Top 10 Cities in Florida for Young Professionals

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    When it comes to choosing a perfect place to start your career, Florida will probably be at the top of your list. And since there are many reasons why this state can offer so many different possibilities it certainly stands out as a great place for young people. If you are at the start of your successful career take a look at the top 10 cities in Florida for young professionals.

    How to Choose Among Best Cities in Florida for Young Professionals

    Before we start counting down all the cities let us mention a couple of things first. Before you decide to move to Florida make sure to get familiar with the most important things about this amazing state. If you are coming from another state, make sure to leave your relocation to long distance movers south Florida who will free you from all the stress that you may encounter. Once you get that part done, you will have more time to prepare yourself for this big move. Remember that Florida is called “The Sunshine State” for a reason and you should probably take that seriously. New residents often have trouble with the heat at the very beginning and usually regret not coming up with some solutions for it earlier. On the other hand, if you are a “summer person” then there is a good chance you are already used to it.

    After you make a good plan, don’t forget to make one for your career or business. As someone who is looking for cities in Florida for young professionals, you will surely have enough energy and optimism to look for it endlessly. Keep in mind that everything will work much better if you clearly set your priorities first. Always think about things for the long run and look for places that will not only be your career base but home as well. If you already have some friends or family who live in Florida, you can get more information from them about the city they live in.

    woman smiling and sitting with laptop
    Make a good plan before choosing your new destination.

    1. Pompano Beach

    As we start to count down the best cities in Florida for young professionals, we arrive at wonderful Pompano Beach. This is a pure Florida gem that would be perfect for a vacation and having a time off. But once you arrange your relocation with moving companies Pompano Beach you will need to look for a stable job. Whether you are interested in car manufacturing, graphics or just being a freelancer this city will give you countless opportunities. After you give yourself enough time to explore the city, its beautiful beaches, and coast, you will be eager to dive into many job vacancies opened everywhere. In recent years huge I.T. giants started opening their headquarters in Pompano Beach as well, so you are not limited to certain business areas.

    2. Pembroke Pines

    If your profession leans more towards art, then Pembroke Pines is a perfect choice for you. This is a city in southern Broward County and it is only 22 miles away from Miami. It is highly recognizable for its cultural diversity and great schools. In case you need certain educational backups, or you are looking for a job as a teacher- look no more. On the other hand, Finish mobile giant NOKIA has its headquarters in Pembroke Pines so there are no such things as limits for you. If you can see yourself building a life there, then don’t forget about movers Pembroke Pines. You can leave your entire relocation to them while you explore this beautiful city.

    aerial view of one of the cities in Florida for young professionals
    You will fall in love with the beautiful beaches in most of these cities!

    3. Miami

    As you probably expected, Miami must be on the list of the best cities in Florida for young professionals. The only thing that may be an issue with this beautiful city is probably just the heat. If you are a summer person and always wanted to live and work in a place as fast as this one, then Miami is the one. The unemployment percentage started dropping ten years ago and is still going down the same path. Once you decide to move to Miami with one of the best movers Miami Beach has, give yourself enough time to explore it as much as you possibly can. You will fall in love with its posh life, and people, and once you do so many doors will open for you. The movie industry, medical healthcare, education, and many other areas simply thrive and you will soon have different options to choose from.

    Another thing to mention when it comes to this metropolis is its social media reach. If your career is based on social media blogs, videos, or pictures you probably had Miami in your mind for quite some time. With its recognizable places, beaches, and locations it will give your social media account a nice touch everyone is looking for. You will probably get to know more people from your circle and this way you will be at the top in no time.

    4. Lake Worth

    One of the best cities in Florida for young professionals is also Lake Worth. Hollywood movies are constantly introducing its beautiful beaches to us and it was probably on your travel list at least once. Movers Lake Worth and their services will make your relocation super easy and once you get there you will have plenty of time to see the entire city. But what about business opportunities here? Well, Lake Worth does not disappoint as well. Although it is much smaller than Miami, the unemployment rate here is pretty low.

    Let us start with something for all tech lovers. Lake Worth is home to Quadrant Technologies as well as Label Graphics and job vacancies are always available. Not only you will get to enjoy beautiful landscapes, people, and beaches, but you will also find a very good company that will officially mark a new chapter in your life.

    van on the beach headed to one of the cities in Florida for young professionals
    Once you settle in you will have enough time to explore all the hidden gems!

