fact that you can make work to your advantage. If you manage to create something unique and place your own mark on the city, you can expect great things to come.

    As far as statistics go, Tampa has a population of around 388,000 people, a median home value of $239,000, and a median rent of about $1,130. The city also offers an urban-suburban mix, allowing you to choose a quieter place for your operations if you so wish. Such an environment, however, naturally lowers the median household income. In Tampa, most households earn around $53,800 annually. This is a fact that you will want to incorporate into your plans before you start looking for interstate moving companies south Florida has to offer. But, like Pompano Beach, Tampa is known to be one of the best cities to live in the country. The median household income does not hold as much significance in lieu of all the opportunities present.

    Another great feature of this city lies in its nightlife. Entertainment in Tampa is top-notch and can provide excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs. Keeping your “fun bar” filled will have you work at optimal capacity all the time!

    one of the places in Florida for young entrepreneurs - Tampa
    There are all sorts of opportunities waiting in Tampa.

    Coral Gables

    You might be surprised about the inclusion of Coral Gables on this list, but the statistics speak for themselves. This area offers an amazing combination of low crime rates, high wages, and a low population density. It is also known as one of the best suburbs to live in Miami Area, often in the top 3.

    However, if you are planning to purchase a property, you will want to know that the median home value in Coral Gables is around $847,000. Yikes! However, with the median household income breaking six figures, it stands to reason. If your business caters to the small elite, Coral Gables might just be the best place for it!

    One of the places in Florida for young entrepreneurs – Miami Beach

    The city that is known for its amazing party atmosphere is also one of the best cities for young entrepreneurs. You will have an opportunity to work from a beach bar or set up your business in a fantastic location. But the main reason why you may want to consider starting out in Miami Beach is due to the fact that the city offers almost limitless opportunities. Most South Florida movers experience relocation requests to this city on daily basis, in fact. There’s a lot to see in Miami Beach, as well. Not to mention all the parties that seem to be going on forever.

    Winter Springs

    The main draw of Winter Springs, ironically enough, is that it is in close proximity to Orlando. If you want to save on your running costs while working with some of the top Orlando companies, you may want to consider settling down in this small city. With around 30,000 residents to its name, Winter Springs is a very scenic city in the state of Florida, one that features a beautiful lake. If you are looking to mix business and pleasure, there are few places that can provide the experience that Winter Springs can. And with a low crime rate and high salaries, you may not even need to look to Orlando for business!

    a street in Winter Springs
    Winter Springs is an extremely laid-back city.


    In a similar vein as Winter Springs, Doral is one extremely peaceful place. The proximity to Miami offers numerous opportunities, and the population of the city is extremely business-oriented. You will have no problem finding fresh talent in Doral, even though its residents might seem slow at first. When it comes to business, everyone is a lion in Doral!

    Parkland is definitely one of the best places in Florida for young entrepreneurs

    We’ve saved the median household income powerhouse for last. Most likely, the only thing that you need to know about Parkland is that its residents enjoy a median income that is more than double the national average, at about $155,000! As far as the best places in Florida for young entrepreneurs go, you can’t go wrong with Parkland!




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