Tips for negotiating a relocation package

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    Let’s be realistic, if you’re not a natural talent for negotiating, there is no such instructor that will turn you into a professional. However, certain tips can make it easier to negotiate – but only if you have the courage to follow them! Nowadays, people are always on the rush and have no time for long talks – not even in business. Still, not everything is black and white. So let’s learn tricks for negotiating a relocation package – and get you all the things you need!

    What’s included in a relocation package?

    Negotiating a relocation package may be a complicated topic, although at first glance it seems that there is no big philosophy there. So the question is: what is exactly Included in a relocation package? Well, relocation packages can include any of the following:

    • Home searching. This means you can get a transport and hotel cost to search for your new home.
    • Buying and selling your home. This means real-estate costs are covered when selling your old home and buying a new one.
    • Job search. This means that your partner can have assistance in searching for a job at a new location.
    • Transport. This means that your company may pay for travel expenses if you move via train or a plane.
    • Temporary residence. This means that your company will cover costs for any temporary stay in a hotel (or house).
    • Relocation itself. This means that your company will pay for Florida moving services, so you can move safely.
    • Packing and unpacking. This means that your company will pay for all the logistics of the move.
    shaking hands - negotiating a relocation package
    Negotiating a relocation package

    Do your homework

    Of course, any of the items on the list that we stated above may not be included in your package. So before you decide, talk to your employer about any details. Check what your company offers. Are there any relocation services that you haven’t thought of? Talk to your friends and family and see what is the best option for you. Relocation is a serious step so you have to think well in advance.

    It’s a one time deal

    Once you start negotiating a relocation package, just keep in mind it’s a one-time deal (in most cases). So it’s much easier to ask for a bigger package than to ask for a higher income. Besides, companies will love to give better terms to the workers that are giving the most effort. Just think in terms of things that can be of their benefit too.

    Maybe you can organize the move yourself and your company can pay for it. The Internet is your best friend in that case. Type terms such as office movers Miami and see what’s out there. Get acquainted with moving prices and present them to your employer. Maybe you can find better moving rates for more services which can benefit your company and make your move as easy as possible. Remember: do not focus on one area; see also prices of moving companies for different quarts. Also, do not limit yourself to finding the cheapest deal. In most cases, this is not a good decision.

    shaking hands
    Get acquainted with moving prices and present them to your employer.

    Beat your shyness

    If you are shy, any attempt to negotiate relocation package in advance is condemned to failure. Do not worry about your boss being offended if you ask for things that you would like to get. What if you get a bigger office that you ever dreamed of in this way? Your employers are well aware that any worker would do the same. So forget about someone else’s feelings.

    Relocation is a giant change in your life and you better take your stand. Keep in mind that you don’t have to leave an impression on your employer. You are not going to a job interview, and the goal is to get the best offer possible. In case you are aware that you are not at the task level, reconcile with reality. Ask your friend or colleague to help you with negotiation tips. The fact is that many people are simply not born to negotiate. Even those who are otherwise fantastic in communicating with others often have a problem when they find themselves in this kind of situation.

    Ask questions

    The more questions you may ask, the better. Also, keep in mind how good you are and know your value. That is the best way of negotiating a relocation package. If you know what services moving companies offer, tell it to your boss. Be sure to determine the final price to which they are willing to go. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad (or stupid) question. No matter how logically this sounds, many people are afraid to ask something, but they think it will be solved by itself during the negotiation process. Also, don’t say you know (or understand) something that you don’t. This can possibly impact negatively on your employer. Ask what you don’t know and do your homework before you get to negotiate a relocation package.

    shaking hands
    Keep in mind how good you are and know your value.


    So once you start negotiating a relocation package, think smart. Always think ahead and learn as much as you can about your company’s offer and the relocation itself. The very fact that you even got offered a relocation package means something. It means that you worked hard and that you earned your position in a company. It also means that your voice is important, so use it. Moving is a stressful situation. It means changing your whole life from the roots. So imagine going through a life-changing period without any benefits and absorbing the stress on your own. This should not be the case.. You deserve to transition through this period as smoothly as possible. That’s why you should learn how to negotiate and ask things that can help you relocate. And we hope that this text helped.

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