    5. Jacksonville

    We can’t help but put the most populous city in the state of Florida. Once you arrive in Jacksonville you will realize why it attracts so many new residents and tourists each year. Considering all of that, it certainly must be one of the best cities in Florida for young professionals. And it surely is. when it comes to top employers in Jacksonville, U.S. Navy definitely stands out. Naval Air Station in Jacksonville has almost 22.000 employees and it would be an amazing place to work at. If your profession goes a different path, then you will be happy to hear that Jacksonville goes in all directions. Bank, medical, and telecommunication regional headquarters are at every corner and each one of them offers stable jobs and great salaries.

    Also called “The City on the Move” Jacksonville deserves to be on this list. You will get a glimpse of the fast lifestyle that will never keep you bored or lazy. By being constantly on the move, different job opportunities will keep on flying all around you.

    6. Orlando

    The first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Orlando is probably- Disney’s Magic Kingdom. If you are an entertainment person then look no more. Orlando is an absolute leader when it comes to entertainment and amusement parks. Starting with Disney, Universal Studios, and its Adventure Park- it surely is a place for having lots of fun. But Orlando is not one of the most important cities in the State of Florida just because of that. Other than giving you and your family a time of your life, the entire entertainment industry is a giant when it comes to employment. Their job vacancies are constantly looking for lawyers, medical workers, I.T. professionals, and many others. Let us not forget about the Kennedy Space Center which will give you a job opportunity of a lifetime if that is your point of interest.

    man holding universal Studios card
    Orlando has always been a kingdom of fun and great job opportunities!

    7. Palm Beach

    Not many cities will give you so many opportunities in different areas as Palm Beach.  Being close to Lake Worth lagoon it is one of the biggest business holders in the entire state. Palm Beach is also known for being home to huge companies like Office Depot and many others. Keep in mind that Palm Beach is one of the giants when it comes to medical health care as well, with administrations like Veterans Healthcare and Jupiter Medical Center. Because of this and many other reasons, it must be considered one of the best cities in Florida for young professionals. If you think about moving there, moving companies Palm Beach will be your best assistance. Your relocation will be stress-free and you will soon be ready to start your career properly.

    Of course, once we answer everyone’s question “Why Palm beach is so popular?” everything will be much more clear. This city is the absolute center of urban and modern lifestyle as well as a favorite destination for many celebrities. Because of this many huge companies and brands are opening or moving headquarters here daily.

    person searching on a laptop the cities in Florida for young professionals
    Keep on searching for the best cities in Florida for young professionals!

    8. Pensacola

    When people consider moving to Pensacola the only thing that is giving them second thoughts is inclement weather. Once you look past that you will be able to see all the beauties this city has to offer. Living in Pensacola is very affordable and it will fit your financial plans for the long run. When it comes to living and working here Pensacola really is one of the best cities in Florida for young professionals as well. Due to the great educational system, it attracts many young people all the time who most of the time decide to stay. Enjoying beautiful landscapes and being full of energy young people are leading Pensacola into a better and more stable future all the time.

    9. Boca Raton

    If you are a young rising star in the area of fashion, make-up, or social media, Boca Raton will surely welcome you as you deserve. Boca Raton is known for its very luxurious lifestyle and it continues to attract many tourists each year. You can become part of huge brand names like Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, and others. And just like everything works perfectly in this city, moving companies Boca Raton will carry out your relocation the same way. Boca Raton is on the list of best cities in Florida for young professionals for many other reasons as well. Once you start working or even start your own business, you will probably come across Tyco Integrated Security company which is definitely number one in this city.

    two people typing on their laptops
    Most cities in Florida are perfect for freelancers too!

    10. Winter Park

    Do not be concerned with the name at any point! Winter Park has winter and more parks and great weather. This amazing city has a very slow pace but does not lack an urban lifestyle at all. On this list, it will be perfect for freelancers and those of free spirit. Winter Park has amazing beaches, parks, and places to work outside and the only thing you will be needing is your laptop. It has a surprisingly low crime rate and once you feel like you could need a nice break from work just hit one of the many nightclubs here.

    This city is highly popular with young people, freelancers, and families and it is getting new residents each month. Once you get the feeling that you are back at home again you can check out open job vacancies for many different companies in Winter Park. Just like many others, it offers successful careers in all directions.

    Bottom Line

    And there you have it. The list of top 10 cities in Florida for young professionals is finally complete. Since this, of course, is not the list of all the cities in this state, you are free to keep looking. There is a huge chance you will find more hidden gems that you can both call home and build a stable career at. Once you decide to move, locally or long distance with movers Coral Gables has to offer, don’t forget to get as much information as you can from your moving company. Their professional employees will answer all of your questions and even point out some important details. Who knows, maybe you will realize that your dream job is hiding somewhere in their headquarters. As someone who is chasing a career, you understand the importance of relying on other professionals.





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