Top 10 places for moving to Florida with kids

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    Moving with kids can seem like a pretty big challenge and can make you consider moving at all. It requires your full attention, lots of planning, and above all choosing the right place to move to. Setting your mind on Florida is probably one of the best choices for many reasons, and you will be one of many who thought the same. But, there will be a huge task in front of you. There are many places for moving to Florida with kids and you will have to choose only one. Thankfully, a couple of pointers can help you make a final decision without giving up on things you and your kids love and enjoy. Let’s name some of them and go through other things you should know before this relocation!

    Why moving to Florida is a good idea?

    This state is one of the most obvious choices for everyone who decides to move with kids no matter their age. Not only the weather plays a huge role, but also the diversity, education, and endless means of fun. Since moving companies South Florida has to offer will take care of the harder part of this relocation, your job will be to get the kids ready for living in a new place. Before you start looking for the most suitable one, you should know exactly what are you looking for. This will help you narrow down the choice and not regret your decision later. These 10 places for moving to Florida with kids include important factors people usually look for.

    beach with blue water and white sand
    Florida is known for its beautiful beaches so expect to spend a lot of time there!

    1. Boca Raton, Florida

    Boca Raton is a wonderful place that will provide safe and amazing childhood for your kids. There are plenty of things to do and see. Both you and your kids will adapt fast. Movers Boca Raton FL residents love will carry out the relocation quickly so you will have all the time in the world to explore your new neighborhood. Education is ranked pretty high and there are public and private schools so you won’t bother too much with choosing. After settling in, enjoy beautiful beaches and parks that will soon become your favorite places to go. Boca Raton is also very affordable so don’t think you will spend a fortune moving here. If you have some free time on your hands, you can organize a short family trip and see this amazing place for yourself.

    2. Boynton Beach, Florida

    Next up, there is a city in Palm Beach County people often refer to as one of the most beautiful ones in the state. Boynton Beach is famous for its white-sand beaches, lovely weather, and endless sun. It is more than suitable for starting and raising a family and kids enjoy spending time here throughout the year. This city is known for amazing outdoor activities like fishing on the open sea or having fun on water rides. Apart from that, communities here are very supportive of new residents and will make sure you feel like you spend your entire life there. Keep in mind that the movers Boynton Beach has to offer can help you get there sooner than you think!  If you come across this city while looking at places for moving to Florida with kids, give it a try!

    beach during the day
    Beaches in Boca Raton have countless water rides and attractions!

    3. Coconut Creek, FL

    Apart from the coolest name ever, Coconut Creek hides many other gems within. After movers Coconut Creek FL residents recommend, and finish their part of the work, you will find yourself surrounded by coconut trees, beautiful people, and the air full of positive vibes. This city offers great things to you and your kids and it is especially loved by young parents. The crime rate is low and the educational system is working properly focusing on the bright future of every student attending the facility. Another great thing about it is the stable economy. You will find some cool job vacancies here, but you can also continue with your work or private business. An annual number of tourists is affecting the diversity and so Coconut Creek is always full of new and smiley faces having a great time. If you are a coconut lover look no further!

    4. Coral Springs, FL

    Next on the list of places for moving to Florida with kids is the city of Coral Springs. Although one of the youngest cities in Florida, today it is home to a population of 134,394. This city is a real business center and if you plan on moving your company here you will get a jackpot. Of course, that doesn’t mean your kids will not have a chance to enjoy it. Coral Springs has one of the best schools in the state and different programs that can help them choose a good path in life.

    Your kids shouldn’t be too worried about saying goodbye to their friends. This city is among the favorite destinations of Florida residents, so you can count on seeing some familiar faces here! It is also known for providing excellent further education that includes universities both in Florida and other states. Make sure to provide all the details about your relocation to movers Coral Springs FL offers, and you will be ready to go.

    5. Davie, FL

    For those who would like to focus more on education than on fun, Davie is a perfect choice for you. Other places for moving to Florida with kids have amazing schools and universities but this one stands out. It is home to some nationally famous colleges, universities, and schools, and your kids will enjoy attending them. Before you make a deal with movers Davie FL, go through some brochures with your kids and choose what is best for them. Once you choose the right one, the facility will make sure your kids feel accepted and have everything they need. With this many universities in one place, expect to see many young people here, and that surely will make your kids extremely happy!

    row houses in Florida
    Check out the real estate market to find your dream home in Florida

    6. Deerfield Beach, FL

    Who loves the blue sea and white sand? Your kids most definitely do! Deerfield Beach is famous for it and it has been among favorite places for moving to Florida with kids to countless families. Many movers Deerfield Beach FL has to offer claim that the main reason for people choosing to live here is the nice weather and warm sea. The best way to see this for yourself is to visit it before making a final decision about moving. Spend a couple of days enjoying the hospitality of its residents and having fun on the beach. Don’t forget t check out houses along the way and choose the style that suits you and your needs the most.

