Tips for Moving Out of State Alone

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    Tips for Moving Out of State Alone

    Out of state moving is always a big deal. Whether it’s for a particular job, or just to try out someplace new, you’re picking up your entire life and bringing it to a completely different place. You might encounter a different climate or regional cultural differences. You might be moving from downtown Miami to a small town, or from a quiet suburb like Surfside to the heart of New York City.

    These are some big life changes, and when you live alone and don’t have a spouse or long-term partner, it can be even more scary. These tips can help you prepare for your upcoming out of state move all by yourself.

    Hire Professional Movers

    Moving on your own is a hassle, especially when you’re completely solo and don’t have kids or a husband to help you pack and move boxes. It’s always a good idea to hire professional movers who specialize in out of state moving, especially for long distance moves. Furniture and boxes can be heavy and unwieldy, and it’s a lot to tackle by yourself.

    To find a moving company, the first place to look is to ask friends and family members if they recommend anyone. You can also look online. It’s a good idea to get a non-binding estimate from two or three different companies before making a decision, to give you a better idea of what you can expect to pay. If an estimate seems too low, it’s probably a bad sign.

    Plan & Organize Ahead of Time

    For a successful out of state move, you’ll need to plan ahead of time and start organizing everything. A month or two before your moving date, go through your belongings bit by bit and decide what you do or don’t want to keep. Moving is a great time to get rid of things you don’t use and de-clutter your life.

    High quality items can often be sold through Ebay or Craigslist, or in a yard sale if your apartment complex or homeowners’ association allows you to have one. If something is of very high value, like fine art or antiques, you may want to contact a local auction house instead. Anything you can’t sell can be boxed up and donated to a local thrift store, or even given away in Craigslist’s “Free Stuff” listings.

    Also, don’t forget to plan around your utilities. You’ll need to discontinue the power, gas, water, internet, and cable at your old place, to avoid accidentally paying for an extra month. If you’re a renter, you will also need to plan around your lease agreement’s specifications about ending the lease and moving out. You are probably required to give 30 or 60 days’ notice before leaving, and terminating your lease early could incur an extra fee.

    Out of State Movers in Surfside

    Moving away from Surfside? At Orange Movers, we provide out of state moving services for homeowners and renters throughout the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area. To find out more, call us any time, or fill out our online contact form to get in touch today.

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