    7. West Park, FL

    If you want to be surrounded by green and fresh air all year long, West Park is ideal for you. This city was incorporated in 2005. and is one of the places you don’t want to miss in Florida. Apart from enjoying beautiful parks and beaches, some of the best restaurants are located here as well. This will be great news to everyone who is not a fan of cooking and always wants to try something new. When choosing a home for your family you will come across row houses or regular ones so check out the real estate market on time. Once you do, movers West Park FL has to offer, will gather the rest of the details and set your relocation into motion.

    8. Pembroke Pines, FL

    Your kids will simply love everything about Pembroke Pines! Since a lot of other kids did, this city is full of families consisting of young members. It is a wonderful place with lots of different activities and an amazing education system. Although some parts of it are luxurious, Pembroke Pines is affordable and will provide a nice and cozy life for you. You should also know that movers Pembroke Pines FL residents trust the most operate all the time. Therefore, scheduling your relocation won’t be an issue. The best time for moving here is probably early summer so that all of you can enjoy long sunny days and explore beaches together. You will also be right on time for the Children’s Summer Film Festival and that is something you don’t want to miss!

    family having fun in one of the places for moving to Florida with kids
    Even though there could be many places for moving to Florida with kids, you need to find the one that is suitable for your family

    9. Sunny Isles Beach, FL

    Sunny Isle Beach will be the best option if your kids are teenagers or even older than that. Apart from attractions and fun things to do during the day, this city offers amazing nightlife with countless restaurants and bars. You can enjoy food from all around the world and listen to your favorite artists whenever you want! Some of the best beach parties are happening right here and for people who like it, it is an experience of a lifetime. Don’t think Sunny Isle Beach lacks sun and water attractions! You can find plenty of it on almost every beach down the road. It will take some time to explore and get to all of them, but as residents, you will slowly manage to do it all. Movers Sunny Isle Beach FL can help you safely relocate your items and you can start enjoying your new life here.

    10. Miami, FL

    And finally, Miami is of course one of the best places for moving to Florida with kids! Not because it is the most popular one, but because it offers countless possibilities to everyone. When in Miami, your kids will get the proper education and not miss anything big that is going on. You can choose among many different neighborhoods to move to and each one is special in its way. Movers Miami FL has to offer, carry out countless relocations daily, so they will do the same excellent job with yours as well. This city is a city of diversity and it is highly welcoming to everyone that decides to move. 

    people sitting in the park
    Miami is a pretty busy city but it has some wonderful neighborhoods your kids will love

    You will come across many open job vacancies from different fields and soon enough find a good job in a stable company. Miami is also great for starting your own business no matter if you are a young professional or have been doing it for years. The state of Florida is full of places that are giving people a chance for something new and if you want to play it safe, Miami is probably the best option.

    Other things you should know about places for moving to Florida with kids

    Once you choose where exactly you want to move time will come to organize your relocation. Since you are moving with kids you will have to balance different tasks so try to start with preparations on time. If you find it super difficult to prepare for moving, there are a couple of moving services that can help you out. The packing services South Florida has to offer will be a real lifesaver as you will not have to go through this part alone. You can include your kids in the process as they will feel much better about this entire thing.

    Try to leave items you no longer need to save space and time. A great method for achieving this is to make an inventory list and follow it as you proceed with packing. You also need to keep your new place in mind. Don’t fill it up with your items right away as this may prevent you from enjoying the entire experience. If necessary you can rely on storage units for some time, and pick the rest of your things up later.

    parents packing with their child
    When the time for packing comes you can include your kids in the process

    The bottom line

    Although there are countless places in Florida that could be suitable for you and your kids, carefully go through each one. Look at the pros and cons and set your priorities straight before setting things into motion. These 10 places for moving to Florida with kids share the same qualities and if you have some spare time, pay a short visit to as many as possible. Once you get information first hand it will be much easier to make a final decision and schedule your relocation to one of these places with the local movers South Florida has to offer.




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